During Family night this month, we honored Richard Sterling a resident here for 20 years. Richard came to Westbrook from the Comanche Nursing Home on April 18, 1999. He has been a blessing to our home from day one. Richard enjoys greeting each of our new residents. He likes to patrol the halls and dining room reporting on any resident not eating or staff not doing what he thinks they should. He monitors the maintenance men daily with their painting and buying things.

Richard’s Birthday Cake

Richard enjoys music, he knows the names of all the country western songs and who sings them. His favorite or one of his favorites I should say is Reba McEntire. He likes to sing along with the music. Also enjoys framed pictures and clocks, if you see his room you can definitely tell that. Richard has wonderful family support, his brothers Dan, Paul, and Jon Boy visit often and take him on outings. They decorate his room for each holiday. For his birthday or Christmas, they buy him whatever he wants. Richard will be turning 75 on the 20th, can’t wait to see what he asks for. I think he got a new chair for three years in a row because he decided he didn’t like the last one and was getting a new watch every time one of his brothers would come because the other one wasn’t working or tired of it. (Maybe a little spoiled). It’s nice to see how his brothers love him so much and are so devoted. We love you Richard and your brothers. So Blessed you chose Westbrook 20 years ago.