Arrested 3/1/18

GILLIAM, DAVID WAYNE of Oklahoma City, OK; DOB: 4/20/66;

Driving W/License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked; Speeding-

Posted Zone.

Arrestsed 2/26/18

HENSLEY, LEONARD WRAY of Comanche, OK; DOB: 4/18/65;

Transporting Open Container – Beer.

Arrested 2/26/18

REID, JOHN COREY of Ringling, OK; DOB: 3/20/77;

Rape – First Degree; Kidnapping; Domestic Assault &

Battery/Abuse; Forcible Sodomy; Using Offensive

Weapon in Felony.

Arrested 3/3/18

SAGE, ALEXIA DANIELLE of Byars, OK; DOB: 3/11/88;

Driving W/License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked;

Operate New MV W/Expired Registration; Failure to

Maintain Security; Speeding – Posted Zone.

Arrested 2/28/18

SCOTT, MICHAEL ANTHONY of Yukon, OK; DOB: 7/26/93;

Possession of Controlled Substance.


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