Waurika played host to Grandfield last Thursday evening and came away with their fourth victory of the season.

Pitcher Seth Waid led the Eagles out on the field to begin the opening inning. Seth had a great start by striking the first batter out.

Seth Waid

Grandfield would eventually score three runs before reaching their third out.

Jordan Watkins was the first to make it to base for the Eagles. Watkins scored soon thereafter by stealing home from third.

Jordan Watkins
Jordan Watkins sliding home.

Colton Bryant (the base stealer) was the designator runner for Gatlin Black. Bryant stole second and third and then made it to home.

Colton Bryant stealing third.
Colton Bryant crossing home plate.

Bryson Hernandez scored as well and that ended the first inning tying the score 3-3.

Waurika held up defensively early. Seth stopped a grounded hit and pitched it to Michael Bryant getting the runner out at first.

Seth struck another batter out.

Grandfield finally got a runner across home plate. It was their only score of the second inning.

Michael Bryant caught a pop fly putting the Eagles back up to bat.

Hunter Wesberry was the first up to bat for the Eagles at the bottom of the second. Hunter was hit by the pitch and went to first and stole second. He would eventually score.

Hunter Wesberry

Zac Brown was the next Eagle to score.

Gatlin Black had a base hit. Colton Bryant came in again as his designated runner.

Waurika struck out before another score, but Waurika was not in the lead 5-4.

Grandfield scored twice early in the top of the third. It would be the last time they would do so.

However, the Eagles were able to make a triple play later in the inning. Great ball handling forced runners out at third and first.

Gatlin had said he was “just going to get a base hit” while he was in the dugout. He did that more than once.

At the bottom of the third Michael Bryant was the first up to bat. Austin Dyer batted second.

Kevin Garcia was the last up at bat. Waurika had failed to score so they trailed 5-6.

Once again, Michael Bryant caught a pop fly that resulted in Grandfield’s first out of the fourth inning.  He would do that again later in the inning to give Grandfield their third out.

Michael Bryant

Hunter Wesberry was the first to bat for Waurika at the bottom of the fourth.

As hard as they tried, the Eagles still failed to score before their third out.

Austin Dyer went to the pitcher’s mound at the top of the fifth inning. Austin dispensed of batters rather quickly throwing strikes with quite a bit of heat.

Austin Dyer

The fifth inning was the turning point for Waurika.

Gatlin Black was the first up to bat and landed the ball just inside the left field wall. That put Black on second base. Colton Bryant came in as his designated runner again.  Colton would steal bases and tie up the game with his score.

Hunter Wesberry went to bat with the bases loaded. He was able to RBI Bryson Hernandez. That score put Waurika ahead. That would be the last time Waurika would score.

Neither team scored again and the game ended with Waurika winning with the score 7-6.

The beautiful evening sky over the Waurika Ball Game.


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