Most of us enjoy a really good cake, especially if it has that fancy icing with a candy rose layered on it.

But how much are we really willing to pay for it?

According to a story found on, if you attend an auction that will be held on June 23, you can bid on five slivers of Charles and Diana’s five-foot  225 lb wedding cake for only $800 to $1200 per sliver.

At prices that low you might want to make reservations now to attend. The five slivers of the royal cake will be auctioned off at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

There is one warning you should take heed to. The cake is not edible. At least that’s what Martin Nolan, the Director and Chief Financial Officer, of Julien’s Auctions says.

At least if you are one of the winning bidders you can walk away with a frozen piece of Royal history. That may sound hard to swallow, but it is the truth.