Arrested 4/12/19

ARMSTRONG, CASSANDRA LEEAN of Waurika, OK; DOB: 8/30/85; Distribution of Controlled Substance, Possession with Intent

Arrested 4/12/19

ARMSTRONG, CHRISTOPHER LEE of Waurika, OK; DOB: 1/16/84; Obstructing Officer, Failure to Comply/Animal At Large *City of Waurika*

Arrested 4/14/19

BURNES, MATTHEW GENE of Oklahoma City, OK; DOB: 3/5/68; False Impersonation, Defective Equipment, DUS/2nd SUB

Arrested 4./14/19

CHASTAIN, AMANDA MARIE of Ardmore, OK; DOB: 8/27/81; Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear on Original Charge of No Valid Drivers License

Arrested 4/12/19

HUDSON, JOSHUA DANIEL of Ringling, OK; DOB: 6/23/88; Hold for Carter County- Bench Warrant(Failure to Pay Taxes Due State)

Arrested 4/13/19

PUTNAM, ELIZABETH FAY of Loraine, TX; DOB: 12/26/80; Possession of Paraphernalia, Driving with License Canc/Susp/Revoked, Speeding, Possession of Controlled Substance

Arrested 4/12/19

SALINAS, JAMIE of Ryan, OK; DOB: 5/11/84; Bench Warrant Failure to Appear

Arrested 4/7/19

WILKERSON, MATTHEW THOMAS of Waurika, OK; DOB: 5/11/90; Driving with License Canc/Susp/Revoked, Failure to Stop at stop sign, Failure to use Child Restraint System Under 8