A new week is upon us, and I am prayerful that a good rain is behind us before this paper is released.  Sunday morning, we had a very thick fog, which provided a drop to our much needed moisture situation. Our trees are looking like spring is fast approaching.  I just hope that our fruit trees won’t start blooming too soon.

We are still seeing some cases of flu around our community. There have been some that have been hospitalized from it. Some have had a case of pneumonia along with the flu. Prayers to all of our folks that we can stay healthy and well.

The national news for this morning and also yesterday, was the stock market plunging downward. It fell worse on Monday this week, after a pretty bad fall on Friday. Gasoline prices around town are up to nearly $2.49 per gallon. We get spoiled to lower prices at the pump. Things will get better though.

Last week we received an order from our wholesaler that contained a bottle of Citroma. This is a liquid laxative preparation that is packaged in a glass container. It is always wrapped in plastic bubbles, to keep the container from being broken during transit.  When we received it, the lid wasn’t on the bottle very tight, and some of the bottle had leaked into the bubble wrap. Lanette called the wholesaler to report the product so we could obtain credit, and the person on the other end of the phone told her they would issue a return invoice for the product.  We return products quite often, but, in cases like this, they don’t usually ask for the product back. We received the papers to return the product yesterday morning and they had written the reason for the return was “seal was broken item is lickin”. Maybe that was why they wanted the product back. This would be an amazement to me, too.

I didn’t even get a glimpse of the Super Bowl Game. I usually will watch it to see the commercials.  They are usually more interesting than just what we see every day.

Brionna and I went to watch the Ryan Cowboys and Cowgirls basketball games last Tuesday evening.  Our girls and boys put forth a lot of effort, but, they didn’t get ahead of their opponents. They still played well and did their best.

There have been a good number of local folks that have been hired to work at the new casino in Terral. That is great news.  They are still in the hiring phase, so, if anyone is looking for a job, this might be a good place to start applying.

Kim’s news for this week: 

I don’t want to forget to thank Doyle for Ruffy Tuffy’s ride to the vet. Ruffy Tuffy wasn’t very nice, he had to be sedated twice.

So that Rex could hear, Ronnye brought him a funnel for his ear.

Everyone have a blessed week. Remember to pray for rain and for each other.