Arrested 11/16/22

Gutierrez, Andrew Javier of Waurika, OK; DOB 5/22/88; Rape First Degree. 

Arrested 11/14/22

Haynes, Jesse Shay of Ringling, OK; DOB 5/17/81; Failure to maintain security.  

Arrested 11/15/22

Huynh, Phong Thanh of Arlington, OK; DOB 10/30/73; Driving with license canceled, suspended or revoked; Defective vehicle; Failure to maintain security.

Arrested 11/17/22

Loman, David Wayne of Mustang, OK; DOB 12/14/63; Sexual Battery.

Arrested 11/14/22

Moore, Jason Lynn of Oklahoma City, OK; DOB 9/8/79; Reckless Conduct with firearm; Resisting executive officer.