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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fiber Optic Internet Coming to Ryan?


There was not an empty seat at the monthly Ryan Town Council meeting held this past Tuesday evening at Ryan City Hall. 

Of all the items discussed, perhaps the one that caused the most excitement was the possibility of Fiber Optic Internet coming to homes and businesses in Ryan. 

Dick Segress, the owner of Terral Telephone addressed the council seeking cooperation in beginning the process of laying fiber optic cable within the city limits.

Terral Telephone has already surveyed Ryan and is willing to share their engineering details with the city to ensure that the cable laid will not interfere with existing infrastructure. 

Dick Segress can be seen in the lower right corner of the picture.
Photo by Curtis Plant

The council will consider the matter more fully at the next meeting but the prospect looks positive.

After his address, we asked if he was interested in bringing high speed internet to Waurika and he said, “most definitely!”

The usual business of approving the minutes of previous meetings and the paying of bills were approved. 

The treasurers report was approved. 

Members of the Ryan School Board and Superintendent of Schools, Marcus Chapman, were present. 

They asked the council if the town would consider serving as the authority having jurisdiction for the purpose of outsourcing fire and building permit inspections. 

A representative of the construction company working on the school was present to explain the process of applying for jurisdiction and the benefits of doing so. 

The state does allow third party inspections. 

The state Fire Marshall will come in and complete his own inspection once fifty-percent of the construction is completed. 

Allowing the town of Ryan to conduct the inspections will save time and money. It sometimes takes up to four months for a state Fire Marshall to come and inspect a building. If a third party completes the inspection, it can be done in a couple of weeks. 

It was explained that the town can apply for the authority to conduct these inspections through a qualified third party. 

This is a process that many communities across Oklahoma are adopting to speed up the construction process. 

The construction company representative assured the council that they would cover all the town’s expenses in applying and acquiring the proper paperwork to assume jurisdiction. 

A question the council members had, of course, was liability. Their concern was if an issue were to arise after the construction was complete, who assumes liability?

There was not an empty seat at the council meeting for the month of October.
Photo by Curtis Plant

The construction representative assured the council that the third party inspector is not relaxing the state codes in any way. They would just be speeding up the inspection process. 

It was decided that the council would investigate the issue and get back to the school as soon as possible. It was stated they could even have a special meeting if necessary. 

The company is wanting to begin work on the school foundation in ten days.

Next, Dylan Sheffield representing the Ryan Community Regeneration asked for permission to use the Ryan Public Park on October 13th. 

On that date they will hold the first annual Fall Festival. 

The Ryan FFA will be serving hot dogs at the festival as a fundraiser. There will be live music and games. It will be a time of getting together and celebrating the fall season creating a sense of community. 

Dylan is also the newest member of the New Jefferson County Development Authority.   

Ater that, Resolution 2018-07 was passed that forbids any changes to city owned property without first obtaining permission. 

During the Ryan Public Utility Authority meeting the council members passed resolution 2018-08 to establish guidelines and fines for manipulation, tampering, disconnection, etc., of town property and facilities, including utility meters by an unauthorized individual. 

According to the resolution anyone tampering with an electric or water meter if they are not authorized to do so will be fined up to $50 per day of occurrence. 

This brought many questions from the audience. 

One such question concerned what to do if a residence had a water leak? The council members suggested installing a water shut off valve on the residence side of the pipe leading from the meter to the building. 

If one is not installed, city hall will need to be notified during a water leak and they will come and shut off the water. 

The same would be true if an electrical meter needed to be shut off. Only city employees can fix or adjust meters. 

Mayor Grantham advised that this measure was being taken because in the past meters have been broken by home owners who then expected the city to pay for damage. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. 

Round Ryan October 4 2018

Ryan Main Street

My computer is making it difficult for me to write my news for this week. It is not the operator’s fault. I can’t blame myself for this modern technology that has come to pass, it has taken 30 seconds to just get that comma into place. Maybe the computer needs to be rebooted, or, maybe the computer feels the operator needs to be rebooted. I gave up. I went to my iPad. It was dead. So, now I am on my iPhone. I could prompt it to write as I speak , but, that would be a really big mess. Enough said. I will get it done.

I have decided not to close the drug store until the end of the year. I have not found a buyer that would maintain it as an operating pharmacy. To be honest, I haven’t found a buyer period. I can still get some more ads out in other papers and see if there might be someone that might take on this business and keep it running. 

Folks here in the city limits of Ryan, if you have large items that won’t fit into your trash cans, you can have those items picked up free of charge on the 3rd Monday of every month. There is a phone number you can call on your monthly statements from the Town of Ryan. You need to call them on Thursday before the 3rd Monday of that month. There are some concerned residents around town that have been trying to tell our residents of this free service.  There are several property owners around town that have some unsightly piles of old furniture along with other large items, that need to be hauled off.  If you don’t find the number on your statement, call City Hall at 757-2277 and they will give you the number to call.

There is a wedding shower for Shaylee Kimbro on October 14th at 2:00pm at the Ryan First Baptist Church. Her fiancé, Ryan Chester are getting married on December 8th in Chickasha. We will have a hostess box in the drug store for them if folks would like to be a hostess. Congratulations Shaylee and Ryan!

There is a blood drive here in town at the Ryan School this Thursday, October the 4th from 10:00am to 3:00pm. This is short notice.

Sunday after church I went to the store to unload my cokes and when I pulled up, my back door was shattered. It was the act of the rock that was propelled from the lawn mower. I had some ply board and my mowing man helped me put the board into place until I can get a new glass installed. That wasn’t amongst my events planned for the day.  Accidents happen. 

Brionna will be coming home to go to a horse show that Kim invited her to be a part of at the Cowboy Church in Waurika this Saturday morning. Brionna will be excited when I show up to bring her home later this week. We had gone and gotten some western duds for this event when she was home last time, but, the event was cancelled because of the rain we had that weekend. 

Kim’s news for the week:

Saturday, Foxy and I shopped around in Wichita Falls, a big city town. Dog and horse t-shirts is what I found. One of them that Foxy saw said “I don’t go anywhere without my dog”.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for each other.

Ryan Softball Seniors Honored at Home Game

The Ryan Senior girls were honored recently at recent home game. The community expressed their gratitude for their commitment and hard work….

The following is a picture of the seniors and their parents.

(l-r) Darwin Deboard, Laken Deboard, Regina Reimer, Kory Reimer, Candice Keith, Justyce Keith, C.J. Keith, Sebastian Guzman, Sadie Guzman, Susan Torress, Josie Martin, Emilee Martin, and Jason Martin. These Seniors along with their parents were honored at the last home softball game of the season.Photo by Sheree Hanson

Round Ryan September 27 2018

Ryan Main Street

We were blessed with close to 6 inches of rain last Friday. It started Thursday evening around 6:30pm, when the winds and clouds came in. We lost our electricity until 2:31 Friday morning. It was off for nearly 8 hours. It was cooler to go outside than it was to stay in the house with no air circulating. Brionna was home with me and she wasn’t too fond of being without electricity. People used to do without electricity, but, modern amenities have come to spoil us. And, cooler days are right around the corner and summer is officially behind us. 

This next Tuesday will be the evening of the Ryan City Council meeting at 6:00.

On Friday, October 5th we will be having another sidewalk sale for our Ryan merchants. 

Megan and Joby Edwards were blessed with a baby boy, Joc, nearly 2 weeks ago. Congratulations to them on their new baby.

This Friday, there will be a meeting at the Mercantile to discuss Christmas decorations around town if anybody is interested in helping with that . The meeting will be held at 6:00pm.

I was riding my bicycle to make a delivery before I opened the store this morning and I noticed Debbie Patrick had moved her car a couple of times away from her usual parking place in front of the old post office building. She was parked across the street beside the Mercantile and was looking out her window across the street and I asked her what was going on. She said there was something in her parking spot and it wouldn’t move. I got a little closer and it was a really big turtle. It had taken up residence in her parking spot and was resting. She said she had tried to get it to move, but, it wouldn’t move. I got off my bicycle and got hold of a chair and tried to budge it to change its spot, but, it sure didn’t want to. It took a bite out of the end of the chair when I was trying to get it to move over to the grass. It finally was in the grass, turned over on his back, and so I told Debbie he must be tired out and so was I.  I made my delivery and after I was riding back to the store and Debbie had moved to her parking place  and she told me the turtle made it across the street and up the steps to the sidewalk in front of Jimmy Ferris’s place. I rode over to the side of the building and caught a picture of him as he was traveling. I guess he made it up the hill from the creek. (see picture below)

Kim’s news for this week:

Saturday, Ruffy Tuffy was very happy, he got a day off cause I went to a Woman’s Church Conference in Comanche. 

This past week we can’t complain, but, Praise God for the rain. 

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for each other.

Round Ryan September 20 2018

Ryan Main Street

This past week has been a very eventful week around here. It was homecoming week for our Ryan School.  

On Wednesday, if you were on Washington Street, at about 9:15am, here came a little crew from the school. It was Heidi Townsend and TJ Dewbre, and 8 little preschoolers, walking to the drug store to get a tasty treat of an ice cream cone. They each one held onto a rope and walked in an orderly fashion, nearly a mile, to get to town. There were some dressed in a costume to go along with the week’s event.

It seemed like they all had a really good time. We had a table and chairs fixed up for them when they came. 

On Friday, there was a good crowd to attend the homecoming football game. There was a special half time honoring Phil Elerick and the 1988 Ryan football team. Most of the men on the team  from that time period were there for this. We had a parade downtown before the game and saw some very good looking floats. Our Cowboys won that game 30 to 14. Holland Carter was crowned Homecoming Queen at the game. 

Saturday, Macie and Austin exchanged their wedding vows. It was a very pretty setting for their wedding. They were married just up north and east of Duncan at Kendall’s View venue.

Sunday, there was the Indian Taco dinner to raise money for the Ryan Beautification Group.  It was a very good meal. I hope they raised a good bit of money so that it can be used in different ways to benefit the community.

I have not yet been able to find a buyer for the pharmacy. I keep extending my date of closure, thinking that something good will happen and the store will be able to stay open. 

Tuesday afternoon, Robin told us that Ricky’s mom had passed away. Prayers to Ricky and his family during their time of loss. 

This coming Saturday is the 4th Saturday of the month and the food commodities will be distributed at the Ryan Food Bank. 

Kim’s news for this week: 

On Sunday, once again, Dustan gave Ruffy Tuffy a trim and Penny was with him. On Monday, I was glad, I had lunch at Circle Dee’s with my dad. Foxy couldn’t go, she was sad. 

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and each other, please.

Ryan Homecoming Parade & Homecoming Week Pictures

The Junior Float won 1st Place Photo by Sheree Hanson

Here are pictures from the Ryan Homecoming Parade:

The Sophomore Float
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Freshman Float won 2nd place.
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Eighth Grade won 3rd Place
Photo by Sheree Hanson
PreK & Kindergarten won 3rd Place
Photo by Sheree Hanson
First and Second Grade Float
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Third and Fourth Grade won 1st Place
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Fifth & Sixth Grade won 2nd Place
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Senior Float
Photo by Sheree Hanson
The Junior Float won 1st Place
Photo by Sheree Hanson
The Seventh Grade Float
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Ryan High School Cheerleaders
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Ryan High School Cheerleaders
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Tonya Bryant on Sports Day
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Danielle and Mrs. Rhoades on Sports Day
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Impact of Ryan’s Coach West Goes Far Beyond Athletic Circles

 You might expect when a sports writer is asked to write a tribute to someone the focus would be on that person’s accomplishments as a coach or player.

 But, this article will be focused more on the person than his accomplishments.

Last week a large crowd gathered at Ryan’s First Baptist Church to say goodbye to legendary Ryan coach and principal, Raymon West.

Most anyone that has been under the instruction of Mr. West would probably choose to focus on the man because   

his contribution to the lives of people went far beyond the football field, basketball court or baseball diamond if they were tasked with writing a tribute.

As Bro. Mark Kunkel, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Terral, said numerous times while conducting the service, everyone was mostly there to honor the man Mr. West and not Coach West.

However, well over half the crowd identified themselves at one point in the service as having been coached by Coach West.

And certainly his coaching ability is not to be overlooked, but each person who has come under the influence of Mr. West would probably be quick to agree with Bro. Kunkel and this writer that his greatest achievements were what he poured into our lives.

You see the goal of Mr. West was not really to produce great athletes – although that did happen. His goal was to prepare high school students for life.

And, for the most part he was a master at teaching life lessons.

Mr. West was tough. He was a disciplinarian. However, he correctly knew that making life a bit difficult in the athletic arena would serve each person well when they began to tackle life as a young adult.

And, some of those lessons not only served us well as young adults, but throughout our life time.

As was noted in the funeral service, Mr. West cared deeply for people. He endeared himself to most every athlete he ever coached and those he taught.

The compassion Mr. West had for people carried over to his retirement years as he served people through his church and was frequently present when a need had to be met in the community.

Everything Mr. West did was with great passion – his family, ranching, teaching and coaching.

Mr. West’s accomplishments in the coaching profession should not go without mention. He was inducted into the Oklahoma Girls Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame in 1988. Most everyone knows he coached the 1965 Cowgirl squad that won the Class B state championship – the only state title in school history. He coached the Cowgirls for a total of 13 seasons.

He coached the Cowboy basketball team for 15 seasons and took the 1962 squad to the state tournament – one of only two boys’ teams to advance into the state tournament.

Mr. West’s contributions to the football program are more notable than most people might think. He coached football on three different occasions – in 1958, 1962-1963 and 1977-1980. The 1962 squad just missed out on a district title and finished 8-2 which tied the 1929 football team for the second most wins in a season up to that time.

 It is likely that one of the key decisions made by Mr. West while serving as principal and head football coach at Ryan was moving from 11-man football to eight-man football following the 1977 season. The decision probably saved the football program and he coached the Cowboys to the playoffs in the first year of eight-man football.

Mr. West also coached baseball in the early years at Ryan.

In the four sports coached by Mr. West, he led squads to 14 conference championships, three county championships, seven bi-county championships, 10 district titles, three regional crowns and one state championship.

No tribute, however, would be complete without personal stories because Mr. West had a profound impact on my life.

Late during my eighth-grade year and Mr. West’s first year back at Ryan after having coached at Burkburnett, Texas and Duncan, he noticed right away that my athletic genes were just about non-existent.

Mr. West came to me and asked me if I would be interested in being the student trainer, which I did after football season that year. He sent me that following summer by bus to Baylor University to attend the National Athletic Trainers Association annual convention.

I was definitely way out of my league (can you imagine a kid who just completed eighth grade going on a trip like that alone?), but I learned a few things and spent the rest of my high school days helping with all sports. Mr. West saw potential in me that I did not see in myself and giving me that responsibility helped me stay connected to sports.

As you can imagine we spent a lot of time together during basketball practices. During that time I learned a lot about basketball, but did not fail to pick up one or two life lessons along the way.

One of those came one afternoon after Ryan had suffered a loss in a game that was not well-officiated. And, as I have a tendency to do even today, I was griping about how poorly the officials called the game the night before.

I suppose Mr. West had heard enough and he looked at me and said, “You worry about the things you have control over. We have no control over the officiating.”

That little tidbit has remained with me through the years and has been invaluable in my life’s journey.

In the years following whenever I would make my way to Ryan I would try to make sure I came in contact with Mr. West.

A side note – most anyone coached by Mr. West were all afraid to ever call him anything but Mr. West or Coach West. It was always difficult to address him as “Raymon.” But, that is the kind of respect he commanded and deserved.

Many others and in particular his family could share similar stories about how Mr. West impacted their lives. I am just fortunate I had the opportunity to be the one to write this article.

I believe it is pretty easy to come to one conclusion – there will never be another Raymon West.

Are New Water Meters in Ryan’s Future?


 The council voted to apply for a grant that will enable the town of Ryan to purchase new electronic water meters that will be more accurate and tamper proof.

 If the REAP grant is awarded to the town of Ryan, the new meters will allow city employees to accurately read the meters with electronic equipment. The meters can also notify city employees automatically if anyone tampers with them in anyway. 

This will cut down on citizens turning the water meters on and off without notifying city hall. This has been an ongoing problem for some time. 

In other business, Dennis Underwood addressed the council about the instillation of a Christmas Tree in the intersection of 5th and Washington during the Christmas Season. 

Coach Stan Mueggenborg will be constructing the permanent tree stand that will be embedded in the center of the intersection. He assured the council members that it will be done professionally and will not detract from the aesthetics of the brick street. 

The council agreed to let the project go forward. 

Some at the meeting were wondering why city employees no longer decorated business downtown with Christmas lights. It was explained that this tradition was stopped because it is a liability to the Town of Ryan for its employees to be decorating private businesses. 

Business owners are free to decorate their businesses for the Christmas Season if they so wish. 

There was also a vote to allow other members of the city council to sign and receive REAP grant awards. 

In other business, it was decided that a calender will be utilized to schedule use of city owned property such as the city park. 

Anyone wanting to use the park in the future will need to stop by city hall and reserve the date. At this time there is no cost for using the park. 

During the meeting all the bills and claims were paid. 

The council also voted to raise the pay of Michelle Mellow $87.50 per pay period. 

It was noted during the meeting that Michelle Mellow does not sign checks. 

Dylan Sheffield addressed the council on behalf of the Regeneration and Community Beautification Group and informed them of a fundraiser scheduled for Sunday September 16th. The group is also scheduling a Fall Festival in October. 

Once all business was dispensed with, the meeting was adjourned. 

Round Ryan September 13 2018

Ryan Main Street

It’s been a really awesome week. We’ve had more rain, our grass is green, and lawns are in desperate need of being mowed (at least my lawn is). I got on my riding lawn mower Sunday afternoon and mowed a 15 foot strip beside my driveway before the mower died. I couldn’t get it started again after numerous tries. It would turn, but, it just wouldn’t start. So, it is still sitting where it died. I moved it about 4 feet off the patch of grass it was sitting on so that I could mow it with my trusty push mower. It makes from a 3 hour job riding to an 8 hour job pushing. I will call Sears and get them to come out and get it going, but, that usually takes about 2 weeks to get that scheduled and I would have a jungle before then.  I am getting it done, anyway. 

This weekend is the wedding day for Macie Wright and Austin Masoner. Their wedding is to take place just outside of Marlow on Saturday evening. 

Ryan has lost another one of our great legends. Raymon West passed away Sunday morning. Raymon was a part of our community for I don’t even know how many years. He served in the military, taught school, and became an administrator in the Ryan Public School, then was employed at ASCOG after he retired from his job as the superintendent of Ryan Public School. Raymon had some very interesting things to tell about what all he went through regarding his life. He fits into the same highly respected class, along with Bob Givens, in my opinion.  Even after Raymon’s mind had been invaded by the Alzheimer’s disease, I had gone to visit him while he was a resident of the Cherry Street Assisted Living Facility in Nocona, and he had a photo album in his room that he showed me. He was so very proud of all of his accomplishments and his children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. His celebration of his life will be Wednesday this week at the First Baptist Church in Ryan. Prayers to the West family during their loss. 

I am still being hopeful that someone might want to come into this community and take over my pharmacy so we won’t even have to close our doors at the Ryan Drug Store. I will ask for folks to please be in prayer that the Lord will take care of this situation for this little community. I keep moving the date of closing, thinking that there will be an answer to my prayers, and I will continue to be patient during this time.  

Kim’s news for this week:

This week I can’t complain, because of all the needed rain.

Every morning Foxy & I go to the barn together and ride in the nice cool weather.

Summer weather has almost parted and shorter days and longer nights have started.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.

Jefferson County Says Goodbye to a Coaching Legend


A man who has not only secured his place in local sports history, but has also secured a place in the hearts and lives of those who knew him and played for him passed away Sunday.

Raymon West will be remembered for his impact on the world of sports in Jefferson County.

He will be remembered for his contribution as the principal at Ryan High School.

He will remembered for championships.

He will be remembered as a great husband and father.

He will be remembered for being a great man.

Next week, Trey Smart will be writing a proper memorial to this coaching legend. 

Until then, we just want to say that you will be missed Coach West.

Thank you for the memories and your contributions to our lives. 


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