We’ve made it through yet another week of drastically low temperatures, but on the brighter side, was the weekend. It got up into the 70s on Saturday and Sunday. Now, we are not as cold, but a bit cooler than what we saw this weekend.
This Saturday is our Ryan food distribution from the food bank starting at 10:00am.
Brionna and her group from TKRanch made their trip to Dallas and had a really good time.  They made it over to Plano and saw Karen, and to their surprise, Karen’s sister was able to take Karen so she could go to the movies with her dorm mates.  She and the other women from Dorm #3 had even a better time since Karen was able to be a part with them again.   They went to 2 or 3 different places each day, but, one day they went up into Reunion Tower.  I don’t know that I would have cared for that too much myself.   They got back to the ranch on Thursday afternoon.  Then, on Saturday morning, their dorm mother wound up with the flu.  I called to talk to Brionna Sunday evening and Dianna answered the phone.  I knew from her voice she was sick.  She was trying to keep a distance from the women in the dorm.  I hope she if feeling better now.
When I woke up Saturday morning and turned the television on, the first thing I heard was that we were in a government shutdown.  They announced this morning that our government leaders have come to an agreement and we are okay now until February 8th.
When I woke up this morning, I learned that there was an earthquake just out from Alaska that registered 7.9. This was over 100 miles out from land that the earthquake occurred. In the northeastern part of our country, they are expecting massive floods.  But, thankfully, all is quite in Ryan.
This Saturday is Brionna’s birthday.  She is going to be 28 years old.  Happy Birthday, Brionna!  We are planning to go to Wichita Falls with her grandparents and dorm mates and eat at the Red Robin restaurant.
The flu is beginning to work its’ way back around here.  I have seen many in town that are ill.
Kim’s news for this week:
Praise God for the weather and Joe Toddy is better.
I’ve been riding in the pasture again, in the sunshine and the wind.  Ruffy Tuffy can shake which is nice, I think Foxy has been giving him advice.
Everyone have a blessed week.  Prayers to good health and for rain.


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