Round Ryan February 15 2018


I made it to our city council meeting Tuesday evening and there weren’t very many Ryan residents that showed up besides myself. Tina and Larry Morrison had been placed on the agenda to ask the council if there might be any incentives offered on behalf of a new business. Larry asked the council why the business were charged $30.00 per month for the garbage service. Clifford replied that he thought the business canisters were larger than the residential canisters. This was discussed a little further to conclude that the canisters of the businesses are the same size as the residents, but, our businesses pay $30.00 per month and residents pay $19.50. In years past, our garbage collection was every week day for the businesses. You could justify the difference in the price of the business service in comparison to the residences. But, at least since we have had our garbage collection contracted out, the trash collection is one day each week regardless of whether business or residential. This item is to be discussed at the next council meeting. The first item on the agenda was to be some discussion from an individual from the Terral casino, but, due to the weather, they didn’t make it to the meeting.

I haven’t made it out west of town to see the progress of our Comanche Entertainment Casino and smoke shop. I have heard through the grapevine that they are planning on opening up February 28.  The River Star Casino in Terral is expecting to open on March 1. These casinos hopefully may add some revenue to our communities of Ryan and Terral. The only hope for that happening will be from tourists patronizing the local businesses.

We are still seeing more cases of folks with the flu. It is affecting children as well as adults.

We did get a rain Tuesday evening shortly after the council meeting was dismissed. The rain lasted about 5 minutes, which is better than none at all. Enjoy the day Thursday, because Friday it is supposed to be cold again.  The high for Friday is expected to be around 40 degrees. The high Saturday is expected to hit 50 and 60 on Sunday. This will give us something to look forward to. It was really cold this past weekend. I made it over to Amarillo Saturday morning, to see snowflakes falling in Amarillo. When I left Ryan at 4:30, it was misting and the temperature was 28 degrees and falling. I made it there and back safely. Randy and I had a good day together.

I don’t have any news from Kim this week. She has been sick this past week. I pray that she is feeling better.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and each other.

Round Ryan May 31 2018

Ryan Main Street

It’s been a very hot and dry week around our little town. We are getting ready to have our temperatures climb up above 100 this week.  We are in great need of rain. Maryland is flooding and Florida is about to have a visit from Hurricane Albert.  We have a lot to be thankful for even in the midst of the hot and dry weather. 

I’ve had Brionna home with me since Thursday evening.  We went to Henrietta Saturday afternoon to see the wedding of Morgan and Jim Roberts. It was a very nice wedding. Brionna caught the bridal bouquet. Nolan Brown caught the groom’s garter. After all that excitement, we went to Nocona to see Mom for a little while. 

Sunday afternoon, my in-laws came over from Denison. We went out to the cemetery and buried Reid’s urn from his cremation. There were a few folks out at the cemetery that were taking care of their loved ones grave sites. I took some flowers out to our grave site on Memorial Day. The cemetery really looks good. It is freshly mowed. 

This Friday, we will be having our sidewalk sales, starting at 8:30. I am not sure what time Tina or Dennis will be starting their sales. 

This next Tuesday our city council will meet at 6:00pm. 

This past week, several folks from our local communities have passed away. Sandy Farris from Ryan, passed away this past week. Prayers to her family and friends during their loss. Cecilia Harnois’ husband, Robert, passed away the same day. Prayers to Cecilia and her family and friends during their loss, also. 

Ryan is losing one of our families that has been part of our community for over 30 years. Larry Ninman and his family are in the process of selling their home and moving closer to Larry’s mom.  They still plan on making trips back to Ryan on occasions. Good luck to them during this transition. 

Kim’s news for this week:

Thanks for all the knowledge from the Cowboy College. Lots of education like Dustan’s Indian fire starter demonstration. 

Brionna was back in town, we love having her around.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan May 17 2018

Ryan Main Street

It’s been a great week, but, this is the first week that we’ve not been blessed with a bit of rain.  Maybe this week, we will have a better opportunity for some, if the Lord is willing.  The days are now nearly constant for highs in the 90s.  I try to get any outdoor work that needs to be taken care of done early in the mornings.  It doesn’t take long for our seasons to pass, anymore.

This past week has been a busy week for most folks around Ryan.  Brionna and I went up to Waurika to Doc’s Place to eat dinner Thursday evening.  Brionna had fried shrimp and I had a grilled pork chop with peach chutney.  It was a very good meal. 

Saturday evening, we attended the Ryan graduation ceremony/  I was surprised that they didn’t have a guest speaker, but, they don’t always have 2 Valedictorians and 2 Salutatorians either.  Take Kimbro and McKenzie Lewis shared the spots for the Valedictorian of the class, and Dawson Tomberlin and Cara Williams, shared the spots for the Salutatorian. Each one of them gave a speech.  Cara Williams, along with her speech, played her guitar and sang a song.  She is very talented young lady.  Congratulations to all of the Ryan graduates.  Good luck to all of you and God be with you all.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and Brionna and I made it to church.  Edna had commented in Sunday School, that she hoped someone from her family would be there at church with her.  She did indeed have both Natalie and Leslie with her husband, David. After church, I decided not to go home to cook for use, but, instead, headed to eat out at Bill’s.  It seemed like we had to park about a half mile away from the restaurant, but, they were packed.  We stood outside for a while, then went inside the entryway and stood for another while.  I saw Ramona Bryant and got to talk to her for a little while.  She is living in Duncan at an independent living facility that is only about a year old.  She really does like it where she is.   We also ran into Joyce and Lynn Plant while we were standing outside.  They had their kids and some of their families there, too.  We finally got to sit on the benches and visit for a little bit.  I told Joyce that you have to be really hungry for Bill’s fish to have to wait for as long as we did.  Our final wait was about an hour and a half.  It was all worth it, though.  The fish and hush puppies and the cole slaw, were all delicious.  Then, to top off our meal, they brought all the mothers out a chocolate covered strawberry for dessert. I imagine most restaurants were pretty crowded with families, trying to get Moms out of the kitchens.

We didn’t get over to see Mom as I had originally planned.  I had a cold and didn’t want to get around Mom or the other residents in the home.  I called her and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day, though.  My brother, Mel, took her out to eat there in Nocona at Del Rios.  He said she really enjoyed her outing.

Our kids will be having their last day of school this Friday.  Ya’ll have a great summer!

Kim’s news for this week:

This week I was not alone, my friend, Brionna, was home.  She went with Foxy and me to see Ruffy Tuffy. That wasn’t all–me, Foxy, and her played ball.

Ruffy Tuffy got hurt in his stall, but, he’ll be okay after all.

Everyone have a blessed week.  Pray for rain and for each other.


Round Ryan February 8 2018


A new week is upon us, and I am prayerful that a good rain is behind us before this paper is released.  Sunday morning, we had a very thick fog, which provided a drop to our much needed moisture situation. Our trees are looking like spring is fast approaching.  I just hope that our fruit trees won’t start blooming too soon.

We are still seeing some cases of flu around our community. There have been some that have been hospitalized from it. Some have had a case of pneumonia along with the flu. Prayers to all of our folks that we can stay healthy and well.

The national news for this morning and also yesterday, was the stock market plunging downward. It fell worse on Monday this week, after a pretty bad fall on Friday. Gasoline prices around town are up to nearly $2.49 per gallon. We get spoiled to lower prices at the pump. Things will get better though.

Last week we received an order from our wholesaler that contained a bottle of Citroma. This is a liquid laxative preparation that is packaged in a glass container. It is always wrapped in plastic bubbles, to keep the container from being broken during transit.  When we received it, the lid wasn’t on the bottle very tight, and some of the bottle had leaked into the bubble wrap. Lanette called the wholesaler to report the product so we could obtain credit, and the person on the other end of the phone told her they would issue a return invoice for the product.  We return products quite often, but, in cases like this, they don’t usually ask for the product back. We received the papers to return the product yesterday morning and they had written the reason for the return was “seal was broken item is lickin”. Maybe that was why they wanted the product back. This would be an amazement to me, too.

I didn’t even get a glimpse of the Super Bowl Game. I usually will watch it to see the commercials.  They are usually more interesting than just what we see every day.

Brionna and I went to watch the Ryan Cowboys and Cowgirls basketball games last Tuesday evening.  Our girls and boys put forth a lot of effort, but, they didn’t get ahead of their opponents. They still played well and did their best.

There have been a good number of local folks that have been hired to work at the new casino in Terral. That is great news.  They are still in the hiring phase, so, if anyone is looking for a job, this might be a good place to start applying.

Kim’s news for this week: 

I don’t want to forget to thank Doyle for Ruffy Tuffy’s ride to the vet. Ruffy Tuffy wasn’t very nice, he had to be sedated twice.

So that Rex could hear, Ronnye brought him a funnel for his ear.

Everyone have a blessed week. Remember to pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan March 22 2018

Ryan Main Street

Spring is officially here, and, plants and trees are really beginning to show their awesome beauty around here.  I went over to my peach tree (I think) and wanted to smell the blooms to see if there was an odor to their blooms.  There is.  There was also a honey bee headed into one of the blooms that I was about to stick close to my nose.  I let him have it. We also still have those bugs that look like lady bugs, around town in great numbers.  I’ve seen them in peoples homes as well as outside.  They are some sort of a Japanese beetle, from what I’ve heard.  I do believe they will bite a person, if you are so inclined to pick them up to hold them.

We were blessed with a little bit of rain after church service was over Sunday afternoon.  It began a very fine mist as I was going to church at about 9:15am and wound up raining before the sun came out and displayed its’ beauty Sunday afternoon.  We welcome any and all precipitation around here.  We are still in great need of precipitation.  We are in a burn ban, so, be very careful if you strike a match outside your home or in pastures or fields around Jefferson county.

I went to Duncan Saturday afternoon and while I was there, it began to get really cloudy late in the afternoon.  It began raining there as I was leaving out around 5:00 in the early evening. We weren’t as fortunate to have been blessed by that same rain system.

This Saturday is the food bank distribution at 10:00am.  Also at 1:00 in the park there will be the Easter egg hunt.

Joe Turner is in the Jefferson County Hospital for a little while. Prayers for him as he is in the healing process and for Fern as she travels daily to be with him.  Wayne Harrison, Linda’s husband, is in need of our prayers as he recuperates from having had surgery to repair an aneurism.  They were unable to make the repair as he sustained a heart attack during his surgical procedure.  Linda says that he is doing much better now, though.  That is good to hear.

I haven’t spoken about the casino in Terral, since they opened.  Brionna, Jim, and I went up there to check it out on the night they opened on March 1.  None of us got back what we put into the machines.  That seemed to be what was happening with everyone we spoke to that went that day.  There has been one lucky individual that got quite a jackpot of nearly $1 million.

The Ryan Family Clinic hosted a party for Brenda Johnson last Friday, as she is nearing her retirement this month.  I am not sure if Brenda is looking forward to this occasion or dreading it since all she has ever done in her life is work.  Bless her as she begins a new chapter in her life. Her kids and grandkids and siblings will keep her busy, I’ll bet.

Kim’s news for this week:

I enjoy talking to Ron and Traci, I do.  Especially about their pet rooster, LaRae.

What a blessed week, I can’t complain.  Praise God for the rain.

Everyone have a blessed week.  Keep praying for rain and for each other and have a Happy Palm Sunday this coming weekend.

Round Ryan

Ryan Main Street

This past Saturday was a great day for hunting Easter eggs around Ryan. Walker and Linda Ryan had a hot dog feed along with an Easter egg hunt just after dark, out at their house, east of Ryan.  There was a good crowd there and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Brionna and I went over to Wichita Falls Saturday and went to the Whispers of Hope Horse Farm and visited Mary Elizabeth, that runs it.  We went to see the movie “I Can Only Imagine”. That was a really good movie.

Easter Sunday wasn’t quite as warm as we had seen on Saturday, but, we maybe saw a bit of precipitation for the day in the form of mist.  This morning, it was down-right cold again.  It is supposed to be in the 60s Tuesday and freezing Wednesday morning for this first week in April.  It’s amazing what changes we can have with our weather. 

I took Brionna over to visit her grandparents in Denison on Sunday afternoon.  We enjoyed lunch with them at the Cracker Barrel in Sherman.  Then we went over to their house to visit some more.  I stopped in for a visit with Mom that evening.  I played some hymns for them and they enjoyed singing with the familiar tunes.  We all had a good time.  Then I made it back to Ryan, safely before it was too late.  I watched Jesus Christ Superstar late Sunday evening.  I have heard mixed emotions about this production.  We got into a conversation about it during our Sunday school class and I just thought I would watch it for myself and form my own opinion.  I won’t publish my opinion about it.  The music was pretty good, though.

We had a good turnout for Brenda Johnson’s luncheon Friday afternoon. Three of her four kids were able to make it to have lunch with her.  There were some brother and sister-in-laws from Chickasha that came to celebrate with her.  She had all of her co-workers from the clinic with her, too.  There were friends and some of her patients from the clinic that came over to be with her, too.  I believe she enjoyed the lunch that we prepared for her.  We all had a good time eating and visiting together.  She actually got off work about an hour early Friday.  We will miss seeing Brenda in that clinic, but Cyndi Cosme has been working with Brenda and   Marc for a couple of weeks now.  Cyndi is the new LPN in our Ryan Family Medical Clinic. 

A number of Oklahoma teachers are taking a stand up at the State Capitol, asking for higher wages.  I saw a news clip on Channel 3 at 6:00 last week, where they interviewed a couple of students, as well as Mr. Chapman. They were discussing this issue on the news.

Joe Turner is still in the hospital in Duncan,  Ramona Johnson had her surgery in Dallas, and is expected to be discharged today. 

Kim’s news for this week:

Brionna lost her phone this week, but, Foxy had it in the back seat.

So, Gary Lee ran over his knee, working on his car alone. He almost hit his neighbor’s home.

Mollye, thanks a bunch for Brenda’s retirement lunch.

Dustan had a lot of snakes in a box. 

Resurrection Day, I can’t complain, I had a wonderful lunch at Blaine’s.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for each other and for rain.

Cowboys Snap Losing Streak With Victory Over Thackerville

Photo by Sheree Hanson

While the Ryan Cowboys snapped a long losing streak last Thursday against Thackerville, it was still a difficult weekend for the Ryan squads.

Last Thursday, Thackerville edged the Cowgirls, 36-33, while the Cowboys scored a 42-39 victory over the Wildcats on Raymon West Court to end a six-game skid.

Ryan traveled to Healdton last Friday and fell in both contests. The Lady Bulldogs took advantage of poor shooting by the Cowgirls to gain a 43-26 verdict.

Healdton, 18-2 on the year and ranked 18th in Class 2A, rolled to a 48-13 victory over the Cowboys.

Against Healdton, the Cowgirls got off to a tough start falling behind the Lady Bulldogs, 9-1, after one quarter.

All of Healdton’s first-quarter points came on three converted long range field goals.

The Cowgirls battled the Lady Bulldogs on even terms in the second quarter and were competitive most of the rest of the game trailing by 15 points with just three minutes to play.

Ultimately it was the first quarter deficit that was too much to overcome.

Lily York led the Cowgirls in scoring with 10 points.

Coach Steve Spangler’s Cowgirls are still playing without one starter.

The Cowgirls have lost nine straight to the Lady Bulldogs dating back to the 1993 season.

The Cowboys were short-handed also as two starters were missing against Healdton with illness.

Healdton got off to an impressive start and took a 14-3 lead after the first quarter.

The Bulldogs struggled, however, in the second quarter, but the Cowboys could not trim the margin and trailed 19-5 at the half.

For the second time this season the Cowboys came out of the intermission and could not score a point. The Bulldogs went on a 16-0 run in the period for an insurmountable 35-5 lead heading into the final frame.

The Cowboys broke the scoring drought, but Healdton still managed to outscore Ryan, 13-8, to set the final margin.

The 13 points scored in the game is the second fewest in school history and is the fewest since recording only 15 points in a 1988 encounter with Sulphur.

Dawson Tomberlin was the leading scorer for Coach Judd Matthes’ squad with seven points.

The Cowboys have lost six of the last eight meetings with the Bulldogs dating back to the 1993 season.

In the game with Thackerville, the Cowgirls trailed by a 9-5 count after the first quarter and again it was hot outside shooting by the Lady Wildcats that doomed the Cowgirls.

Thackerville’s nine points came on three treys.

Thackerville was able to increase the margin to 20-15 at the half before the Cowgirls came alive after the halftime break and managed to narrow the score to 26-24 at the end of the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the Wildcats sealed the victory by scoring the last seven points from the free throw line. The Cowgirls could not cut into the deficit in the final frame thanks to missing three of five charity tosses.

York finished with 17 points for the Cowgirls and she was responsible for all five of Ryan’s first quarter point total.

Thackerville moved to 15-3 after this win.

The Cowgirls are 25-13 against Thackerville in the last 38 meetings, but have now lost two in a row to the Lady Wildcats.

The Cowboys established a seven-point lead after the first quarter and were able to extend the lead to 20-11 at intermission.

The Wildcats cut into the lead in the third quarter and trailed only 30-24 heading to the fourth quarter.

The Cowboys could not shake the Wildcats mainly because of a struggle at the free throw line.

For the entire game, Ryan only converted on 35% of its free throw attempts.

Skyler Parkhill led the Cowboys in scoring with 14 points and he scored five of the Cowboys’ eight first-quarter points and was the only player for the Cowboys to score in every quarter.

It was the fourth win in a row for the Cowboys over the Wildcats.

The Cowboys and Cowgirls were to have met Geronimo last Tuesday on Raymon West Court.

Both squads return to action tonight by traveling to Burneyville to face Turner for a doubleheader.

Tomorrow night will be Senior Night for the Cowgirl and Cowboy basketball teams as they play host to Temple.

Ryan will finish the regular season on Tuesday as they travel to Empire.

The Class A District Tournament will begin on February 9 at Central High

Round Ryan April 19 2018

Ryan Main Street

Well, we have had a blessed week, weather wise this past week.  We have again seen extreme temperatures from the 90s one day to the 50s the next.  Winds that would nearly blow you away. We nearly had some rain Friday morning.  I woke up and it was lightning, but, when I turned the light on outside, the concrete was dry.  Maybe this week we will have better chances of precipitation coming possibly Friday and Saturday.  I am hoping that we won’t see anymore freezing temperatures until next fall.  I got out yesterday and mowed my weeds.  I didn’t see any grass among what I was mowing.  The plant with the little purple flowers was abundant, but, it looked like it was turning brown.  

I went to Amarillo Saturday morning and the winds were blowing at more than 30 mph.  I made it over to see Randy and made it back home again safely Saturday evening.  

There are 2 wedding showers scheduled this month.  Morgan Good’s shower is Sunday, April 29, from 2-4 pm at the Ryan Church of Christ.  They are registered at Dillard’s, Target, and Walmart.  Also, on April 22, at 2:00 pm at the Ryan First Baptist Church, Larimey Curtis and his fiancee. There is a hostess box for each of the 2 couples at the Ryan Drug Store if folks would like to just put in some money for either of the couples.

The Ryan food bank will be distributing food on April 28th.  

We received news from our Methodist District Superintendent last week, that our pastor, Sandy Shepherd is going to be assigned  up around the Tulsa area to two new churches for her.  She expressed a need to be relocated if possible, to be closer to her mother, that has had some concerning health issues.  We are sad to lose her, but we are certainly glad that she will be in a location that will get her closer to her mom.  Mark, her husband, has been quite an asset in our church, too.  He has sung some solos on several occasions, and is certainly blessed with a beautiful voice.  Our church doesn’t know at this time what pastor will be assigned to our church.  We will be in prayer for  receiving our pastor, whomever they assign us.

Kim’s news for this week:

Foxy is a cowdog chick.  Riding Ruffy Tuffy is her best trick.

Cowboys don’t cry, Ride Foxy ride.

Her favorite pastime of all is playing with her silly-ball.  She can raise her paw and praise God!

Everyone have a blessed week. Please pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan January 25 2018

We’ve made it through yet another week of drastically low temperatures, but on the brighter side, was the weekend. It got up into the 70s on Saturday and Sunday. Now, we are not as cold, but a bit cooler than what we saw this weekend.
This Saturday is our Ryan food distribution from the food bank starting at 10:00am.
Brionna and her group from TKRanch made their trip to Dallas and had a really good time.  They made it over to Plano and saw Karen, and to their surprise, Karen’s sister was able to take Karen so she could go to the movies with her dorm mates.  She and the other women from Dorm #3 had even a better time since Karen was able to be a part with them again.   They went to 2 or 3 different places each day, but, one day they went up into Reunion Tower.  I don’t know that I would have cared for that too much myself.   They got back to the ranch on Thursday afternoon.  Then, on Saturday morning, their dorm mother wound up with the flu.  I called to talk to Brionna Sunday evening and Dianna answered the phone.  I knew from her voice she was sick.  She was trying to keep a distance from the women in the dorm.  I hope she if feeling better now.
When I woke up Saturday morning and turned the television on, the first thing I heard was that we were in a government shutdown.  They announced this morning that our government leaders have come to an agreement and we are okay now until February 8th.
When I woke up this morning, I learned that there was an earthquake just out from Alaska that registered 7.9. This was over 100 miles out from land that the earthquake occurred. In the northeastern part of our country, they are expecting massive floods.  But, thankfully, all is quite in Ryan.
This Saturday is Brionna’s birthday.  She is going to be 28 years old.  Happy Birthday, Brionna!  We are planning to go to Wichita Falls with her grandparents and dorm mates and eat at the Red Robin restaurant.
The flu is beginning to work its’ way back around here.  I have seen many in town that are ill.
Kim’s news for this week:
Praise God for the weather and Joe Toddy is better.
I’ve been riding in the pasture again, in the sunshine and the wind.  Ruffy Tuffy can shake which is nice, I think Foxy has been giving him advice.
Everyone have a blessed week.  Prayers to good health and for rain.

Round Ryan


It was a blessing to have made it through last week with all of the dilemmas we were faced with after Tuesday morning. We started out with 73 degree temperatures on Tuesday morning, but, by that evening it was 33 degrees. The wind was really blowing, and after I got home that evening, the electricity went out just after 10:00 pm. Thankfully, our power was restored at around 8:15 am Wednesday. I had the cat and dog in the house with me overnight. The cat never presents any problems being kept inside the house, but, the dog is not nearly as good as the cat. We made it through the night all in one piece. Our dog has a heat lamp in his dog house, so, he is accustomed to being outside. We were blessed with rain and sleet more than one day last week. Our little town just didn’t have many people out in this terribly cold weather. The clinic next door to me was closed on Wednesday and Thursday. I was surprised that Marc could make it to his clinic on both of those days. We were blessed with close to 6 inches of precipitation from the time it all started Tuesday through Saturday morning. It was another blessing to see the sun come out Saturday morning. Our kids were out of school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, because of the icy conditions of our roads. I didn’t even receive my drug order from my wholesale company on Thursday. My delivery man called and was very concerned about coming down from Duncan, and I told him that I wasn’t in desperate need and could wait until Friday to get my order. I had several leaks in my store from the ice on top of the roof. After it began to get above freezing, the ice melted that was in contact with the roof, while a sheet of ice stayed above the ice that had thawed. This trapped the water above the roof and it found several holes to get into and I was trying to find buckets and trash cans to capture all the leaks that had sprung into action. This was certainly a challenge, but, not too much damage was done from the leaks. This just means more repair has become necessary.

This coming Tuesday should be the day for the Ryan City Council meeting at 6:00 pm.

Toby Brown passed away last Thursday morning. Toby is the son of V.C. And Vickie Brown. His best friend, Ben Arneson, came into the store Thursday morning and told me he had just passed away. Prayers to the Brown family and to Ben during this difficult time.

Kim’s news for this week: All the sleet and ice was not nice. Walking to the barn, I almost fell. Driving, I spun and fish tailed. Saturday, I gave a praise shout when the sun came out.

Foxy and I went to the livestock show, but, at 2:30 we had to go.

Everybody have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.


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