April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. One of the goals of Women’s Haven is to bring awareness to the community on Sexual Assault. Women’s Haven will have a table at the Wauirka Rattle Snake Round-Up on Saturday April 14th . We will have information on services we provide and information  on sexual assault.

For the kids, we will be doing removable tattoos and have a surprise grab bag for lucky winners. The table will have a marble guessing jar contest and serval door prizes. So, please look for the table decorated in teal for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and get a tattoo, make a guess and get some information on services and sexual assault awareness . 

Women’s Haven will be hosting an Awareness Event and Walk on Saturday, April 28th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Fuqua Park. The event will include a walk for Sexual Assault Awareness, live entertainment, self-defense classes, free food, face painting and a bounce house for kids as well as other activities. 

 Women’s Haven hopes that these events and activities will start conversations on what WE can do as a community to prevent and stop Sexual Assaults from occurring. Also, to bring awareness on this matter not, just for one month, but for every month in the year. For more information regarding Sexual Assault Awareness Month or the services, support and education offered at Women’s Haven, call the 24-hour Crisis Line at 580-252-4357. 

Over 70% of all sexual assaults go unreported, which makes rape the most under-reported crime in the United States. Nationally, crimes of violence, such as murder, have declined in numbers, but sexual assault numbers continue to climb. Victims may not always report the assault because they fear that no one will believe them. Sadly, they may be blamed by their family, friends or community: “If she hadn’t been so drunk,” or “If she hadn’t worn that short skirt,” or “If she hadn’t been out so late,” she wouldn’t have been assaulted. Please remember that a victim is NEVER to blame.

Most rapists are not strangers. In 8 out of 10 cases, the victim knows their rapist. The perpetrator may be a classmate, family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor.  Most assaults do not happen in dark alleys of big cities. They happen in the victim’s own home or the home of the assailant. Rape is not just a big city problem; it is a social problem that affects all citizens and every community.

Sexual violence is about having power and control over another human being. 

Victims will experience many different reactions including shock, denial or disbelief that the event happened. Victims may feel ashamed or embarrassed. They may feel guilty and insecure, or have a fear of being alone. Help victims by believing them, by listening to them and by showing your support for their decisions regarding criminal charges, medical care or counseling.

If you are a victim, tell someone you trust and seek medical care, if needed. If you or someone you love is a victim, 24-hour help is a phone call away. Call Women’s Haven toll-free at 877-970-HELP (4357) or locally at 580-252-4357.


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