4-H Enrollment – for year 2018-2019 Open began September 1

September 1 began the 4-H enrollment year 2018-2019. Families are encouraged to enroll online.  Go to ok.4honline.com to update your family profile page.  If you are re-enrolling from last year, DO NOT CREATE A NEW PROFILE.  If you have not been previously enrolled online, you will need to create your family profile page.  If you need assistance, call us at 580-228-2332. If you wish, you may use one of our computers here in the office. 

 4-H members must be active a minimum of 90 days before they can show in the spring Livestock Show.

Volunteers also need to re-enroll and check the box for volunteer verification to have a background check conducted.  This will not cost you.  If you have difficulties contact our office for assistance.

CLOVER BOWL TRIVIA QUESTION:  What year was the four-leave clover chosen as the symbol for 4-H?

Answer:  1911

The 2018 National 4-H Week is nearly a month away. National 4-H week is set for Oct. 7-13. This year’s theme is “Inspire Kids to Do” which focuses on how 4-H grows youth into true leaders. We want to highlight Oklahoma 4-H doers during the month of October. If you have a 4-H member who is doing something awesome to benefit others/their communities, in their project work, to make a difference, feel free to share their story with me and we would love to feature them on our social media outlets to celebrate National 4-H Week!