The other day in a moment of exasperation, my daughter, Lauren, declared the mosquito should be the new state bird. 

These pest are annoying.

I discovered this for myself the other night as I was kicked back in my recliner enjoying some late night reading. 

Evidently, the lamp near the chair served as a magnet, however, it drew the blood suckers to me and not the lamp. 

What I found intriguing about my experience with the new state birds is their reaction after discovering that their presence was unwelcome and would be met with certain doom. 

I dispensed with the first mosquito with the swat of my hand, sending it into eternity. 

It wasn’t but a few seconds later that I was forced to preside over the funeral of another invader. 

Either mosquitos are blind, incredibly dumb or both.

You would have thought the second perpetrator would have learned from the example of the first. Landing on a human being’s skin is deadly for mosquitos. Unfortunately, they never caught on. 

Scientist will probably tell you that mosquitos are simply acting on instinct. It’s just in their DNA to attack a human being and they give no thought to the possible consequences. How sad for them. 

However, the more I think about it, we highly intelligent humans are really not that much different. 

We have all watched our friends (and enemies) do things that were incredibly stupid and then suffer dearly for it. 

You would think that we would learn from their example and not follow in their footsteps. 

Sadly, more often than not we don’t. 

I guess the incredibly stupid things our examples engaged in looked like so much fun we just couldn’t help ourselves. 

So, I have a suggestion.

If it is so very important that we simply follow the examples of others, why  not pick someone who is worth following. Someone worthy of imitating. 

Does anyone like that come to mind?


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