Arrested 5/29/18

ADAIR, JEREMIAH WAYNE of Waurika, OK; DOB: 4/30/83

Failure to pay Fines Warrant

Arrested 5/28/18

BOATMAN, AMEE IRENE of Alva, OK; DOB: 12/19/73 Child Endangerment; Maint place for Keeping/Selling CDS

Arrested 05/29/18

BOSS, THOMAS FRANKLIN of Stillwater, OK; DOB: 6/29/79;Possession of CDS in Presence of a Child Under 21(Bench Warrant)

Arrested 06/03/18

COOK, RICHARD LEE of Hastings, OK; DOB: 03/18/97; D.U.S.(Waurika Police Dept. Citation #009775) Failure to Pay Taxes Due To State-Citation, Failure to Use  Signal-Citation.

Arrested 05/31/18 

GALAN, KOLBIE ALANE of Waurika, OK; DOB: 05/05/97; Possession of Controlled Substance, Defective Vehicle 

Arrested 05/27/18

GARZA, GEORGE C of Silsbee, TX; DOB: 06/24/65; DUI Liquor or Drugs/APCV

Arrested 05/30/18

MCHUGH, TIMOTHY CHARLES of Duncan, OK; DOB: 12/13/80; Speeding, Posted Zone

Arrested 05/28/18

TIMOTHY MOORE, MCHUGH of Waurika, OK; DOB: 04/05/57; Possession of Controlled Substance; Distribution of Controlled Substance- Incl Possession with Intent; Unlawful Possession of Paraphernalia; Failure to Stop at Stop Sign; Failure to Signal on Turning; Defective Vehicle; Child Endangerment

Arrested 06/02/18

RICHTER, MICHAEL SHANE of Duncan, OK; DOB: 07/28/70; DUI- Liquor or Drugs/APCV; Careless Driving

Arrested 05/31/18

WARD, JUSTIN TYRONE of Ringling, OK; DOB: 01/14/91; Public Drunk