Arrested 6/27/20

HOGAN, CHRISTOPHER JAMES of Ringling, OK; DOB: 5/21/94; Hold for Pittsburg, Co Warrant(FTA on Operating a Motorcycle w/out an Endorsement)

Arrested 6/26/20

KLEIN, JERRY WAYNE of Tonkawa, OK; DOB: 7/20/94;  Driving with License Canc/Susp/Revoked, Possession of  Paraphernalia, Failure to Signal on Turning.

Arrested 6/25/20

TAYLOR, BRANDON ELLIOTT of Katy, TX; DOB: 4/27/81; Hold Only for Bryan County (Charge- Attempted Burglary in The First Degree)

Arrested 6/23/20

TOTH, CLINTON DAVID of Tyler, TX; DOB: 3/5/92; Driving with License Canc/Susp/Revoked.

Arrested 6/23/20

WILCOX, LAURIE ANNE of Elk City, OK; DOB: 3/9/88; FTA on Original Charge( Possession of Controlled Substance)(Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia)

Arrested 6/21/20

YOUNG, ELIJAH LYNDAN  of Ringling, OK; DOB: 10/16/84; Operating Vehicle without a Valid Drivers License, Failure to Protect Child under 13 by Seat belt.