The personal property assessment rendition forms were mailed out earlier this month.  Some forms have detailed information of your personal property.  If you have any additions or deletions, please write the information at the bottom of the form.  Due to some new guidelines set by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, all businesses will need to be itemized.  In the future, if we receive renditions without an itemized value, we will have to use the schedules provided by the OTC to determine a likely value for your business based on its type and size.

 New personal property tax assessments and existing assessment changes or without changes must be mailed or brought to the County Assessor’s office by March 15th or a ten percent penalty will be added to the total personal tax assessment.  This complies with Title 68, Oklahoma Statute 2001, Section 2836.  If you have torn down any buildings or sold any equipment, etc., please report this to the assessor’s office by March 15th.  If not reported, the personal property WILL NOT be taken off after tax statements are printed.

 If you have opened a new business or no longer own a business, please report this to the assessor’s office.  You also need to report any change of address.   

 New homesteads need to be applied for in person.  Property owners whose total household income does not exceed $20,000 for the 2018 calendar year may apply for a double homestead.  This expansion of the exemption is automatic if you are 65 years of age or older and you have already applied.  New and under 65 years of age must come in and apply every year.  If you are 65 before January 1, and make less than $44,900 annually, you can apply for a market value freeze on your homestead property.  Proof of income must be shown.  Double homesteads and senior freezes can only be done between January 1 and March 15.

Mobile home owners need to bring their title with them when assessing either as personal property or filing a homestead.  When filing for homestead, the title must be in the land owners name.

 This is also a good time for farmers to check their farm sales tax exempt card to see if it needs to be renewed.

The assessor will be visiting Ringling City Hall, Tuesday, January 22, from 10:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.  You can report any changes, additions or deletions by calling (580)228-2377, email: or coming by the assessor’s office at 220 N. Main, Room 207 in Waurika at the courthouse, located on the second floor. 


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