Langston Hughes once asked, “What happens to a dream deferred?

We could ask, “What do we do when a dream is deferred?” Do we simply give up?

We all have dreams. At least we did in our younger years. 

Some of us wanted to be astronauts, writers, spies, doctors, lawyers, superheroes, etc. 

As time passed we adjusted these dreams to fit our skill sets and in some cases to fit reality. 

Sadly, some of us quit adjusting our dreams and instead quit dreaming altogether. 

Jon Waid said at Tuesday’s chamber meeting that many new year’s resolutions are discarded by Valentine’s Day. 

The reason for this, he  said, was because we don’t have a system in place to implement those resolutions. 

Perhaps the same can be said about dreams. 

Maybe we don’t see our dreams fulfilled because we failed to implement a system that would enable us to achieve them?

It’s fun to dream about climbing Mt. Everest.

However, if that really is a dream you want fulfilled, you will need to set some plans in motion to achieve it.

It’s healthy to dream.

Dreams can be inspiring. 

I encourage you to dream again. Create some goals. Aspire to achieve. Learn to live. 

It’s okay if you have failed over and over again. 

Revive the dream.

This time,  however, create or learn a system that will enable you to achieve it. 

The best way to do this is to start out small. 

Make baby steps toward you goal. 

I heard it once said, “the best way to eat an elephant is slowly, one bite at a time.”

Next, make your progress measurable. 

For instance, if you are going to climb Mt. Everest, obviously, you will need to be in good shape. 

Research, find out what kind of physical shape you would need to be in. How far would you need to be able to walk (climb)? 

Go to the gym. Build your muscles. Increase your endurance. 

Do this in stages.

Also, find out what kind of equipment you will need. How much will it cost? Adjust your budget to be able to afford it.

Finally, there will be times when you have to settle for climbing Mt. Scott instead of Everest. 

That’s okay. 

At least you will make it to the summit. 

At least you will be dreaming again. 

Go ahead, live a little.

Enjoy life. 

Dare to dream. 


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