It’s very hot and dry around here.  I am thankful that I have an indoor job. I don’t think I could stand to be outside in this heat. 

I attended the city council meeting last Tuesday evening.  There were several younger folks that attended that had been placed on the agenda for the evening.  Sherry and Eddy Pewitt were there to discuss some points of interest with the council.  Dylan Sheffield and Johnny Kimbro also discussed some points of interest to benefit our town’s appearance.  They got together some folks to do some cleaning up of our local business district.  They were working hard this Saturday afternoon. They cleaned the debris from around the pipes under the ramps out here on Washington Street.  They did a lot of work on the flower garden located under to mural on the highway.  They cleaned the area around the drain at the corner in front of the mural. They filled in some pot holes located in our alley behind the north side of Washington business area. They all worked so hard and during the hottest part of the day.  Thanks to all of the folks that participated during this cleaning event.  It was so good to see that there are young people that are taking pride in our community.  Things can get done when there are groups of people that can all work together to better our communities. The city council also approved Macy Wright setting up a firework stand within the city limits.  The council also discussed the need to hire a part time employee during the summer months.  They said this job would pay $10.00 per hour and would allow up to 20 hours per week.  Anyone interested in part time employment, go in to Ryan City Hall and fill out an application. 

This Sunday is Father’s Day and also the day set for the Ryan Cemetery dinner fund raiser.  There are tickets being sold at City Hall for a Yeti cooler and cap, and 2 rifles.  The tickets for the raffle are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.  Go into City Hall if you would like to purchase some tickets.

There will be another sidewalk sale in downtown Ryan on July 6th.  If you missed the first one, then folks will have another chance to check out our local merchants sale items. 

Our Methodist Church members got to meet our new pastor, Christy Clark and her husband Mark,  and son Conrad this past Sunday.  This was Christy’s first Sunday as pastor in our church.  She also preaches at Temple Methodist Church.  We look forward to having her as our pastor. 

I took Brionna back to the Ranch Sunday after church.  She had a little longer stay this time.  I picked her up Saturday evening a week ago so that she could go to church and see Sandy  for the last time serving as our church pastor. She was also wanting to get to meet our new pastor, so, I just let her stay all week so she would be home for both occasions. She got to go to lunch with Terri and Chuck this past Thursday at Circle Dee’s. 

Kim’s news for this week:

Foxy and I have been riding Ruffy Tuffy every day.  They both got their baths on Sunday.  Every morning I’m still able to drink coffee at the Cowboy College Table.  Everyone have a blessed week.

Have a Happy Father’s Day and hope a lot of folks will come out to the school for lunch on that day to help support our Ryan cemetery.  Have a blessed week.  Pray for rain and for each other.


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