The 4th through the 6th Grade Little Eagles will start playoffs at Wilson against Paoli at 7:30pm Saturday the 28th. The 4th-6th grade little eagles are on a two year undefeated winning streak. According to the coaches, these boys play hard and give it there all.

Lucas Boyd, Jaxton Simmons, Ryder Barethin, Brodie Franco, Karson Arzola, Braedyn Herron, Zane Taylor, Cadyn Tallon
Nathan White, Aaron Torrez, Noah Torrez, Cadynce Smith, Carlos Camarillo, Jon Campiche Jr, Erik Roy, Gunn Gunter, 
Ethan Sewell, and Tyson Graham

The 1st-3rd grade Little Eagle Football team will be traveling to Maysville this Saturday for the first round of playoffs. They end their regular season with a 3-2 record.

In the photo above from left to right: back row, Coach Jake Graham, Braddix Torrez, Brycenn Bohot, Rhyder Richardson, Dominic Killgore, Arron Neasbitt, Oat Wyler, Easton Barnes, Landon Brackett, Coaches Bryce Bohot and Dennison Richardson; front row: Gavin Bohot, Jackson Edwards, Jaxon Torrez, Preston Richardson, Tye Looper, Kyler Capes, Turner Graham and Jayden Owsley. Not pictured is Bransyn Dean