The Jefferson County Commissioners held their weekly meeting Monday morning at the courthouse. 

For the most part the meeting consisted of general housekeeping procedures such as approval of previous meeting minutes and payroll approval. 

The longest discussion was about the approval of items no longer needed being declared surplus for the Sheriff’s Department. These items included metal tables and 50 bunk beds that had been originally purchased prior to 2010 to be used in the DOC facility just north of the courthouse. The determining factor for declaring these items as surplus was the source of the finances to purchase the items. As long as the money did not come from a CDBG grant these items can be declared as surplus. 

Other items including tasers, cameras, printers, and other electronics, all of them inoperable, were approved to be disposed.

Sheriff Wilson advised the commissioners that since the tasers no longer work he doesn’t have any non-lethal means for dealing with violent/aggressive offenders.  

An HP Monitor was declared surplus for the County Clerk.

That HP Monitor was then given to the Jefferson County Election Board. 

In other business, the commissioner approved the  closing of the Assessor’s Office on May 10th so employees of the office can attend a mandatory meeting in Murray County. 


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