March 15th is the deadline to render business and personal property assessments, to file new and double homesteads and to report any changes.  If you have a New Business that was opened as of January 1st, you will need to use a 901 form and render your assets. There will be a 10% penalty applied to all late business and personal property assessments with or without changes after March 15th and a 20% penalty after April 15th.  This complies with Title 68, Oklahoma Statute 2001, Section 2836.

It is the TAXPAYERS responsibility to notify the County Assessor’s office of any changes to your real or personal property.  We will not take anything off after tax statements have been printed.

The Jefferson County Assessor’s Office is located on the second floor Room #207 of the Courthouse.  If you have any questions please call 228-2377.


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