Sunday, June 24 at 2:00 pm the women of the Addington Baptist Church will host guest speaker, Kathy Peacock, from Standing in the Gap Ministries.

Kathy will be sharing information on ministry to incarcerated women and their families. 

This ministry is vital in helping women come to a saving knowledge in Jesus Christ and changing their lives and their children’s lives. 

Kathy was arrested and sent to prison. 

She had been sentenced to 50 years but ended up serving from February 2000 till December 2008. 

She said it was just the grace of God that got her through the most trying time of her life. 

“Without a doubt, being away from my children was the worst part,” she says.

While Kathy was behind bars, her daughter was in short-term foster care  until she was placed with her paternal grandmother.

Kathy’s daughter had a tough time while her mother was in prison.

Today after much prayer and counseling, the two have a more productive and fruitful relationship. 

Now she spends her time ministering to women who find themselves in similar situations. 

Kathy says the ministry she is involved with “gives women the opportunity to make a choice to do something different and shows them resources like transitional housing, sober living, support groups, and spiritual families.” 

She loves teaching “Women in Transition” and getting to know them, finding out their struggles, and helping them to recover or cope.

Please come and enjoy this time of fellowship, food and learning how God can use you in making a difference in lives. 


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