Arrested: 9/8/18

DERSA, JAMIE LOUISE of Pontiac, MI; DOB: 7/20/67; Tarrant County (Texas) – Warrant – Initial Charge Possession CDs

Arrested: 9/5/18

ESCHITI, JACOB MICHAEL of Walters, OK; DOB: 1/7/97; Failure to Appear as Cited on Initial Charge of Possession of CDs.

Arrested: 9/6/18

GERAGHTY, BILLY JOE of Healdton, OK; DOB: 3/19/77; Count 1: Obstructing Officer; Count 2: Public Intoxication.

Arrested: 9/9/18

JIMENEZ, JOSEPHINE CASTILLO of Wichita Falls, TX; DOB: 8/10/64; Driving w/License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked; Speeding-Posted


Arrested: 9/4/18

KEMP, KYLE ANTHONY of Ringling, OK; DOB: 2/20i/95; Warrant (Fail to Comply with Compulsory Insurance Law).

Arrested: 9/4/18

McHUGH, TIMOTHY CHARLES of Duncan, OK; DOB: 12/13/80; Warrant Speeding 1 -10 Miles over Legal Limit.

Arrested 9/5/18

MORRISS, MELVIN RAGSDALE; DOB: 7/17/93;  Possession of Controlled Substance; Possession of Controlled Substance.

Arrested 9/9/18

NED, MICHAEL PAUL of Ardmore. OK; DOB: 8/17/76; DUI – Liquor or Drugs/APCV; Transporting Open Container-Beer.

Arrested 9/4/18

PARKER, BRALYNN DANIEL of Enid, OK; DOB: 8/1/92; Unlawful Possession of Paraphernalia; Possession of Controlled Substance.

Arrested 9/6/18

THOMPSON, DALE CLAYTON of Ringling, OK; DOB: 8/22/90; Public Intoxication.

Arrested 9/5/18

TREVINO, ERICA VIDA of Waurika, OK; DOB: 10/24/86; Bench Warrant (Obtaining Cash or Merchandise by Bogus Check).


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