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Monday, September 24, 2018

Jefferson County Says Goodbye to a Coaching Legend


A man who has not only secured his place in local sports history, but has also secured a place in the hearts and lives of those who knew him and played for him passed away Sunday.

Raymon West will be remembered for his impact on the world of sports in Jefferson County.

He will be remembered for his contribution as the principal at Ryan High School.

He will remembered for championships.

He will be remembered as a great husband and father.

He will be remembered for being a great man.

Next week, Trey Smart will be writing a proper memorial to this coaching legend. 

Until then, we just want to say that you will be missed Coach West.

Thank you for the memories and your contributions to our lives. 

‘Round Ryan News August 23 2018

Ryan Main Street

What a beautiful morning it was to get up and feel the cool breeze instead of the heat for a change.  I know the forecasters say that we are going to be headed toward 100 on Wednesday, but, it certainly is nice for now, anyway. Sunday morning we had enough precipitation to get the pavement wet. That’s okay, it’s better than nothing.  Our lawns are finally green and it soon will be time to mow again.  I won’t make it 4 weeks between mowing this time.   

There is a baby shower for Rachel (Pollan) and Brandon Sain at the Terral Community Center on August 26th at 3:00pm.  They are expecting a baby boy.  The couple is registered at Walmart and Amazon if people wish to go to the stores or online to purchase gifts. The Ryan Drug Store has a hostess box for them if anyone would like to put their name in as well. 

I stand corrected on the Mayor of our town not rerunning for his seat in the next election.  Terry Grantham is seeking reelection and I do apologize for the miscommunication in last weeks paper. 

Taylor Street is in quite a mess as the city workers are working to repair water lines behind the First Baptist Church. 

Our local merchants are planning another sidewalk sale on Friday, September 7th.  I’m hopeful that our weather will be a bit cooler and more tolerable by that time. 

As I got online this morning to start up my email to begin my article, I am quickly made aware that Google mail has now upgraded their site.  I am a creature of habit and I had to hunt for the compose prompt that was always down in the bottom right corner of the screen.  That is what life is all about–change.  Nothing ever remains constant. 

Kim and her four legged children are well, but, she didn’t provide me with an article this week. 

Everyone have a blessed week.  Pray for rain and each other.

Ryan Town Council Discusses Police Officer Post

Ryan Main Street

Of the many items discussed Tuesday evening at the Ryan Town Council meeting, none were more interesting than the discussion about the possibility of a full-time police officer in Ryan. 

The question was asked by David Winfield because of his concern for the safety of citizens and local businesses. 

He was also concerned about people speeding around the school.

Mayor Terry Grantham said that for the past three years nobody has applied for the position. Prior to that the candidates that they did interview all wanted to live in towns other than Ryan. 

Grantham said that the last officer to work for the Ryan quit because he could never get any time off. People would call his house all hours of the night and day. 

It did come up in the meeting that the town does set aside $25,000 in the budget for a police officer. 

City Attorney, Kenzie Wheeler, said that $25,000 would not pay for one full-time officer. Besides the salary, there would also have to be money allocated for taxes and benefits that she said would possibly raise the cost for one officer to around $60,000 or more per year. 

Wingfield asked if there was a grant that would pay for an officer. City Attorney said that she believed that the grants available were for equipment. Wingfield said that he had read somewhere that in 2017 there was a “Safe Oklahoma” grant that distributed large sums of money to law enforcement in Oklahoma communities.

Other members of the council said that the Chickasaw Lighthorse Brigade and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department patrolled through the community regularly. 

One of the concerns of the council is the lack of sources of revenue. A rate increase on utilities, it was said, would possibly not be popular. (It was said in the meeting that electricity rates have not increased since 1987).

Grantham said there was a rumor that the Town of Ryan passed a tax in 1977 to pay for a city officer. According to Grantham, no record had been found to verify that. He said they had even checked with the election board and could not find a record of an election held in Ryan for that purpose.

Council members asked Wingfield if he and his neighbors would be willing to work together to form a neighborhood watch. 

Mayor Grantham said that the council would revisit the idea at the next council meeting. 

Grantham said he appreciated Wingfield bringing his concerns to the council.

Next, the trustees discussed the issue of the cooperative agreement between the Town of Ryan and the Jefferson County Sheriff (payment for dispatch services). It was brought up again that the trustees have a problem with only three towns paying for the dispatch for the whole county. That was one of the reasons for Ryan pulling out of the agreement.

Grantham and the trustees assured everyone in attendance that although Ryan is no longer paying the dispatch fee, the services (such as fire and city services) are still being promptly addressed when needed.

Cody Rodriguez was added to the Ryan Volunteer Fire Department.

 Wingfield reported later in the meeting that the Ryan Community Beautification Group was selling T-Shirts at Chunky Charms to help raise funds to help further the effort in improving the appearance of Ryan. 

Under New Business, Michel Delaney asked if the city could turn on the water running to his property south of Ryan. Delaney thought the city may have cut the line to his property. He was assured that was not the case. The city agreed to turn on the water for Delaney and he will see if the line is working properly. 

The Ryan Public Utilities Authority meeting followed the regular meeting. 

The bills, claims and invoices were paid. 

The trustees approved the purchase of a switch for the reclosure area for a price not to exceed $5000.00.

Grantham said that they have recently had a problem of citizens turning utility meters on that the town has turned off. Some will turn water on at night in order to take showers, cook, etc after the town has turned it off for non-payment. Other instances of utilities being stolen have occurred within the town limits. Three of these thefts occurred this past week. 

In order to remedy this the trustees passed a motion to have the city attorney to write ordinance(s) that will enable the town to fine those who tamper or steal city services (water/electricity) or tamper with the meters in any way.

There being no further business the  meeting was adjourned. 

‘Round Ryan News


What wonderful weather we are experiencing around Ryan the past 2 days.  We’ve had temperatures just above 90 Monday and not expecting to hit 100 this week.  The past week was miserable with temperatures climbing up to 114 and lows around 80.  It’s a blessing to get outside in the morning and feel a cool breeze around you and then to go home in the evening on my bicycle and still hardly break a sweat before I get home, even after riding out to the cemetery before going home.  Summers can be hard to tolerate some of the time. 

This Saturday morning is the day of the Ryan food bank.

This Saturday evening, Billy Roberson and his band will be playing at the old Methodist Church in Byers.  The admission fee is $10.00 if folks might be interested in going out for a good night of country & western entertainment.  I am not certain as to what time the music starts, but I will find out before Saturday if folks want to call the drug store for further information on this event.  Bill is a great musician and singer if you’ve never had an opportunity to hear him sing or play. 

Sunday, at the Ryan Senior Citizen Center, there will be a benefit dinner for Pat Bussey, starting at 11:00am.  Pat is undergoing cancer treatment in Tulsa, and has to make numerous trips to undergo these treatments.  Please get out and give to this event that can help Pat and her family have less of a financial burden. 

Sunday afternoon, the wedding shower for Macie Jo Wright is from 2:00-4:00 at the Ryan Church of Christ.  We still have a hostess box for them if folks call before too late this Friday afternoon.

This next week, on Friday, August 3rd, Ryan will be having our sidewalk sales again.  I’ll be praying for cooler weather for this day.  Maybe before then, we will have had some nice rains, too.

Kim’s news for this week:

Sunday, Ruffy Tuffy got a day off, because it was just too hot.

But, the rest of the week, early morning riding we seek. 

Foxy likes early better, especially in this hot weather.

Everyone have a blessed week.  Pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan July 19 2018

Ryan Main Street

We were blessed here in Ryan last week on Tuesday and Thursday with nearly 2 inches of rain each day.  I will be getting on the mower this week, finally.  Temperatures over the next week are expected to be over 100 degrees, and no rain mentioned in the forecast.  We will get through it.

Last Tuesday, the Ryan City Council met. The first thing on the agenda was for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.  There were a couple of deputies there to discuss the concern of the Jefferson County dispatch service.  After discussion between both groups, Ryan Council told them they would meet with them after their next council meeting at the Jefferson County Commissioners meeting in August.  The concern was that they felt all communities should be asked to be a part of this service, and pay a fair share across the board.  Ryan Council felt it wasn’t fair for Ryan, Waurika, and Ringling to foot the bill for all the towns or communities within our county.  There were other items on the agenda, but, this was the most notable. 

The wedding shower for Macie Jo  Wright and Austin Masoner is planned for July 29th from 2-4pm at the Ryan Church of Christ.  There is a hostess box at Ryan Drug Store if folks would like to put in any money for the couple. 

This past Friday night, I missed an invitation to the Rockin H Land & Cattle Co. in Temple, Oklahoma, for the birthday celebration for Dana Major.  She celebrated her 70th birthday with a lot of friends and family at the restaurant.  I saw a video on Facebook of Dana blowing out her candles on her cake.  I don’t think they had 70 on the cake, but it still took her some pretty good breaths to get them all blown out.  She had a good time, and it looked like everyone else did, too.

Prayers to the family of Glen Martin during their loss of Glen this past week.

Kim’s news for this week:

Foxy was quite a sight wearing her straw hat at the Ranch-Round-Up Rodeo Saturday night.

I have to give God a cheer for no car damage when I hit a deer.

Everyone have a blessed week and please pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan July 5 2018

Ryan Main Street

Praise the Lord! We received some measurable rain Sunday afternoon.  The pavement is still wet and conditions are cloudy.  I haven’t mowed in 3 weeks now.  There is nothing to mow.  Our grass is laying dormant on the ground.  Plants have had to be watered from the water hoses. God’s blessings of rain far surpass any garden hoses.  He just hasn’t seen fit to send much our way yet.  Our temperature was 94 degrees around 3:00 pm yesterday and when the front blew in, it was 74 degrees. The temperature stayed there all night.  I got out and watered the plants this morning, anyway.  We desperately need rain around Ryan.  The grasshoppers have really begun to move into town again. 

 I went over to see Mom Saturday afternoon after going to Wichita Falls.  I spent some time with her and was on my way back to Ryan on Highway 81 just north of Ringgold and I could see an animal beginning to cross the highway.  It’s body was slim and low to the ground, and I assumed it was a coyote.  I was getting closer to the animal and it was slowing down and so was I when we met, face to face, on the highway.  It was a tiny baby deer, and I saw no sign of its’ mother.  It just stood there looking at me.  My car was dead still, and I honked at the baby deer, it didn’t even move at first, then I honked again, and it began running back from the direction it had originally started crossing.  Its’ little feet were slipping on the pavement of the highway as it was trying to move quickly to get away from this foreign object that it was facing.  I know there are an abundance of deer around our area, but, my heart went out for this little guy or gal.  I hope it found a safe place and still has its’ mother to care for it somewhere out there.

Kim’s news for this week:

Yes, it is true Ruffy Tuffy got a straw hat, too.

Every morning I go ride with Foxy by my side.

Then Foxy and I go to the ball park, where she can play ball and bark.

Everyone have a blessed week, a safe 4th of July and please remember to keep praying for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan June 28 2018

Ryan Main Street

We finally had a storm to blow in this morning around 3:30am.  Boy, did it blow.  I stayed awake after hearing the wind woke me up.  There’s not anything you can do but just ride it out.  We all made it through the night, anyway.  We thought we were going to get in on some rain Thursday, but that didn’t happen, then again on Saturday evening, but, that didn’t happen either.  I was outside yesterday afternoon behind the store, cutting some branches off of the trees in the alley way.  At about 3:30pm, the wind really began blowing from the north, and boy, it got cooler in a hurry.  I thought that these conditions might bring about some hail, but thank goodness, that didn’t happen.  I was hauling a bunch of branches in the back of my truck, and noticed about half way up the hill, heading north on 81, that I couldn’t see my branches on either side of my truck.  I looked back in the distance, and my pile of limbs were in the northbound lane of the highway.  I hurried up and unloaded what was left in the bed of my truck and got back to where they had blown out and Emilio Cabrera had beat me to them.  He said cars were going around the pile, but, he was getting them off the highway.  He helped me load them back in the bed of my truck and he got in there with them and smashed them down by walking on them.  The second trip, they got where I wanted them to go.  We still need a lot more rain, so, prayerfully our time will come some day.  I’ve seen quite a few grasshoppers now this summer. 

This coming Tuesday will be the evening for the Ryan City Council meeting at 6:00.  More citizens need to attend these meetings.  This past meeting was the most folks I’ve seen attend for a long time. 

This next week, on the 4th of July, a number of our businesses will be closed for the holiday.  Both clinics, the post office, the drug store, the banks, and City Hall, will all be closed that day. 

Next Friday, July 6th, there will be a fireworks display just off the highway behind Jamie and Richard Kimbro’s house.  They had quite an exhibit last year, it was fantastic.  Get your lawn chairs and water bottles and join in their festivities Friday evening as soon as the sun goes down.  I bet they would welcome more fireworks, if folks would like to bring them so that a lot of folks can enjoy them.  It will be a fun time. 

Ryan will be having another sidewalk sale on Friday, July the 6th.  We will have our merchandise out around 7:00am if folks want to get out and shop early before it gets too hot.  Our 3 local businesses will all have merchandise set outside on our sidewalks.  We also welcome folks from the community to set up someplace on our sidewalks, if others would like to get in on it, too. 

Some of our local kids and parents are gone to church camps this week.  Prayers to all of them that they have a safe trip and a good time together.

Kim’s news for this week:

I want to thank Shelton’s & Dustan with all my heart, for the delivery of the shopping cart. 

Saturday, Foxy didn’t even know she was the star of the Cowboy Church house show, riding with Jessie on Shaddow in her straw hat, being a show-off dog is where it’s at.

Everyone have a blessed week and a safe 4th of July.  Please pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan June 21 2018

Ryan Main Street

Summer is officially here by the time this paper gets circulated on Thursday morning.  I thought it arrived about a month or more ago, based on our temperatures we’ve seen.  Electric bills are getting higher and we are still in great need of rain.  The weather forecasters are predicting that this week we might have a pretty good chance to get some of that moisture.  Outdoor plants are beginning to shrivel up unless they get a regular watering.  Crops are suffering in the fields and ponds can sure use a replenishing, too.

The group of folks that worked so hard on helping to make our town look better, was treated to a lunch by Laura Jackson at The Parlor on Saturday a week ago.  There was even one individual that was not a member of the group, that drove down from Oklahoma City, just to help with the clean up around Ryan.  He got up early Saturday morning to arrive in Ryan by 7:15am to get with the group.  He worked all morning and into the afternoon in the scorching heat.  This individual is Rick Blanchard, son of Theresa Blanchard.  Rick grew up in Ryan and graduated from high school here, too. If this doesn’t make us feel guilty, that there are folks that live in this town, that wouldn’t bother to begin to help make this town look like a town with a lot of pride and people that care about how their town looks. Thanks to Rick, and again to all the rest of the folks that worked so hard together.

Next thing on my list is the Ryan cemetery dinner that took place on Father’s Day.  There was about $12,000 taken in from the meals, auction, and the raffle tickets that were sold. There was a good crowd that came in for the dinner.  Macy Lovett won the rifle and Norman West won the Yeti cooler.  Congratulations to those two.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this event as successful as what it was.  There were a lot of hard workers before, during, and after this event.  Dustan Bryant put out some really good tasting smoked meats for the dinner.  There were a great number of desserts for the meal and for the auction.  The auction brought in $1150.00 and the raffle tickets brought in $2000.00.  The rest was generated from donations and money from the dinners that were served.  There are a lot of people that deserve a pat on the back for making this happen, and thanks to all of them.  It was a great meal and our cemetery can be taken care of a little while longer without having to dip into our city’s moneys. 

There is a shower box for Macie Jo Wright’s wedding at the Ryan Drug Store.  Macie is marrying Austin Masoner from Waurika.  Their shower is July 29th from 2-4pm at the Ryan Church of Christ Fellowship Hall. 

Kim’s news for this week:

I’m so glad for all our Dad’s. By the way, Happy Father’s Day!

This week, I can’t complain, but, we could sure use a rain.  For that, the Lord we should seek. Everyone have a blessed week.

Please remember to continue to ask for blessings of rain, and as Kim said, everyone have a blessed week.  Please pray for each other, too.

Round Ryan June 14 2018

Ryan Main Street

It’s very hot and dry around here.  I am thankful that I have an indoor job. I don’t think I could stand to be outside in this heat. 

I attended the city council meeting last Tuesday evening.  There were several younger folks that attended that had been placed on the agenda for the evening.  Sherry and Eddy Pewitt were there to discuss some points of interest with the council.  Dylan Sheffield and Johnny Kimbro also discussed some points of interest to benefit our town’s appearance.  They got together some folks to do some cleaning up of our local business district.  They were working hard this Saturday afternoon. They cleaned the debris from around the pipes under the ramps out here on Washington Street.  They did a lot of work on the flower garden located under to mural on the highway.  They cleaned the area around the drain at the corner in front of the mural. They filled in some pot holes located in our alley behind the north side of Washington business area. They all worked so hard and during the hottest part of the day.  Thanks to all of the folks that participated during this cleaning event.  It was so good to see that there are young people that are taking pride in our community.  Things can get done when there are groups of people that can all work together to better our communities. The city council also approved Macy Wright setting up a firework stand within the city limits.  The council also discussed the need to hire a part time employee during the summer months.  They said this job would pay $10.00 per hour and would allow up to 20 hours per week.  Anyone interested in part time employment, go in to Ryan City Hall and fill out an application. 

This Sunday is Father’s Day and also the day set for the Ryan Cemetery dinner fund raiser.  There are tickets being sold at City Hall for a Yeti cooler and cap, and 2 rifles.  The tickets for the raffle are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.  Go into City Hall if you would like to purchase some tickets.

There will be another sidewalk sale in downtown Ryan on July 6th.  If you missed the first one, then folks will have another chance to check out our local merchants sale items. 

Our Methodist Church members got to meet our new pastor, Christy Clark and her husband Mark,  and son Conrad this past Sunday.  This was Christy’s first Sunday as pastor in our church.  She also preaches at Temple Methodist Church.  We look forward to having her as our pastor. 

I took Brionna back to the Ranch Sunday after church.  She had a little longer stay this time.  I picked her up Saturday evening a week ago so that she could go to church and see Sandy  for the last time serving as our church pastor. She was also wanting to get to meet our new pastor, so, I just let her stay all week so she would be home for both occasions. She got to go to lunch with Terri and Chuck this past Thursday at Circle Dee’s. 

Kim’s news for this week:

Foxy and I have been riding Ruffy Tuffy every day.  They both got their baths on Sunday.  Every morning I’m still able to drink coffee at the Cowboy College Table.  Everyone have a blessed week.

Have a Happy Father’s Day and hope a lot of folks will come out to the school for lunch on that day to help support our Ryan cemetery.  Have a blessed week.  Pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan June 7 2018

Ryan Main Street

What a great week we’ve had. It was a hot week. No rain for the week, but, Sunday started out very cool, then Monday followed suit. We had a little shower today, and hoping and praying to be blessed with more. 

Tuesday morning last week, we learned that someone had tried to break into the ATM machine inside the First State Bank. They have some video footage of the person trying to gain access into the machine and they are also aware of the vehicle he was driving, but, hopefully they will find the person involved in this crime.  

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty quiet days around town, but, then Friday came along and we started our sidewalk sales around town.  It was great to see folks out in town shopping the local merchants. It was pretty exciting to see downtown Ryan was still alive and capable of bringing folks in to shop, even from areas outside of our local area. We had a few folks that traveled from Duncan. There were several garage sales around town, too. It was a great day. Maybe we should do this more often! 

The time is approaching that we will be having the dinner to raise money for our Ryan Cemetery.  A lot of money is required to keep our cemetery maintained during the months that the lawn is mowed.  This fundraiser takes some of the financial burden off of our town’s expenses. The dinner is set for Father’s Day, June 17,  at the Ryan School Cafeteria.

Kim’s news for this week:

Dustin, I want to thank him for giving Ruffy Tuffy a trim. I was by Ruffy Tuffy’s side when Dustan saw Foxy ride. Dustan has his own chicken market. I’m saving him egg cartons.

Ronnie had fun hanging with his grandson. 

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.


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