Descendants from Vermont, California, Tennessee, Texas, and Oklahoma met on Saturday, September 21st at the Grady Community Center. This celebration was started for my Aunt Willa Dean (Evans) Johnson, in Lawton, 17 years ago. 


I need to go back, a number of decades, and give credit to my grandad and grandmother Evans named Joesph Edward and Detla Jane (Mac Gregor) Evans from the states of Virigina and Tenessee. 

Listing the relations attending were: Carol Willner, Stephanie Sutherland & Cooper; Willa; Liz Adams and Clio Hall from Claremont, California, Knoxville, Tennessee, Barbara Cline.

Then from Texas- North Richard Hills, came my sister Levna Beth (Evans) Cline and David Charles Read; and still from Texas- Sam Antonio to be exact! Came my sister, Helen Caines two children, David & his wife Kathy, and Bernella Cain Haden, and still another of Helen’s son from Oklahoma City- came Bernest Cain, Jr. and his wife Joan.

Oh yes, two of the special hostess Carol William’s brothers, Glen Johnson from a subway of Tulsa; and from Healdton Gary Johnson, and his wife Anita from Moore, OK. All attended and were all host. 

And from Healdton, Ok. came Ticky J. Smith; also Larry & Cheryl Church from Newalla, OK; Bill and Billy Smith, and a second non- Brent Smith, all from Ringling.

From Grady, and he was the “Local Special help was Tim (Evans) Smith. Then listing my children, who attended was Nancy Smith Ward, who did a beautiful job- decorating the Grady Community Center. Another daughter, attending was Deborah and her husband Bruce acted as the large group picture taking. 

I almost forgot me- Orbie (Evans) Smith- attended! (Oh, and I’m from Claypool.)

It was a special day!!!