During the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of Chickasaws, employees and the public is the Chickasaw Nation’s main priority. With many businesses and schools closed, families are spending much more time at home. You can use that extra time at home to connect with your children through Chickasaw culture and keep young minds learning.

The Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press recommend these Chickasaw titles for young readers:

Chikasha Holisso Holba: Chickasaw Picture and Coloring Book, by Vinnie May Humes.

Koni, by Sherrie Begay, Kari A.B. Chew and Stefani Cochran. Illustrated by Donna Courtney-Welch.

C Is for Chickasaw by Wiley Barnes, illustrated by Aaron Long. Also available in enhanced app format for mobile and tablet.

Chikasha Stories series, Volume One: Shared Spirit; Volume Two: Shared Voices; and Volume

Three: Shared Wisdom, by Glenda Galvan, illustrated by Jeannie Barbour.

Chickasaw Adventures: The Complete Collection, illustrated by Tom Lyle.

Chula the Fox, a novel by Anthony Perry. Also in e-book format.

Good Night, Trilobite, by Steve Vanlandingham, illustrated by Shanda Willis McDonald.

Little Loksi, by Trey Hays, illustrated by Eli Corbin.

Mission to Space, by John Herrington.

Baby Rattlesnake, by Lynn Moroney and Te Ata Thompson Fisher, illustrated by Mira Reisberg.

Spider Brings Fire, by Linda Hogan, illustrated by Dustin Mater.

These titles and more are available to purchase at ChickasawPress.com.