My computer is making it difficult for me to write my news for this week. It is not the operator’s fault. I can’t blame myself for this modern technology that has come to pass, it has taken 30 seconds to just get that comma into place. Maybe the computer needs to be rebooted, or, maybe the computer feels the operator needs to be rebooted. I gave up. I went to my iPad. It was dead. So, now I am on my iPhone. I could prompt it to write as I speak , but, that would be a really big mess. Enough said. I will get it done.

I have decided not to close the drug store until the end of the year. I have not found a buyer that would maintain it as an operating pharmacy. To be honest, I haven’t found a buyer period. I can still get some more ads out in other papers and see if there might be someone that might take on this business and keep it running. 

Folks here in the city limits of Ryan, if you have large items that won’t fit into your trash cans, you can have those items picked up free of charge on the 3rd Monday of every month. There is a phone number you can call on your monthly statements from the Town of Ryan. You need to call them on Thursday before the 3rd Monday of that month. There are some concerned residents around town that have been trying to tell our residents of this free service.  There are several property owners around town that have some unsightly piles of old furniture along with other large items, that need to be hauled off.  If you don’t find the number on your statement, call City Hall at 757-2277 and they will give you the number to call.

There is a wedding shower for Shaylee Kimbro on October 14th at 2:00pm at the Ryan First Baptist Church. Her fiancé, Ryan Chester are getting married on December 8th in Chickasha. We will have a hostess box in the drug store for them if folks would like to be a hostess. Congratulations Shaylee and Ryan!

There is a blood drive here in town at the Ryan School this Thursday, October the 4th from 10:00am to 3:00pm. This is short notice.

Sunday after church I went to the store to unload my cokes and when I pulled up, my back door was shattered. It was the act of the rock that was propelled from the lawn mower. I had some ply board and my mowing man helped me put the board into place until I can get a new glass installed. That wasn’t amongst my events planned for the day.  Accidents happen. 

Brionna will be coming home to go to a horse show that Kim invited her to be a part of at the Cowboy Church in Waurika this Saturday morning. Brionna will be excited when I show up to bring her home later this week. We had gone and gotten some western duds for this event when she was home last time, but, the event was cancelled because of the rain we had that weekend. 

Kim’s news for the week:

Saturday, Foxy and I shopped around in Wichita Falls, a big city town. Dog and horse t-shirts is what I found. One of them that Foxy saw said “I don’t go anywhere without my dog”.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for each other.