She has become a familiar face on the sidelines at the Waurika football games where she took award winning sports photos of the Eagles in action.  

As a matter of fact, that’s one of the fondest memories she holds dear of her time at Waurika high school and what she will miss the most. 

She loves photography – it’s her favorite hobby.

When she is not taking pictures she is reading. Her favorite genre is interesting fiction, preferably romance. 

Karlee has attended Waurika public schools all her life. 

Besides being a member in the Oklahoma Honor Society, she is also a member of Gifted and Talented as well as the Beta Club and the National Honor Society.

She is grateful for the teachers who have taken time out of their lives to help her become who she is. 

She loves the color purple and just about any kind of music. 

She has already taken six hours of college and would encourage others to take concurrent classes to prepare for their future collegiate careers. 

During high school she was involved in scholastic meets, the high school newspaper, the yearbook, fast-pitch softball, and Skills USA.

She recently passed her cosmetology boards after completing 1000 hours of instruction.

Karlee has served her peers as a leader in many different organizations.

She has served as a treasurer for Beta Club, reporter for the National Honor Society, vice-president of her senior class, and editor of the yearbook. 

Karlee has also volunteered her time at VBS and Sunday School, assisting younger children.

Karlee has received many awards during her high school years. 

Some of these awards include a distinguished merit for online news reporting, excellent sports photo, superior online news photo, academic award for English II and English III, Skills USA local second place hair and second place make-up. 

Karlee also has a strong work ethic. 

She has worked during the summers at the reading program offered by the Waurika Library and is employed by the Duncan AMC Movie theater.

Working at the theater is very enjoyable for her. She loves being able to see the latest movies for free. 

She will continue working at the theater while taking summer courses as well as her fall semester at Cameron University. By the spring semester she will already be classified as a sophomore. 

Her goal is to finish her degree in three years. She says she is on a fast track and will take classes year around to accomplish her goal.

She plans on majoring in Elementary Education. 

She was inspired by her grandmother Bertha Bersherse, who was a long-time Elementary teacher at Waurika. 

She likes the idea of helping to shape and mold the minds of future generations. 

Education is something she talks about with a gleam in her eye. 

It’s something she feels called to do. 

Karlee will do well as an educator. She is great with kids. One day she will help inspire young people to be the best they can possibly be. 

We wish her well! 


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