Ryan’s slow-pitch softball team has faced a couple of hurdles in getting the 2018 season into full swing.

The Cowgirls of coach Stan Mueggenborg have inherited quite a bit of extra practice time from having scheduled opponents back out of games because they did not have enough players.

The Cowgirls are slated to get back in action Monday with a game against Comanche on Larry Ninman Field at the Bob Givens Sports Complex.

Ryan’s first game was cancelled because of previously schedule school conflicts.

And, Temple and Big Pasture, who were both on the Cowgirl slate for last week, do not have enough players to field a slow-pitch softball team.

That means the Cowgirls have only played one game – an 11-10 loss to Grandfield.

In addition to the contest with Comanche, the Cowgirls are scheduled to take on Geronimo at home one week from today.


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