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Monday, May 20, 2019

Waurika attorney, Phillip R. Scott, recognized for 50 years of service by Bar Association

Phillip R. Scott recognized for 50 years of legal service. (l-r) Associate District Judge Dennis Gay, Pat Scott, Phillip R. Scott, Houston Scott, Elizabeth Scott, Brad Scott and Lodge Scott

 Local attorney Phillip R. Scott has been practicing law for fifty years. Most of his practice was right here in Jefferson County. 

Members of the Stephens County Bar Association as well as friends and family were present at the annual Stephens County Bar Association luncheon as Associate District Judge Dennis Gay presented Scott with a certificate from the Oklahoma Bar Association and a pin commemorating his 50 years of service. 

Scott is a graduate of Waurika High School. Soon after graduation he hitchhiked his way to Oklahoma State University. 

Eventually he transferred to the University of Oklahoma where he earned a Juris Doctorate in Law. 

Scott began practicing law in 1969. 

Phillip R. Scott recognized for 50 years of legal service. (l-r) Associate District Judge Dennis Gay, Pat Scott, Phillip R. Scott, Houston Scott, Elizabeth Scott, Brad Scott and Lodge Scott

It’s impossible to talk about Scott’s law career without talking about his wife Pat, whom he married in law school. 

They have worked side by side for 51 years. Scott says that she probably knows just about as much of the law as he does. 

While attending law school Scott joined the ROTC. As Brigade Commander he was awarded the General Hal Muldrow Pistol as the outstanding senior cadet. 

While in the military, he served as a lawyer and was stationed at Ft. Benning, Ft. Knox and served in Viet Nam. 

He tried 256 cases while serving at Ft. Knox.

While he was in Viet Nam he tried over 200 cases. 

Scott was awarded two Army Commendation Medals and three Bronze Stars while serving in the military. 

When he arrived back in Waurika in 1971 he served as the Assistant District Attorney before opening his own law practice in 1973. 

During his time in private practice he has handled over 13,000 cases. 

Besides his law practice he has found time to give back to the community he loves.

Some of the attorneys who were present at the ceremony honoring Phillip R. Scott. 
Seated is Justice Richard Darby of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. He spoke at the annual luncheon. Photo by Curtis Plant.

Scott has served on the Waurika School Board, The Master Conservancy Board,  and The Jefferson County Hospital Board.

He has been the city attorney for Waurika, Ryan, Temple, Terral, and Big Pasture. 

He is a member of the First Christian Church of Waurika, the Rotary Club and has served on the Waurika Chamber of Commerce. 

Over the years, Scott has developed a reputation as the “preeminent” lawyer in Waurika. Many have dropped by his office on main street seeking legal advice.

Those in attendance at the luncheon from Waurika included members of the Scott family: Phil and Pat Scott, Brad and Elizabeth Scott along with their children, Lodge and Houston Scott. Attorneys present included Bill Eakin and Jamie Phipps along with Judge Dennis Gay and Assistant District Attorney Allie Buckholts. 

During the annual luncheon Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Richard Darby gave a humorous and inspiring speech. 

Terral News and Happenings May 9 2019


CONGRATULATIONS- I would like to send our congratulations to the Terral graduatimg Kindergarten Class, Eight Graders and to all the Ryan Graduating Class. Best of Luck in whatever you pursue.

Quote of the day- “God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1-3

Terral School – May 7th is our Graduations. May 8th is Field Day for 5th through 8th grades. May 9th we will not have school- Professional Day. May 10th is our Awards Assembly at 9:00am. and the last day of school.

FBC Girls in Action Group – School is almost out and we will be out for the Summer also. Last day for our kids or Christ is May 8th. We are gearing up for our Mother’s Appreciation Breakfast on May 11th. End-of-the-Year Pool Party will be announced as soon as scheduled. Special Thanks to everyone who supported us this year.

Terral Alumni Association – Attention All Students: It is time to apply for Terral Alumni Scholarships. The deadline is May 3, 2019, and the application must be postmarked on or before that date to be considered. The following are eligible to apply: 1)Have graduated or will be graduating from Ryan High School. 2) Are attending or will be attending an accredited institution of higher learning full-time, 12 hours per semester. 3) Reside in the Terral, Oklahoma school district. Terral Alumni does not discriminate in its scholarship program on the basis of race. The committee will be making the final decision for the scholarship in May. The applicant receiving this scholarship must be enrolled and confirmed by the institution’s registrar before the check is mailed directly to the institution in the Fall and in the Spring. If you have not received a scholarship application in the mail and are interested in applying, please contact Karen Gunter, 580-437-2347, Thanks- Johnny Reynolds, President. 

Happy Birthday To You – Tooter Alsup celebrated her “84” on Sunday May 5th.

Community Prayer List – Katie Bussey, Gary Bussey, A.R and Martha Jane Goates, Wayne Loo Duke, Esther Grimes, Virginia Tanner, Darlene Hall, T.K. Delaney, Manuel Villarreal, Shawna Reed, Hardy Johnson, and our military stationed around the world. Our Prayer is for God to keep you in his loving care.

Ryan Annual Sports Banquet

Ryan High School athletes were honored Monday night in the school’s cafeteria at the annual all-sports banquet.

 A total of 47 athletes were recognized for their accomplishments in the 2018-2019 school year.

 Two Ryan athletes were honored with a new award – Cowboy and Cowgirl Award. Holland Carter, a standout track, cross country and cheerleader, and Travis Fristoe, the school’s only four-sport letterman, were selected for the award.

 Carter was also honored with a special letter jacket given to the girls cross country seniors that finish in the top ten in the state cross country meet. She was also presented with a special award for her contributions to cross country and track the past four years.

 Their names will be on a plaque that will be placed in the lobby of the remodeled Ryan gym before the start of next year’s basketball season.

Ryan Fresmen at Ryan Sports Banquet

 Athletic Director Tony Tomberlin also recognized two people for contributions to the Ryan athletic program. Ricky Phillips, the long-time public address announcer for the Cowboy football team, was presented a football signed by Ryan athletes in recognition of 20 years of service.

Ricky Phillips recognized for being the voice of the Ryan Cowboys for 20 years.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

 This reporter was also recognized for contributions to the Ryan athletic program and was presented with a signed basketball.

Trey Smart was honored for being not only a journalist with distinction but for recording the story of the Cowboys in print.

 Plaques were presented to the graduating seniors that participated in the various sports for the Cowboys and Cowgirls.

 But, the evening belonged to the athletes that participated in the sports of cross country, cheerleading, fast-pitch softball, football, boys basketball, girls basketball, slow-pitch softball, track and field and baseball.

 Letter awards were given to each of the athletes in every sport and special recognition was given to selected athletes in each sport. All-conference, all-district and conference all-stars were also presented certificates during the evening’s activities.

 Coaches Cheryl Carter, Steve Spangler, Tony Tomberlin, Stan Mueggenborg, Austin Masoner and Tony Roberts presented the awards during the evening.

Special recognition was also given to grade school coach Shelly Cain. Tomberlin presented her with five tickets to the Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City for her contribution to the grade school, junior high and high school athletes.

Shelly Cain is presented with five tickets to the Women’s College World Series for her contribution to Ryan Athletics. Photo by Sheree Hanson

 Here’s a list of the student-athletes honored during the evening:

Cross Country

Co-Most Valuable Participants: Lilybet Harmon, Juliet Spangler.

(l-r) Lilybet Harmon and Juliet Spangler
Photo by Sheree Hanson


Lineman of the Year: Sam Brown; Newcomer of the Year: Mike Regehr; Defensive Player of the Year: Travis Fristoe; Offensive Player of the Year: Skyler Parkhill; Most Valuable Player: Grayson Tomberlin.

Ryan Football Awards presented.
(l-r) front row: Andrew Villarreal, Sam Brown, Skyler Parkhill, Travis Fristoe,
and Michael Regehr.
back row: Grayson Tomberlin, Trey Bryant, Kalen Weldon,
 and Pacen Wiest. Photo by Sheree Hanson

Fast-Pitch Softball

Teammate of the Year: Lily York; Most Valuable Player: Juliet Spangler.

Offensive Player of the Year: Samantha Good; Defensive Player of the Year: Laken DeBoard; Most Valuable Player: Emilee Martin.

(l-r) Laken DeBoard, Samantha Good, Kodi Duke, Emilee Martin

Girls Basketball

Newcomer of the Year: Alicen Williams; Most Improved Player: Bailee Martin; Defensive Player of the Year: Lily York; Offensive Player of the Year: Juliet Spangler; Most Valuable Player: Samantha Good.

(l-r) Samantha Good, Juliet Spangler, Lily York, and Alicen Williams.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Boys Basketball

Sixth Man Award: Andrew Villerreal; Mr. Hustle Award: Travis Fristoe; Offensive Player of the Year: Kaine Howard; Defensive Player of the Year: Landen Alexander; Most Valuable Player: Grayson Tomberlin.

(l-r) Back Row: Andrew Villarreal, Kaine Howard.
Front Row: Grayson Tomberlin, Travis Fristoe, and Landen Alexander.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Slow-Pitch Softball

Defensive Player of the Year: Justyce Keith; Offensive Player of the Year: Samantha Good; Most Valuable Player: Emilee Martin.

(l-r) Samantha Good, Emilee Martin, and Justice Keith.
Photo by Sheree Hanson


Most Improve: Daniel Alsup; Co-Most Valuable Players: Travis Fristoe and Pacen Wiest.

(l-r) Pacen Wiest, Travis Fristoe, and Daniel Alsup.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Boys Track

Most Valuable Player: Travis Fristoe.

Girls Track

9th Grade Letters: Landen Alexander (track, boys basketball), Raesh Casebolt (boys basketball, football), Carter Combs (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball, girls basketball), Carson Cooper (football, baseball), Katelynn Dabbs (track, cross country), Danielle Garza (slow-pitch softball), Kaine Howard (boys basketball), Caleb Perrin (football, baseball, boys basketball), Lindsey Reake (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball, girls basketball), Michael Regehr (football, boys basketball), Skylar Wickware (football, boys basketball, baseball), Alicen Williams (cross country, girls basketball, track).

(l-r) Travis Fristoe, Lily York, Holland Carter, and Juliet Spangler

10th Grade Letters: Daniel Alsup (baseball, boys basketball), Trey Bryant (football, basketball, baseball), Crystal Chazaretta (cheerleading), Diamond Chazaretta (slow-pitch softball), Kyla Essary-Phillips (slow-pitch softball), Lilybet Harmon (cheerleading, track, cross country), Eimilee Lowry (cheerleading), Trista Perry (slow-pitch softball), Grayson Tomberlin (football, boys basketball, baseball), Tawny Vanover (cheerleading).

(l-r) Back Row: Grayson Tomberlin, Kodi Duke, and Trey Bryant.
Front Row: Lilybet Harmon, Kyla Essary-Phillips, and Daniel Alsup.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

11th Grade Letters: Brooklyn Charmasson (cheerleading, slow-pitch softball, fast-pitch softball), Samantha Good (fast-pitch softball, girls basketball, slow-pitch softball), Avery Howard (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Savannah Lashley (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Bailee Martin (girls basketball), Gunner Phillips (football, boys basketball, baseball), Walker Rawlings (track), Madisen Rhoades (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Walter Snider (football), Juliet Spangler (cross country, girls basketball, track), Grace Stamper (cheerleading, slow-pitch softball), Andrew Villarreal (football, boys basketball, baseball), Lily York (cross country, girls basketball, track).

(l-r) Back Row: Andrew Villarreal, Juliet Spangler, Savannah Lashley, Avery Howard, Samantha Good, and Gunner Phillips.
Front Row: Lily York, Grace Stamper, Madisen Rhoades, Brooklyn Charmasson.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

12th Grade Letters: Samuel Brown (football, baseball), Holland Carter (cheerleading, cross country, track), Laken Deboard (cheerleading, fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Travis Fristoe (football, boys basketball, track, baseball), Justyce Keith (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Emilee Martin (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Skyler Parkhill (football), Kalen Weldon (football), Pacen Wiest (football, baseball), Justin Williams (football).

(l-r) Back Row: Skyler Parkhill, Kalen Weldon, Pacen Wiest, and Sam Brown.
Front Row: Travis Fristoe, Justyce Keith, Holland Carter, Laken DeBoard, and Emilee Martin.
Photo by Sheree Hanson.

The Oak Ridge Boys Remember President George H.W. Bush


What can we say that hasn’t been said or WILL be said about the loss of President George Herbert Walker Bush… That he was the 41st President of these United States…. That he was a selfless Naval pilot in the South Pacific… That he was an Ambassador to China… the head of the CIA… a Vice President… a leader… a hero… an example of being a gentlemanly force on the world stage… That he was fortunate enough to have been married to one of the most wonderful women who ever walked this planet? Yes, all of this has been said and will be alluded too with great respect over the next week or so, over and over, by dignitaries and everyday Americans such as ourselves. But how about the fact that he loved Country music and for decades we, The Oak Ridge Boys, were among his favorites.

We started to sing for him in 1982 when he was VP, and we have been singing for him ever since. We have performed our songs on Air Force One, in Kennebunkport many times, and at his home in Houston, whenever we were in the area. We have performed at the White House and several of his key birthday celebrations. But more than any of that, he was a friend. A good friend … a dear friend… we would even call him and sing to him when he wasn’t feeling well and Barbara swore that we had a healing effect on our FRIEND. To say he will be missed is an understatement so let us just say that we will miss our friend. We have laughed together, shared tears together, fished together, hiked together, shared a lot of lobster together, and sang together. Yes… he fancied himself to be quite the bass singer. We loved George Bush #41. Our families loved him. We are better people and, yes, better Americans for having ridden with him. We WILL sing for him again one day. THIS is ASSURED!

Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, Richard Sterban, Joe Bonsall
The Oak Ridge Boys

Today, when I put on a clean t-shirt, getting ready for our Christmas show in Cheyenne, WY, I did not notice that the words on the shirt read, “Bush Protection Secret Service, Houston.” It was one of 31 t-shirts in my closet.

When we got off stage, and announcements were all over TV, a huge empty feeling consumed my heart. I remembered how much I had wanted to go fishing with him… And then that happened many times. He took me out into the ocean about 20 miles “where the big blues run,” and we caught so many fish I quit counting. When a big one broke my line, he handed me his rod and reel and said, “Use mine. I will put you on another lure.”

He was like a daddy figure to me, and he was all about making everyone around him have a good time. The sting of death always hurts, but I have so many memories to make me smile. The Oak Ridge Boys have sung “Amazing Grace” for him on Air Force One, in Kennebunkport, at the White House, and over the phone when he was in the hospital. However, singing “Amazing Grace” at his funeral will be the most difficult assignment we will ever have.

– Duane Allen, The Oak Ridge Boys


Let me tell you about a prayer God answered for me once in the North Atlantic. President Bush 41 had screamed about five miles straight out into the ocean in his boat, Fidelity, before he shut her down to catch some bluefish. We were so far out that all that was visible was rolling blue water, and that, along with the fish smell, was making my stomach turn. I’ve had plenty of experience deep sea fishing, and I’ve also had plenty of experience hurling over the side of a boat at sea—and that was about to happen aboard a presidential vessel.

I was in the seat up front, out of his view, and I began to pray in earnest. “Oh God, please don’t let me be sick out here. I can’t blow chunks over the side in front of the president…please, Lord…please.” God answered my prayers, and my churning stomach calmed. I am forever grateful. I even caught a few fish before 41 headed back to Walker’s Point. The sea breeze felt wonderful on my face on the trip back, and I was feeling pretty good about everything until the president turned to me and said. “You got a little green around the gills out there didn’t you, Joe?”

How could I even begin to think I could hide something like that from a former head of the CIA?

– Excerpt from ‘On The Road With The Oak Ridge Boys’ by Joe Bonsall
About The Oak Ridge Boys:
The Oak Ridge Boys, who have sold over 41 million units worldwide, are synonymous with “America, apple pie, baseball, pop, rock, gospel and country music.” In addition to their awards and accolades in the country and pop music fields, they have garnered five GRAMMY® Awards and twelve GMA DOVE Awards as well as the Mainstream Artist of the Year Award at the ICM Awards. The group—Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban—have earned prestigious membership in the Country Music Hall of Fame (2015 Inductees) and Grand Ole Opry, and are known worldwide as one of recording history’s most extraordinary musical successes. They have charted single after single and album after album, celebrating one double-platinum album and one double-platinum single and more than 30 Top 10 hits, including No. 1 chart-toppers “Elvira,” “Bobbie Sue,” “Thank God For Kids,” “American Made,” “Y’All Come Back Saloon,” among dozens more. For more information and to view upcoming tour dates for The Oak Ridge Boys, please visit oakridgeboys.com.

Oklahoma College Savings Plan offers gift kids won’t outgrow


OKLAHOMA CITY – As holiday shopping gets underway, State Treasurer Ken Miller is encouraging Oklahoma parents and grandparents to consider a gift that kids won’t outgrow—contributions to an Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan account.

To make that gift even more attractive, the Oklahoma College Savings Plan (OCSP) is offering a special bonus promotion from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. New accounts opened Nov. 23-26 and set up for automatic contributions will receive a bonus $50 from OCSP. For details, visitwww.ok4saving.org/offer.

Miller, board chair for OCSP, said the benefits of college savings last for years to come.

“Kids will outgrow clothes and lose interest in even the trendiest toy, but the benefits of higher education will last for the rest of their lives,” Miller said. “Setting aside even small amounts regularly over time can make a big difference when it’s time to attend college.”

Miller said OCSP contributions are a gift that children will appreciate more as they get older.

“Taking even a portion of what you’re going to spend on gifts this year and putting it in an OCSP account is a worthwhile investment,” Miller said. “College graduates have more job opportunities and make more over their lifetimes, so OCSP contributions, and the educations they help pay for, really are the gifts that keep on giving.”

Parents, grandparents, relatives or friends who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and at least 18 years old may open an OCSP account on behalf of a beneficiary, and the minimum initial contribution is only $100. Once an account is open, anyone can contribute, making an OCSP account a great gift idea for all family and friends.

The $50 bonus contribution for new accounts will be deposited after six months of automatic contributions.

The OCSP website, ok4saving.org, provides gift-givers with an eGifting option where contributions can be made to an OCSP account online, and “Gift of Education” certificates can be created to show the contribution to a loved one’s account.

For those hoping family and friends will contribute to an existing plan, OCSP has created an option to allow account owners to send a tactful, prewritten email inviting others to contribute to their existing OCSP account.

Through September 2018, more than $961,000 has been contributed through the OCSP eGifting program, representing more than 1,000 gifts. Last year, 39 percent of all eGifted dollars were received in November and December.

“The eGifting program gives an extended family the opportunity to contribute to college savings,” Miller said. “Grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else can help their loved ones reach their college savings goals.”

More information about opening an OCSP account can be found at www.ok4saving.org.


About the OCSP

Introduced in April 2000, the Oklahoma 529 College Saving Plan (OCSP) is Oklahoma’s direct-sold 529 college savings plan. It is designed for families who want to direct their own 529 college savings accounts. The plan is managed by TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc. Introduced in March 2009, OklahomaDream 529 Plan is offered through financial advisors and is managed by Allianz Global Investors.  As of September 30, 2018, combined assets in both plans exceeded $1 billion.

Oklahoma taxpayers may deduct, from their Oklahoma adjusted gross income, up to $10,000 in contributions to the Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan for individual taxpayers and up to $20,000 for taxpayers filing a joint return with a five-year carryforward. Read the Disclosure Booklet carefully.

 Consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing in the Oklahoma College Savings Plan. Please visit www.ok4saving.org or call toll-free 1-877-654-7284 for a Plan Disclosure Booklet containing this and more information. Read it carefully.

 Check with your home state to learn if it offers tax or other benefits such as financial aid, scholarships and protection from creditors for investing in its own 529 plan.  Investments in the Plan are neither insured nor guaranteed and there is the risk of investment loss.

 Consult your legal or tax professional for tax advice, including the impact of the new federal tax changes. If the funds aren’t used for qualified higher education expenses, a 10% penalty tax on earnings (as well as federal and state income taxes) may apply.     

 Funding for OCSP prizes comes from the marketing budget of the Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan; no state funds are used.

 TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc., Program Manager. TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC, Member FINRA and SIPC, distributor, and underwriter for the Oklahoma College Savings Plan.

FCCLA Helps with Regional Food Bank


Twenty-five members of Waurika FCCLA traveled to Oklahoma City on September 28 to volunteer at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.  The group was assigned to pack food items for the Back for Kids program.  While there, they packaged over 600 bags, or over 2,000 pounds of food.  Waurika Public Schools benefits from the Back Pack for Kids program.  The students said they enjoyed volunteering and knowing that their efforts will benefit Waurika school children.

Terral to Celebrate All School Reunion


The biennial Terral All School Reunion will be held on Saturday, October 6, 2018, on the grounds of the Terral Community Center.  Registration will begin at 10:00 AM with lunch being served at 12:00 noon.  Note:  Class pictures will be taken at 11:00 AM again this year.  Be sure to tell everyone you see who is associated in any way with Terral School or Union Valley to come early and join us that day. 

Lunch will be catered again this year and you will need a reservation.  Reservations MUST be received no later than September 21, along with a check for $12.00 per meal.

Due to very generous donations the Terral Alumni Association was proud to award four $1,500 scholarships and one $529 scholarship in 2017, and four $2,500 scholarships in 2018.  The scholarships go to deserving persons who reside in the Terral school district, to assist them in continuing their education.  Selling brass nametags for the memorial plaques also assists in funding the scholarships.  The brass nametags are available for $20 and the plaques are permanently displayed in the Terral Community Center.

Please remember there is no membership fee charged to anyone.  The All School Reunion is funded every two years solely on the donations of people who love Terral School and want to enjoy the fellowship of visiting and remembering old times.

If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund or assist with reunion expenses, you can include that on the registration form, even if you are unable to attend. 

We plan to tour Terral School again this year.  Raffle information is enclosed.      

We hope to see you on October 6th.

A Registration Form can be found in this week’s paper!

If you have questions or need additional information call or email:

Ronnie Ewing @ 940-928-2278 or ronnie.ewing@sbcglobal.net   

Karen Gunter @ 580-437-2347 or karengunter.1950@gmail.com 

Waurika Falls Short In Fast-Pitch Softball District Tourney

Waurika dropped two straight games in the Class A District Tournament at Ringling last Thursday to conclude what has been a tough season.

The Lady Eagles dropped a tough 10-7 decision to Wilson in the first game of the tournament and then were eliminated by Ringling, 11-0.

Ringling took the district title with two straight wins over Wilson, 9-1, and 12-0.

Waurika played one of its better games of the year in the tourney opener against Wilson.

Waurika took the lead in the bottom of the first inning with two runs.

Faith Roberson had a lead off walk and stole second and that was followed by Gracie Walling being hit by a pitch.

F. Roberson stole home to give the Lady Eagles a 1-0 edge and then Walling scored on Landry Forsyth’s bases-loaded hit by pitch. That put Waurika ahead, 2-0, but the Lady Eagles left the bases loaded without scoring another run.

Wilson took the lead in the top of the second with four runs and carried a 4-2 lead into the bottom of the third inning.

Waurika moved back in front in the third with three runs.

Brooklyn Barnes got things started by being hit by a pitch and Forsyth followed with another hit by pitch.

After two outs, F. Roberson managed a walk to load the bases. Walling slapped a double to center field that cleared the bases and gave Waurika a 5-4 advantage after three innings.

Wilson moved back in front with a pair of runs in the top of the fifth, but Waurika answered with a couple of scores to regain the lead in the bottom of fifth.

Hope Cummings led off the rally with a single and stole second. She eventually scored by stealing home to tied the game.

Walling picked up her third hit of the game and came around to score on Madison Roberson’s two-bagger to left field that put Waurika back in front, 7-6.

Wilson came from behind with a run in the sixth and three runs in the seventh to secure the win and Waurika could not answer in the final two frames.

Walling finished the game for the Lady Eagles with a 3-for-4 performance, three runs batted in and two runs scored.

In the second game of the tourney, Waurika had no answers for Ringling. The Lady Blue Devils scored four runs in the first inning, added one in the second, five in the third inning and one in the fourth frame to get the win in four innings.

The Lady Eagles could muster only two hits in the game by Kaci Reynolds and M. Roberson.

In the final regular season game a week ago Tuesday, Waurika outslugged winless Temple, 16-7, on the Lady Tigers’ home diamond.

Waurika jumped out on top of Temple with three runs in the first.

F. Roberson led off the game with a walk and moved to second when Walling reached on an error.

Destiny Barnes followed with a double to score F. Roberson and Walling followed with a score on M. Roberson’s RBI-ground out. D. Barnes came around to score giving Waurika 3-0 advantage and the Lady Eagles left two runners stranded.

Temple answered the Waurika uprising with a pair of runs to cut the margin to 3-2 after the first inning.

The Lady Eagles took control of the contest in the top of the third inning with five runs.

B. Barnes reached base after being hit by a pitch and she advanced to second on Forsyth’s free pass. Olivia Ralls was also hit by a pitch to load the bases.

Cummings reached on an error that scored B. Barnes. Forsyth, Ralls and Cummings each stole home for three more runs.

F. Roberson followed with a walk and eventually scored on another Temple error that put Waurika on top, 8-2.

Waurika added to the lead in the fourth inning.

Reynolds led off the inning by reaching on an error. Tallin Mora was the courtesy runner and advanced to third on walks by B. Barnes and Ralls.

Cummings was hit by a pitch that forced Mora home. Grace Hill, who ran for Ralls, and Cummings scored on Walling’s two-run single. Alayna Stallcup picked up an RBI-single that scored F. Roberson who had reached on a fielder’s choice.

The four-run rally put Waurika in front 12-2 and Temple was in danger of being run-ruled.

The Lady Tigers answered the challenge, however, and managed to score five runs in the bottom of the fourth to trim the Waurika lead to 12-7.

Waurika was not going to let this one slip away. The Lady Eagles answered the Temple rally with four more runs in the top of the fifth inning.

Two hit batsmen and a walk loaded the bases for the Eagles. B. Barnes scored on a fielder’s choice. Ralls and Cummings scored on F. Roberson’s two-run single to left.

Temple could not score and the game ended by the run rule.

Walling led the Lady Eagles at the plate with two hits in five at-bats. F. Roberson scored four times and Cummings scored three runs

M. Roberson picked up the win in the circle for the Lady Eagles.

Four Lady Eagles – D. Barnes, Madison Christian, Ralls and M. Roberson played their final games for the Lady Eagles in the district tournament.

 Waurika finishes the season with a 3-18 mark, but the Lady Eagles showed marked improvement in the final couple of weeks of the season.

Waurika Public Schools Receive Funding for New Playground


 Waurika Public Schools received a $15,000 grant from the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) Healthy Incentive Program for Schools.

The school system will use the grant funds to purchase new playground equipment at the elementary school along with site improvements.

“We will be replacing many of the wood chips with tire pieces plus replacing all of the swing seats and repairing the chains,” said Pat Cook, Principal, Waurika Elementary School. “We are so excited to receive this grant and look forward to opening the new playground in August 2019.”

“These grants recognize the efforts of the school district to promote healthy lifestyles actively,” said TSET Interim Director, Julie Bisbee. “Studies show that active, healthy kids perform better in school and we want to recognize schools that are making the healthy choice the easy choice for students, staff and the community.”

Waurika Hosts Honor Band Tryouts


Last Wednesday, November 14th Waurika High School hosted the tryouts for SCOBDA Honor Band for schools Class B through 3A.  In Honor Band, students audition using a specific piece of music, and the top students are selected to make up a band.   This band, made up of students from all over south-central Oklahoma, then meets for a 2-day music clinic with a guest director, and perform a concert at the end of the clinic.

This is the third year for WHS to host the SCOBDA Honor Band auditions.  When speaking with Band Director Everett Hodges, he stated he thought this year went great.  “We had 9 students qualify, 4 of which in High School, 3 junior high qualifiers, and 2 seventh grade band members. There were roughly 500 kids in attendance during the auditions, from about 20 different schools,” Hodges mentioned.   He also noted how appreciative he was to WHS and its faculty for making the auditions run smoothly each year. 

Students qualifying from Waurika were:  7th graders Alexia Henry (flute) and Trish Julian (trumpet), 8th grader Hannah Lamons (trumpet); freshmen Kaytlyn Williams (flute) and Mallory Adkins (flute); sophomores Hope Cummings, Regena Bradley, Brooklyn Barnes (all clarinet), and senior Emily Waid (baritone).  

The SCOBDA, or South-Central Oklahoma Band Director’s Association, Honor Band clinic will take place January 11-12 in Marietta, with both jr high and high school concerts taking place on Saturday the 12th.


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