What a beautiful morning it was to get up and feel the cool breeze instead of the heat for a change.  I know the forecasters say that we are going to be headed toward 100 on Wednesday, but, it certainly is nice for now, anyway. Sunday morning we had enough precipitation to get the pavement wet. That’s okay, it’s better than nothing.  Our lawns are finally green and it soon will be time to mow again.  I won’t make it 4 weeks between mowing this time.   

There is a baby shower for Rachel (Pollan) and Brandon Sain at the Terral Community Center on August 26th at 3:00pm.  They are expecting a baby boy.  The couple is registered at Walmart and Amazon if people wish to go to the stores or online to purchase gifts. The Ryan Drug Store has a hostess box for them if anyone would like to put their name in as well. 

I stand corrected on the Mayor of our town not rerunning for his seat in the next election.  Terry Grantham is seeking reelection and I do apologize for the miscommunication in last weeks paper. 

Taylor Street is in quite a mess as the city workers are working to repair water lines behind the First Baptist Church. 

Our local merchants are planning another sidewalk sale on Friday, September 7th.  I’m hopeful that our weather will be a bit cooler and more tolerable by that time. 

As I got online this morning to start up my email to begin my article, I am quickly made aware that Google mail has now upgraded their site.  I am a creature of habit and I had to hunt for the compose prompt that was always down in the bottom right corner of the screen.  That is what life is all about–change.  Nothing ever remains constant. 

Kim and her four legged children are well, but, she didn’t provide me with an article this week. 

Everyone have a blessed week.  Pray for rain and each other.


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