Quote Of The Day- “Those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others.” -Booker T. Washington

   CITY WIDE CLEAN UP- The Town of Terral will have a City Wide Clean Up on April 20-21st., Friday and Saturday. Roll offs will be placed on the corner of E. Apache & N. Fourth on Friday Morning April 20th. Anyone who pays a trash bill monthly is welcome to use the roll offs. Let’s take pride in our town and use this time to clean up. 

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU- Clifford Duke partied on April 9th. “81” years. Rick Gambill will celebrate on the 11th.

 TERRAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Attention to all students: It is time to apply for Terral Alumni Scholarships. The following are eligible to apply: 1) Have graduated or will be graduating from Ryan High School. 2) Are attending or will be attending an accredited institution of higher learning full time, 12 hours per semester. 3) Reside in the Terral, Oklahoma district. Terral Alumni Association does not discriminate in its scholarship program on the basis of race. The committee will be making the final decision for the scholarships in April. The applicant receiving this scholarship must be enrolled and confirmed by the institution’s registrar before the check is mailed directly to the institution in the fall and in the spring. If you have not received a scholarship application in the mail and are interested in applying, please contact Karen Gunter, 580-437-2347.

   COMMUNITY PRAYER LIST- Tony Rodriguez, Brenda Bryant, Archie Fulton, Scotty Day, Tom Baysinger, Sue Linton, Martin Villarreal, Sr., Joe Martin, Adam White, Mary Loo Duke, Flor

ita Villarreal, Glen Martin, Robert Harnois, Esther Grimes, Marie Pollan, Virginia Taner, Darlene Hall, T.K. Delaney, Manuel Villarreal, Shana Reed and our military stationed around the world. May God keep you in his loving care.


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