City of Waurika arrests for this past week. 


4 Speeding, 1 Fail to stop at stop sign, 1 Animals at large, 1 Operating motor vehicle with no drivers license, 1 Possession of drug paraphernalia, 1 Possession of Marijuana


Patricia Ramsey- Operating a motor vehicle with suspended drivers license.

Chief Gallaher would like to remind everyone to start a 9PM  nightly routine. This routine is a small action that has potential to bring impactful and lasting change to our community.  He hopes that community members take part in the 9PM nightly routine and adopt these safety steps into their daily lives in order to better protect themselves, their property, and their families. 

9 PM Nightly Routine Checklist. 

1. Remove valuables from car

2. Lock your car

3. Lock your house and windows

4. Close and lock garage door

5. Turn on exterior lights