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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Jeffco Nursing Students Graduate From Red River Technology


 Nineteen Practical Nursing students from Red River Technology Center recently received their pins and diplomas during a graduation ceremony held June 20, 2019, at the Delbert E. Morrison Health Careers Building Auditorium.

Superintendent Dennis Loafman and Assistant Superintendent Brook Holding delivered the welcome to the crowd of graduates, family and friends. Members of the 44th Practical Nursing class were then honored for their year of hard work with numerous scholarships and other achievement awards.

Red River Technology Center’s counselor, Misty Wade, recognized the graduates who had previously received scholarships and awards from organizations.

The following organizations have previously awarded scholarships: the Duncan Regional Hospital Auxiliary; Hugh H. Cherry VFW 1192 and Auxiliary to Post 1192; John E. Lillard Scholarship; Owl Club of Duncan; Oklahoma Career Tech Foundation; Otha Grimes Scholarship; Jerry Morris Scholarship Committee; The Duncan Breakfast Optimist Organization; Physicians Manpower Training Commission; Martha Overstreet and the Philanthropic Education Organization (BK, EE, FJ, and GS Chapters); Horatio Alger, Rodney Love/Next Step; and Oklahoma’s Promise Scholarships.

Those receiving awards on the night of graduation were: 

Saela Sullins and Suzanne Greeson, were voted Outstanding Fellow Classmates by their peers.

Carly Mann received the Award for Outstanding Theory Knowledge and Kristi LaFerr received the Award for Outstanding Clinical Practice.  Duncan Regional Hospital received an award for Best Clinical Facility, and Julia Kosechata received the Mountain Mover award.

 Jessica Church, Tiffany Cummings, Tina Riggs and Rickey Wylie represented the top 10 percent of the 2018-2019 Practical Nursing class and were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.  

Outstanding Students for the Practical Nursing Program this year were Ana Gomez, Suzanne Greeson, Charlie Romero and Saela Sullins.

Practical Nursing Director Amanda Churchman, RN, introduced the graduates while Program Director Sylvia Loveday presented diplomas. Practical Nursing instructors Krissy Bohn, RN, and Liz Baxter, RN, presented nursing pins to the graduates, while each graduate was pinned by a member of their family.

The 2018-2019 graduates are: Marissa Beeson, Stephanie Carrasco, Jessica Church, Tiffany Cummings, Ana Gomez, Suzanne Greeson, Kassie Hekia, Ashley Idell, Jonathan Johnson, Melanie Kohler, Kristi LaFerr, Kaylee Land, Carly Mann, Tina Riggs, Charlie Romero, Dane Smith, Amber Spaulding, Saela Sullins, and Rickey Wylie.

Thompson Ranch wins Waurika Ranch Rodeo


This year’s winner of the Waurika Ranch Rodeo is the Thompson Ranch of Munday, Texas. They have competed in all 14 Waurika Ranch Rodeos. 

Coming in Second was the 3B/Infinity Cattle Company.

Third Place went to the Slash W. Cattle Ranch. 

Fourth Place was Burns Ranch. 

The Top Hand was Quincy Carlton

of the Slash W. Cattle Ranch. 

The Thompson Ranch will now get a chance to compete in the World Championship Ranch Rodeo in November. 

The Top Horse, Seven S Crazy Horse, owned and ridden by Robert Forst 
of the Stuart Ranch.
The Stuart Ranch is located both here in
Waurika and in Caddo County. 
Award presented by the American Quarter Horse Association. 

Photo by Curtis Plant
Grady Martin won the Calf Scramble.
Grady lives in  Comanche, Oklahoma. 

Photo by Curtis Plant
Photo by Curtis Plant
Photo by Curtis Plant

Ryan Graduation Video

Ryan Graduation 2019…..enjoy!

Ryan Graduation 2019

Waurika High School Athletes Feted At Recent All-Sports Banquet

A number of recognitions were handed out to Waurika High School athletes at the recent All-Sports Banquet held at the school a week ago Tuesday.

 All athletes were given their letters for participation in fast-pitch softball, baseball, powerlifting, football, boys basketball, girls basketball, baseball, boys track, girls track and cross country.

 It was an eventful year as many of the teams had great accomplishments, but on this night it was all about individual honors that were well-deserved.

 The Waurika Athletic Booster Club presented scholarships to two senior athletes – Aaron Nitka and Madison Roberson.

 Each of the coaches took time to recognize the athletes for honors or performances they achieved in the 2018-19 school year.

 Here is a list of some of the notable accomplishments by sport:

 Cross Country

State Medalist: Asia Smith

Class 2A All-Star: Asia Smith

Regional Medalist: Asia Smith, Lexie Streeter

 Fast-Pitch Softball

All Southern Eight Conference: Destiny Barnes, third base; Madison Roberson, second base.

All Southern Eight Conference Honorable Mention: Hope Cummings, shortstop; Landry Forsyth, 1st base.


Oklahoma Eight-Man Football Coaches Association All-Stars: Aaron Nitka, Colton Bryant.

Oklahoma Eight-Man Football Coaches Association All-Star Alternates: Gatlin Black, Zachary Brown.

District B-4 Player of the Year: Turner Mora

District B-4 Offensive Lineman of the Year: Gatlin Black

District B-4 Defensive Lineman of the Year: Aaron Nitka

District B-4 Newcomer of the Year: Zachary Brown

District B-4 First Team: Colton Bryant, running back; Jordan Watkins, guard; Edwin Garcia, linebacker; Kevin Garcia, cornerback.

District B-4 Second Team: Seth Waid, center; Gabe Jenkins, defensive end; Hunter Wesberry, cornerback; Austin Dyer, defensive end.

Power Lifting

Oklahoma State Power Lifting Meet: Gustavo Gomez, 4th (645 total pounds); Hunter Wesberry, 5th (630 total pounds).

Oklahoma State Power Lifting Meet Results by Division: Madison Christian, 3rd; Olivia Ralls, 7th; Landry Forsyth, 10th.

State Eight-Man School Meet: 123 Pound Division: 3rd – Gustavo Gomez, 625 pounds; 5th – Hunter Wesberry – 600 pounds; 13th – Dallas Fristoe, 400 pounds; 132 Pound Division: 15th – Sara Ballard, 400 pounds; 145 Pound Division: 6th – Colton Bryant, 765 pounds; 157 Pound Division: 15th – Landry Forsyth, 580 pounds; 198 Pound Division: 10th – Olivia Ralls, 665 pounds

Boys Basketball

Oil Field Conference 1st Team: Aaron Nitka

Oil Field Conference 2nd Team: Kevin Garcia

Oil Field Conference Honorable Mention: Cache Arellano, Turner Mora

Southern Eight Conference 2nd Team: Kevin Garcia, Turner Mora, Cache Arellano.

All-Area Basketball: Aaron Nitka

Girls Basketball

Oil Field Conference 1st Team: Madison Roberson, Asia Smith

Oil Field Conference 2nd Team: Lexie Streeter.

Oil Field Conference Honorable Mention: Hope Cummings, Madison Dees, Tallin Mora, Faith Roberson, Gracie Walling

Southern Eight Conference Most Valuable Player: Madison Roberson

Southern Eight Conference 1st Team: Asia Smith

Souther Eight Conference 2nd Team: Gracie Walling, Tallin Mora.

All-Area Basketball: Madison Roberson

Boys Track

Regional Champions: 800 Meter Relay (Kevin Garcia, Turner Mora, Nic Alvarado, Colton Bryant); 1,600 Meter Relay (Kevin Garcia, Turner Mora, Colton Bryant, Cache Arellano); 400 Meters, Turner Mora; Discus, Aaron Nitka

State Track Meet Medalists: 400 Meters, Turner Mora; 800 Meter Relay (Turner Mora, Colton Bryant, Nic Alvarado, Kevin Garcia); 1,600 Meter Relay, (Kevin Garcia, Turner Mora, Colton Bryant, Cache Arellano)

State Track Meet Qualifier: 3,200 Meters (Cache Arellano, Bryson Hernandez, Gustavo Gomez, Octavio Gomez.

Girls Track

Regional Champion: Shot Put, Madison Roberson.

State Track Meet Champion: Shot Put, Madison Roberson

State Track Meet Medalists: 1,600 Meters, Asia Smith; Discus, Madison Roberson.

State Track Meet Qualifier: 3,200 Meters (Asia Smith, Lexie Streeter, Faith Roberson, Tallin Mora.


Oil Field Conference Most Valuable Player: Aaron Nitka

Oil Field Conference First Team: Gatlin Black, catcher; Bowden Forsyth, first base; Hunter Wesberry, infield; Zac Brown, outfield; Austin Dyer, outfield.

Oil Field Conference Honorable Mention: Jordan Watkins

Southwest Coaches Association All-Area: Aaron Nitka

Region Five All-Stars: Austin Dyer, Gatlin Black, Zachary Brown.

Waurika First Baptist Pre-school Graduation


Waurika Pre-School held their graduation ceremonies.

Here are the list of graduates:

Back row L to R: Natalie Gomez,Maggie Frost, Lynden Pangus, Daniel Sutterfield, Cora Harper, Brianna Sewell, Raelyne and Berklee Gilmore.

Front row L to R: Kord James, Kahne Rankin, Griffin Thompson, Arlington Forst, Braxton Busby, Cohen Chupp and Clay Bryant

Library News May 23 2019


The 2019 Summer Reading Program is just around the corner.  The program kicks off on Monday, June 3. This year’s theme is ‘A Universe of Stories’ and a focus on space – with 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing.

The public library, community organizations and individuals care about your children. Together we’ve raised funds to offer daily educational programs and lunches to help keep your children’s minds and bodies fed this summer. Whether keeping track of the amount of time your children spend reading or the number of books they’ve read this summer, children who attend the Summer Reading Program keep their minds active and enter the new school year ready to succeed.

All children attending the program must be registered. The program will run each weekday through Friday, July 27 – with the exception of the July 4 holiday. Reading and activities will start at 10 a.m. and lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m. Children attending the Summer Reading Program must be picked up by their parent, guardian or designee by noon each day. 

The Summer Reading Program is free to attend for children entering first grade through fifth grade in the fall. Age limits have been established and must be enforced to ensure one teacher can plan and successfully deliver a program for all. Older school-aged children are welcome to participate as helpers – as space allows, and all school-aged children are welcome to join us for lunch.

For more information or registration forms, please visit the Waurika Public Library or call 580.228.3274.

Terral News and Happenings May 23 2019


Quote of the Day – “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Utnknown.

Terral City Hall- I wanted to update the citizens of Terral on your board of trustees. Those who will be on the board for two years is Meagan Duke and Santos Castillos. Those serving a four year term are Sue McKinley and Charlie Reynolds. Josie Garcia is finishing her four year term with two more years voted Mayor. Charlie Reynolds is our Vice-Mayor. Congratulations to you all. 

FBC Girls in Action- Our End of the Year Swim Party will be Thursday June 6, 2019. The bus will leave the church promptly at 6:15 pm. We will have the pool from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Then we will eat supper then return to terral. All who attend will be taken home. Make plans now to attend.

Happy Birthday to You- Bailey Wesberry  will celebrate “23” on the 24th.

Happy anniversary!- Stephanie and Boomer Wesberry will celebrate on the 28th.

Community Prayer List- Katie Bussey, Gary Bussey, A.R. and Martha Jane Goates, Wane Wyler, Pat Bussey, Tony Rodriguez, Scotty Day, Sue Linton, Martin Villarreal,Sr., Joe Martin, Adam White, Mary Loo Duke, Esther Grimes, Virginia Tanner, Darlene Hall, T.K. Delaney, Manuel Villarreal, Shawna Reed, Hardy Johnson and our military stationed around the world. Our Prayer is for God to keep you in his loving care.

Round Ryan May 23 2019


“Roy” said Rex Armstrong.

“Huh”, was my rather intelligent response.

 “The name of the barber you worked for, his name was Roy.”

 If I had ever heard his first name, I certainly don’t remember.  Thanks Rex.

 The American Legion had their family night with food, music and dancing.  There was a pretty good crowd and the music was enjoyable.  Thanks to Bill Roberson, Cary Gore, Gene Chesley and David Sorrell.  The music for the most part was what I would call classic country.  I heard songs Saturday night that I had not heard in a long time.  All four band members taking turns singing lead and especially memorable was Mr. Chesley’s comedic turn a’ la Ben Colder.  Ricky Martin cooked the burgers and hot dogs, he did a good job.  I don’t care what Santos says’ I like my burgers thick.  There was also a fifty/fifty drawing and of all people, Dustan Bryant won.

     On my list of favorite books has to include, “One Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw” by Witold Rybczynski.  This is a very interesting book that is exactly what the title says.  The author, an architect, professor and writer was asked by  a magazine editor in 1999 to write a short essay on the most useful tool of the last 1000 years. Mr. Rybczynski took the job and produced a really interesting and fact filled book about the screwdriver and the screw.  I know the book sounds odd but this is definitely a case of not judging the book by its cover.  Another book on the list is “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway.  This was the last major work of Mr. Hemingway to be published before his death.  Almost any of his writing could easily make the list, be they novels or short stories, but this is one of my favorite books.  As I age, this story seems to grow on me even more.  There were also a couple of good movie versions of this story.  The first starring Spencer Tracy and the other a made for television movie, starring Anthony Quinn.  Both fine actors, in truth I would probably pay to watch either of them read the phone book.

     One of the questions that I get as a reader.  What do you read?  The answer is almost anything.  I had a wonderful teacher, Ms. Cleta Rickard.  I did for the most part enjoy the part of her class that covered English Lit.  No matter what else, you were going to cover Chaucer.  Don’t ask me why but he bored me to tears.  Maybe I’ll give it another try.  The late Mrs. Rickard grew up in Ryan as Cleta Huskey.  That doesn’t have anything to do with boring old Mr. Chaucer, it’s just a little FYI.  I guess I approach my reading much as I do my writing.  I start out one place and often end up someplace completely different.  That may speak to a certain lack of direction, just don’t tell Curtis.

     I am writing this on Monday evening as the storms that have been brewing all day seem to be (knock on wood) passing us by.  For those not so fortunate, I hope you escaped unscathed.

     Until next week.

Westbrook Nursing Home News

Last week was Nursing Home Week. We all had a great time dressing up and having fun. Monday was crazy hat and sock day. We played Penny Pitch, our big winner was Minia. Tuesday was Western Day, we had a Cow Chip Throw and Opal was our big Winner. She said being a farm girl paid off. Wednesday was Carnival/Sport Day. We wore our favorite team and enjoyed cotton candy. It was delicious. Thursday was Hawaiian Day. We dressed with grass skirts, coconuts, leis, and enjoyed fruit trays with dip in pineapples. Our black out bingo winner was Loretta. On Friday was Patriotic Day, we enjoyed walking tacos and that afternoon enjoyed a party with root beer floats and door prizes.  We really appreciate our local businesses for donating door prizes. Businesses who donated were Doc’s Place, Shelton’s Grocery, Bills Fish House, Action Fitness, Sonic, Beaver Lumber, Quikmart, Garrett Flower Shop, Markette, Eck Drug, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Small Town Creations. Thanks again to everyone who helped make our week special.

June 6th will be our next Family/Friends Band Night, come join us at 5:30.

A special thanks to Mary Van Beber for the beautiful porcelain dolls, our residents loved them.

A very special thanks to all of our visitors and volunteers. May God Bless everyone.

Terral Alumni Scholarship Awarded

Emilee Martin and Johnny Reynolds, Terral Alumni Association President.

 Due to generous donations the Terral Alumni Association awarded three $3,000 scholarships this year.  The scholarship recipients are:

 Randi Linton

 Emily Morales


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