Seven S Crazy Horse ridden by Robert Forst from the Stuart Ranch of Waurika, Oklahoma, captured the AQHA top horse award at the Waurika Chamber of Commerce Ranch Rodeo, July 12th & 13th in Waurika, Oklahoma. 

Forst showed the horse, “Batman,” owned by Terry Stuart Forst of Waurika, Oklahoma. The ten year old, brown gelding, sired by Hickorys Indian Pep and out of Seven S Babe, was rasied by Stuart Ranch of Waurika, Oklahoma.

“We showed him as a three-year-old and at World’s Greatest a couple of times,” says Forst. “He’s easy-going, level headed, can handle a cow, and makes everything looks easy.” Forst was excited to receive this award. 

About AQHA Top Horse Award

Recognizing the American Quarter Horse’s legacy on ranches of the American West and as the chosen mount for generations of cowboys, the AQHA Top Horse Award will recognize the top registered American Quarter Horse at each qualifying WRCA rodeo. The American Quarter Horse Association has been a strong supporter of the Working Ranch Cowboy’s Association and the World Championship Ranch Rodeo since its inception 24 years ago.

By recognizing the horse, the owner and the cowboy, AQHA hopes to partner with WRCA in cementing the American Quarter Horse’s spot on today’s ranches, while encouraging ranches and cowboys to maintain AQHA membership and up-to-date horse transfers.

About WRCA 

In March of 1995, a group of people from across the western United States created the Working Ranch Cowboys Association. WRCA produces the World Championship Ranch Rodeo as a means to showcase the skills of the working ranch cowboy and to raise funds for the WRCA Foundation. WRCA works to promote ranching on a National and International level and to preserve the lifestyle of the working ranch cowboy.