Old Timers Meet

Two old timers met on the streets of Waurika Sunday and enjoyed jokes that dated back to 50 years ago.

George Andrews and Andrew Key, whose parents farmed the Iosh Howard tract where the town of Bonita now stands on the Sherman-Wichita Falls branch of the Katy RR, which crosses Montague County and follows the meandering of Farmers Creek from Saint Jo to Nocona.

In 1884 Carter Key, father of Andrew Key, and Col. James Gaines, stepfather of George Andrews, had a corn crop with just a turning row to separate the two crops. Mr. Key’s team turning at the turnrow stepped on and broke a coupe of stalks of corn that George and Bill Andrews and on making the discovery, George and Bill proceeded to cut down a couple of rows of corn on the Gaines crop and when the Andrews boys discovered this, they cut down four rows of the Key crop, the scrap by that time beginning to run into something like a riot then stopped when Mr. Key and Col. Gaines discovered it.

Until meeting of the two old friends, it had been more than 25 years since the last meeting in 1908 when Andrews was section foreman at Ry an. Andrew Key worked for h im during the high water as teamster and furnished several teams in rebuilding the fill that had washed away. Both now live in Waurika.

Woman Killed When Car Leaves Highway

Mrs. J.T. Nelms, age 63 years, wife of a pioneer Chattanooga, Oklahoma merchant, was killed Thursday afternoon of last week when the car in which she was riding was driven over an embankment on Highway 70 about 6 miles east of Waurika. Mr. Nelms was driving and subject to spells form heart trouble. Miles Murphy, family friend, accompanied Mr. Nelms to Chattanooga with the body of Mrs. Nelms for the funeral there. Mr. and Mrs. Nelms were returning from a vacation at Hot Springs, Arkansas.


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