Saturday nights dance at the American Legion Post #183 was a success.  The music was provided by a five piece band consisting of the regulars.   Bill Roberson, Cary Gore and Gene Chesley as well as newcomers Joy and Don McCullough supplied a mix of old country, middle aged country and gospel.  The music lovers and dancers don’t equal the days of the Old Ryan Stomp but the numbers seem to be growing.  I enjoyed hearing “Go Rest High On that Mountain” and also their version of “Arkansas River” but hearing Joy McCullough sing some old gospel tunes really took me back.  If you have not been to one of these get togethers then you are missing out.  Besides the music you can visit with your neighbors or even meet some new folks if you are of a mind.

 Don’t forget this coming Saturday the Ryan Volunteer Fire Department is hosting a 5K fun run/walk.  It will be starting at 8:00 am and they will be serving lunch after the event at the Fire Department.  Come out and support the fire fighters and all the participants.

 One of the members of the Irving Baptist Church told me that this last Sunday they had their monthly meal at the church.  It consisted of fried chicken, various salads, watermelon and home made ice cream.  Telling me this on Monday seems a bit mean spirited, but I’m not one to hold a grudge, especially if you tell me in time for the next one.

 Monte Wright is refurbishing the benches on Washington.  He has the new wood on the first bench and it is back in place.  It’s my understanding that the Ryan Beautification Group is providing the material and Monte is donating his time and labor.

 The book related section of this article is not about one book alone but about reading in general. How did my fellow readers get started down the road to being bibliophiles?  I don’t really remember how it got started for me but there were always books in our home while I was growing up and I had access to the school library.  After my folks purchased a set of World Book Encyclopedias, I spent a lot of time reading those volumes that told of far away places or animals and customs that were foreign to me.  From there I graduated to books that at times were probably a bit mature for me, some of those I re-read later and then could grasp the nuances that had escaped my young self.  Some books and authors were introduced to me by teachers  and older siblings.  Mrs. Rickard lead me to Shakespeare and Chaucer.  My brother Phil gave me the gift of Hemingway.  My father fed my love of history, on his bookshelf were stories of the American Civil War by Bruce Catton.  On my own (if that is even possible) I discovered James Fenimore Cooper and Emerson.  Some of my most prized possessions are volumes of Thoreau and Walt Whitman given to me by my sister Merrianne.  Not everything that I read is a classic,  I enjoy a good adventure story as much as the next person.  Drop me a line and let me known how you got started.

 Maybe next time I’ll discuss my musical influences and how my sister Lynn scarred me for life with some her musical tastes.