Ron Howard is more than just a famous actor (Happy Days and the Andy Griffith Show), and a director from Hollywood. He is also related to Waurika’s Elementary Principal, Mrs. Patricia Cook, by marriage. 

Cook’s husband Bill is a cousin of Howard. He called during December and said he wanted to visit Duncan and see the hospital where he was born and other places related to his childhood. 

The Cooks picked up Howard from the airport and brought him back to their home in Duncan.

They spent an afternoon together. 

Cook said Howard is down to earth, very thoughtful and pleasant to talk to.


  1. Wow!! That’s neat. I was born in the same hospital probably the same time he was born i think in March around my birthday the 13th.

  2. Interested in news there…
    My relatives are the Winslett and Lindesmith Family…
    Have come to the Waurika and Duncan area for years…..

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