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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Waurika and Ryan Students Enjoy the Prom

This past weekend Waurika and Ryan enjoyed their annual proms. Below are the pictures.

Waurika Senior Class.
Photo by Curtis Plant
Ryan Senior Class.
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Waurika Junior Class
Photo by Curtis Plant
Ryan Junior Class
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Ryan’s King and Queen
Joseph Martin & Abbie Bolin
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Round Ryan March 29 2018


Well, we’ve certainly been well blessed with moisture and it is still coming down.  These rains might take us up to a level that bring us out of the drought level.  We can certainly be thankful for these rains.  Brionna and I had to make a quick trip to Waurika this morning, but, when we got to the first bridge that was under construction on hwy 81, the road was blocked.  There had been too much water that had washed out the bypass road in a small section. We had to make a U turn on the highway and proceed back to Ryan to go across the upper road and down Noble Ray Road.  We made it there and back and met quite a bit of traffic to and fro. We narrowly missed a bad storm Sunday evening as we were traveling back from Denison.  There were Channel 6 storm watchers along 82 just west of Nocona.  The sky was black and we did drive through a bit of hail, but, we made it home.  Life is sometimes quite the journey, good and bad.

Prayers and sympathy to the families of Louie (Sonny) Dabbs and John D. Johnson during their losses.

There is an Easter egg hunt planned for Saturday, starting at 10:00am at the Ryan Sports Complex. Registration for prizes will begin at 9:30am. Prizes will be drawn at 10:45am.Child must be present to win prizes! They will have games, food, and fun! This event is being sponsored by Ryan First Baptist Church.

There is a wedding shower planned on Sunday, April 29, from 2:00-4:00pm at the Ryan Church of Christ for Morgan Good and her fiance.  The couple is registered at Dillards, Target, and Walmart.  There is also a hostess box for the couple at the Ryan Drug Store.

This Sunday is Easter and the doors of our churches are open to any and all folks.  Easter Sunday services just seem to be better attended than most other Sundays.

Please remember Joe Turner in prayer as he has been taken back to Duncan Regional Hospital for more surgery this past Sunday.  Fern and the rest of their family need our prayers during Joe’s illness, too.  Their daughter, Becky came down from Wyoming for a visit last week and stayed with Fern that whole week.  Their son David, has been with Fern part of this time.

Our kids are back in school week after having Spring break last week.  Not much of the school year is left for our kids.

Also, next Tuesday is the evening for Ryan City Council meeting at 6:00pm.

This Friday will be Brenda Johnson’s last day to work in the Ryan Family Clinic and I would like to honor her by giving her a luncheon at 12:00 noon.  We will be having chicken salad sandwiches, chips, water,  and cookies for dessert.  This will take place from 12:00 to 1:00pm at the Ryan Drug Store.  All are welcome to attend this celebration.

Kim’s news for this week:

Penny is an awesome dog, she can even kill a hog.

Dustan is great at catching snakes.

As Ruffy Tuffy grown older, he eats treats off my shoulder, and, he can shake hands.

Everyone have a blessed week and a Happy Easter.  Prayers for safe travels if you are venturing away from home for that weekend.

Round Ryan May 10 2018

Ryan Main Street

We’ve been blessed with another great week and we got 2.2 inches of rain on Thursday.  This was quite a downpour.  It was wonderful to have gotten any.  There is more just around the corner looks like on Sunday and Monday.  We are beginning to expect highs each day around the 90 degree area.  Get ready for Sunday, though, the high is expected to be 79.  Please be sure to keep yourselves well hydrated if you go outside on these hot days.  There have been a lot of folks that are experiencing low blood pressure, that, come to find out, their problem was associated with dehydration. 

I attended Brother Bob Waitman’s funeral, or better referred to as the celebration of his life, last week.  There were law officials out directing traffic off of Hwy 81.  Cars were being parked across from the church, and folks were being shuttled in local church buses.  There was a great attendance.  I would guess there to be close to a thousand attended his service.  What a tribute it was to him.  There were 3 folks that got up and preached–Mark Kunkel, Bubba Clark, and his son, Bobby Don Waitman.  All three of them had such fine things to say about Brother Bob.  He was loved by so very  many around this community and far beyond. You could tell what an impression he made on folks by the number of people that attended his service. 

This coming Friday, May 11th, will be our Ryan United Methodist Church UMW annual Mother’s Day Bake Sale.  The sale will start at 10:00am in front of the Ryan Drug Store.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated. 

This Saturday, the Ryan Seniors will be having their graduation ceremony.  I am going to pick up Brionna Thursday so that she can attend it with me. 

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I am going to pick Mom up Saturday morning for Sherry to fix her hair, then, on Sunday, bring her back over for church.  I haven’t brought her to church with us lately.  I think she will be glad to get to get out of the home for an outing, anyway. 

The town of Ryan will be chopping wood on Saturday, May 19th, from 8:30am to 9:30am out at the Ryan dump grounds, west of town. This is a free service offered to folks from our community.  It is also weather permitting.

The Ryan Cemetery committee will be meeting at 5:00pm on May 14th at Ryan City Hall.  This will be to finalize plans for the fund raising dinner being planned on Father’s Day.

There is a blood drive at the Ryan Senior Citizen Center on Tuesday, May 15th from 3:00pm to 6:30pm.

Kim’s news from the Cowboy College this week:

Brother Bob’s passing away was sad, But, I’ll see him in Heaven and I am glad.

Ronnye–Dustan did care that you brought your lawn chair.

Thanks for the knowledge from the Cowboy College.

Everyone have a blessed week and a Happy Mother’s Day.  Please pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan February 8 2018


A new week is upon us, and I am prayerful that a good rain is behind us before this paper is released.  Sunday morning, we had a very thick fog, which provided a drop to our much needed moisture situation. Our trees are looking like spring is fast approaching.  I just hope that our fruit trees won’t start blooming too soon.

We are still seeing some cases of flu around our community. There have been some that have been hospitalized from it. Some have had a case of pneumonia along with the flu. Prayers to all of our folks that we can stay healthy and well.

The national news for this morning and also yesterday, was the stock market plunging downward. It fell worse on Monday this week, after a pretty bad fall on Friday. Gasoline prices around town are up to nearly $2.49 per gallon. We get spoiled to lower prices at the pump. Things will get better though.

Last week we received an order from our wholesaler that contained a bottle of Citroma. This is a liquid laxative preparation that is packaged in a glass container. It is always wrapped in plastic bubbles, to keep the container from being broken during transit.  When we received it, the lid wasn’t on the bottle very tight, and some of the bottle had leaked into the bubble wrap. Lanette called the wholesaler to report the product so we could obtain credit, and the person on the other end of the phone told her they would issue a return invoice for the product.  We return products quite often, but, in cases like this, they don’t usually ask for the product back. We received the papers to return the product yesterday morning and they had written the reason for the return was “seal was broken item is lickin”. Maybe that was why they wanted the product back. This would be an amazement to me, too.

I didn’t even get a glimpse of the Super Bowl Game. I usually will watch it to see the commercials.  They are usually more interesting than just what we see every day.

Brionna and I went to watch the Ryan Cowboys and Cowgirls basketball games last Tuesday evening.  Our girls and boys put forth a lot of effort, but, they didn’t get ahead of their opponents. They still played well and did their best.

There have been a good number of local folks that have been hired to work at the new casino in Terral. That is great news.  They are still in the hiring phase, so, if anyone is looking for a job, this might be a good place to start applying.

Kim’s news for this week: 

I don’t want to forget to thank Doyle for Ruffy Tuffy’s ride to the vet. Ruffy Tuffy wasn’t very nice, he had to be sedated twice.

So that Rex could hear, Ronnye brought him a funnel for his ear.

Everyone have a blessed week. Remember to pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan September 13 2018

Ryan Main Street

It’s been a really awesome week. We’ve had more rain, our grass is green, and lawns are in desperate need of being mowed (at least my lawn is). I got on my riding lawn mower Sunday afternoon and mowed a 15 foot strip beside my driveway before the mower died. I couldn’t get it started again after numerous tries. It would turn, but, it just wouldn’t start. So, it is still sitting where it died. I moved it about 4 feet off the patch of grass it was sitting on so that I could mow it with my trusty push mower. It makes from a 3 hour job riding to an 8 hour job pushing. I will call Sears and get them to come out and get it going, but, that usually takes about 2 weeks to get that scheduled and I would have a jungle before then.  I am getting it done, anyway. 

This weekend is the wedding day for Macie Wright and Austin Masoner. Their wedding is to take place just outside of Marlow on Saturday evening. 

Ryan has lost another one of our great legends. Raymon West passed away Sunday morning. Raymon was a part of our community for I don’t even know how many years. He served in the military, taught school, and became an administrator in the Ryan Public School, then was employed at ASCOG after he retired from his job as the superintendent of Ryan Public School. Raymon had some very interesting things to tell about what all he went through regarding his life. He fits into the same highly respected class, along with Bob Givens, in my opinion.  Even after Raymon’s mind had been invaded by the Alzheimer’s disease, I had gone to visit him while he was a resident of the Cherry Street Assisted Living Facility in Nocona, and he had a photo album in his room that he showed me. He was so very proud of all of his accomplishments and his children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. His celebration of his life will be Wednesday this week at the First Baptist Church in Ryan. Prayers to the West family during their loss. 

I am still being hopeful that someone might want to come into this community and take over my pharmacy so we won’t even have to close our doors at the Ryan Drug Store. I will ask for folks to please be in prayer that the Lord will take care of this situation for this little community. I keep moving the date of closing, thinking that there will be an answer to my prayers, and I will continue to be patient during this time.  

Kim’s news for this week:

This week I can’t complain, because of all the needed rain.

Every morning Foxy & I go to the barn together and ride in the nice cool weather.

Summer weather has almost parted and shorter days and longer nights have started.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan October 12 2017

Ryan Main Street
We have been blessed with nearly 3 inches of rain this past week. It was much needed, and is pretty well been absorbed into the soil now.  I am watching my lawn and hoping not to have to get on the mower again this year, but I am seeing some blades of grass stick up more than what I like, so, maybe next weekend will be the last.
Brionna and I attended the wedding ceremony of Denver Bob and Hailey Overstreet.  They had a good crowd out there at the Beaver Creek Barn near Walters.  Brother Bob Waitman officiated over the ceremony.  He had a lot of kind words, scriptures, and advice for the couple.
The Ryan junior high football team will be playing Thackerville on October 9, starting at 6:30pm here in Ryan.  The high school team will be playing Fox here with the game starting at 7:30pm this Friday night.
We will be closing the Ryan Drug Store at 11:00am this Thursday to attend the funeral service of Brionna’s uncle and my brother-in-law, Brad Compton, in Lewisville, TX. We will open Friday as usual.
This coming Monday, October 9, is Columbus Day and this is a holiday for the banks, post office, and Ryan City Hall.  They will all be closed Monday.
Kim’s news for this week:
Thanks to Pat and Doyle again for giving Ruffy Tuffy a trim.
This week was great, Foxy had her birthday, she turned 8.
And isn’t God grand for the rain on this land.
The Cowboy Church roping was awesome, I scared Doyle with Foxy’s toy possum.
When I got stuck, there was no doubt that the cowboys would get me out.
Everyone have a blessed week and prayers for rain have been helping, but continue to pray for each other here and everywhere.

Round Ryan February 15 2018


I made it to our city council meeting Tuesday evening and there weren’t very many Ryan residents that showed up besides myself. Tina and Larry Morrison had been placed on the agenda to ask the council if there might be any incentives offered on behalf of a new business. Larry asked the council why the business were charged $30.00 per month for the garbage service. Clifford replied that he thought the business canisters were larger than the residential canisters. This was discussed a little further to conclude that the canisters of the businesses are the same size as the residents, but, our businesses pay $30.00 per month and residents pay $19.50. In years past, our garbage collection was every week day for the businesses. You could justify the difference in the price of the business service in comparison to the residences. But, at least since we have had our garbage collection contracted out, the trash collection is one day each week regardless of whether business or residential. This item is to be discussed at the next council meeting. The first item on the agenda was to be some discussion from an individual from the Terral casino, but, due to the weather, they didn’t make it to the meeting.

I haven’t made it out west of town to see the progress of our Comanche Entertainment Casino and smoke shop. I have heard through the grapevine that they are planning on opening up February 28.  The River Star Casino in Terral is expecting to open on March 1. These casinos hopefully may add some revenue to our communities of Ryan and Terral. The only hope for that happening will be from tourists patronizing the local businesses.

We are still seeing more cases of folks with the flu. It is affecting children as well as adults.

We did get a rain Tuesday evening shortly after the council meeting was dismissed. The rain lasted about 5 minutes, which is better than none at all. Enjoy the day Thursday, because Friday it is supposed to be cold again.  The high for Friday is expected to be around 40 degrees. The high Saturday is expected to hit 50 and 60 on Sunday. This will give us something to look forward to. It was really cold this past weekend. I made it over to Amarillo Saturday morning, to see snowflakes falling in Amarillo. When I left Ryan at 4:30, it was misting and the temperature was 28 degrees and falling. I made it there and back safely. Randy and I had a good day together.

I don’t have any news from Kim this week. She has been sick this past week. I pray that she is feeling better.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and each other.

Round Ryan June 21 2018

Ryan Main Street

Summer is officially here by the time this paper gets circulated on Thursday morning.  I thought it arrived about a month or more ago, based on our temperatures we’ve seen.  Electric bills are getting higher and we are still in great need of rain.  The weather forecasters are predicting that this week we might have a pretty good chance to get some of that moisture.  Outdoor plants are beginning to shrivel up unless they get a regular watering.  Crops are suffering in the fields and ponds can sure use a replenishing, too.

The group of folks that worked so hard on helping to make our town look better, was treated to a lunch by Laura Jackson at The Parlor on Saturday a week ago.  There was even one individual that was not a member of the group, that drove down from Oklahoma City, just to help with the clean up around Ryan.  He got up early Saturday morning to arrive in Ryan by 7:15am to get with the group.  He worked all morning and into the afternoon in the scorching heat.  This individual is Rick Blanchard, son of Theresa Blanchard.  Rick grew up in Ryan and graduated from high school here, too. If this doesn’t make us feel guilty, that there are folks that live in this town, that wouldn’t bother to begin to help make this town look like a town with a lot of pride and people that care about how their town looks. Thanks to Rick, and again to all the rest of the folks that worked so hard together.

Next thing on my list is the Ryan cemetery dinner that took place on Father’s Day.  There was about $12,000 taken in from the meals, auction, and the raffle tickets that were sold. There was a good crowd that came in for the dinner.  Macy Lovett won the rifle and Norman West won the Yeti cooler.  Congratulations to those two.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this event as successful as what it was.  There were a lot of hard workers before, during, and after this event.  Dustan Bryant put out some really good tasting smoked meats for the dinner.  There were a great number of desserts for the meal and for the auction.  The auction brought in $1150.00 and the raffle tickets brought in $2000.00.  The rest was generated from donations and money from the dinners that were served.  There are a lot of people that deserve a pat on the back for making this happen, and thanks to all of them.  It was a great meal and our cemetery can be taken care of a little while longer without having to dip into our city’s moneys. 

There is a shower box for Macie Jo Wright’s wedding at the Ryan Drug Store.  Macie is marrying Austin Masoner from Waurika.  Their shower is July 29th from 2-4pm at the Ryan Church of Christ Fellowship Hall. 

Kim’s news for this week:

I’m so glad for all our Dad’s. By the way, Happy Father’s Day!

This week, I can’t complain, but, we could sure use a rain.  For that, the Lord we should seek. Everyone have a blessed week.

Please remember to continue to ask for blessings of rain, and as Kim said, everyone have a blessed week.  Please pray for each other, too.

Impact of Ryan’s Coach West Goes Far Beyond Athletic Circles

 You might expect when a sports writer is asked to write a tribute to someone the focus would be on that person’s accomplishments as a coach or player.

 But, this article will be focused more on the person than his accomplishments.

Last week a large crowd gathered at Ryan’s First Baptist Church to say goodbye to legendary Ryan coach and principal, Raymon West.

Most anyone that has been under the instruction of Mr. West would probably choose to focus on the man because   

his contribution to the lives of people went far beyond the football field, basketball court or baseball diamond if they were tasked with writing a tribute.

As Bro. Mark Kunkel, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Terral, said numerous times while conducting the service, everyone was mostly there to honor the man Mr. West and not Coach West.

However, well over half the crowd identified themselves at one point in the service as having been coached by Coach West.

And certainly his coaching ability is not to be overlooked, but each person who has come under the influence of Mr. West would probably be quick to agree with Bro. Kunkel and this writer that his greatest achievements were what he poured into our lives.

You see the goal of Mr. West was not really to produce great athletes – although that did happen. His goal was to prepare high school students for life.

And, for the most part he was a master at teaching life lessons.

Mr. West was tough. He was a disciplinarian. However, he correctly knew that making life a bit difficult in the athletic arena would serve each person well when they began to tackle life as a young adult.

And, some of those lessons not only served us well as young adults, but throughout our life time.

As was noted in the funeral service, Mr. West cared deeply for people. He endeared himself to most every athlete he ever coached and those he taught.

The compassion Mr. West had for people carried over to his retirement years as he served people through his church and was frequently present when a need had to be met in the community.

Everything Mr. West did was with great passion – his family, ranching, teaching and coaching.

Mr. West’s accomplishments in the coaching profession should not go without mention. He was inducted into the Oklahoma Girls Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame in 1988. Most everyone knows he coached the 1965 Cowgirl squad that won the Class B state championship – the only state title in school history. He coached the Cowgirls for a total of 13 seasons.

He coached the Cowboy basketball team for 15 seasons and took the 1962 squad to the state tournament – one of only two boys’ teams to advance into the state tournament.

Mr. West’s contributions to the football program are more notable than most people might think. He coached football on three different occasions – in 1958, 1962-1963 and 1977-1980. The 1962 squad just missed out on a district title and finished 8-2 which tied the 1929 football team for the second most wins in a season up to that time.

 It is likely that one of the key decisions made by Mr. West while serving as principal and head football coach at Ryan was moving from 11-man football to eight-man football following the 1977 season. The decision probably saved the football program and he coached the Cowboys to the playoffs in the first year of eight-man football.

Mr. West also coached baseball in the early years at Ryan.

In the four sports coached by Mr. West, he led squads to 14 conference championships, three county championships, seven bi-county championships, 10 district titles, three regional crowns and one state championship.

No tribute, however, would be complete without personal stories because Mr. West had a profound impact on my life.

Late during my eighth-grade year and Mr. West’s first year back at Ryan after having coached at Burkburnett, Texas and Duncan, he noticed right away that my athletic genes were just about non-existent.

Mr. West came to me and asked me if I would be interested in being the student trainer, which I did after football season that year. He sent me that following summer by bus to Baylor University to attend the National Athletic Trainers Association annual convention.

I was definitely way out of my league (can you imagine a kid who just completed eighth grade going on a trip like that alone?), but I learned a few things and spent the rest of my high school days helping with all sports. Mr. West saw potential in me that I did not see in myself and giving me that responsibility helped me stay connected to sports.

As you can imagine we spent a lot of time together during basketball practices. During that time I learned a lot about basketball, but did not fail to pick up one or two life lessons along the way.

One of those came one afternoon after Ryan had suffered a loss in a game that was not well-officiated. And, as I have a tendency to do even today, I was griping about how poorly the officials called the game the night before.

I suppose Mr. West had heard enough and he looked at me and said, “You worry about the things you have control over. We have no control over the officiating.”

That little tidbit has remained with me through the years and has been invaluable in my life’s journey.

In the years following whenever I would make my way to Ryan I would try to make sure I came in contact with Mr. West.

A side note – most anyone coached by Mr. West were all afraid to ever call him anything but Mr. West or Coach West. It was always difficult to address him as “Raymon.” But, that is the kind of respect he commanded and deserved.

Many others and in particular his family could share similar stories about how Mr. West impacted their lives. I am just fortunate I had the opportunity to be the one to write this article.

I believe it is pretty easy to come to one conclusion – there will never be another Raymon West.

Ryan Council Meeting – Easter Egg Hunt March 24 2018


All members of the Council were present along with Ryan’s attorney as the council undertook the business in the interest of the town of Ryan.

Deborah Reynolds read the treasurer’s report for the month ending on February 28, 2018. The report was approved unanimously. 

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The purchase orders and claims were approved for the month of November.

Next, the council discussed a request of the Ryan Public Schools to possibly place a wireless antenna on the town water tower. The city attorney, Kenzie Wheeler, suggested that the school sign a liability waiver. The antenna will be used to broadcast an internet signal from the school to the football field.

Ryan voted to sponsor an Easter Egg Hunt in the park on Saturday, March 24, 2018.

The council voted to pass Resolution 2018-01 reducing the commercial polecat rate from $30.00 to $19.50 per month.

Ryan will publish a request for bids for the cemetery mowing contract for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2019.

Under new business, the council said the Ryan water will be turned off this coming Saturday in order to facilitate repairs. It is believed that the water could be turned back on by noon or soon thereafter.

The Utility Authority Meeting began immediately after the conclusion of the regular town meeting.

The minutes for the previous meeting were approved.

Next, the council approved paying the bills and claims for the month of February.

The council voted to purchase 2 (15 KVA Reclosures from T&R Electric for a total cost of $13,700. The current ones haven’t been replaced in at least 60 years. The new ones will be more efficient and dependable. The reclosures act like a circuit breaker. One services the north side of town and the other the south side of town.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


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