Ryan High School athletes were honored Monday night in the school’s cafeteria at the annual all-sports banquet.

 A total of 47 athletes were recognized for their accomplishments in the 2018-2019 school year.

 Two Ryan athletes were honored with a new award – Cowboy and Cowgirl Award. Holland Carter, a standout track, cross country and cheerleader, and Travis Fristoe, the school’s only four-sport letterman, were selected for the award.

 Carter was also honored with a special letter jacket given to the girls cross country seniors that finish in the top ten in the state cross country meet. She was also presented with a special award for her contributions to cross country and track the past four years.

 Their names will be on a plaque that will be placed in the lobby of the remodeled Ryan gym before the start of next year’s basketball season.

Ryan Fresmen at Ryan Sports Banquet

 Athletic Director Tony Tomberlin also recognized two people for contributions to the Ryan athletic program. Ricky Phillips, the long-time public address announcer for the Cowboy football team, was presented a football signed by Ryan athletes in recognition of 20 years of service.

Ricky Phillips recognized for being the voice of the Ryan Cowboys for 20 years.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

 This reporter was also recognized for contributions to the Ryan athletic program and was presented with a signed basketball.

Trey Smart was honored for being not only a journalist with distinction but for recording the story of the Cowboys in print.

 Plaques were presented to the graduating seniors that participated in the various sports for the Cowboys and Cowgirls.

 But, the evening belonged to the athletes that participated in the sports of cross country, cheerleading, fast-pitch softball, football, boys basketball, girls basketball, slow-pitch softball, track and field and baseball.

 Letter awards were given to each of the athletes in every sport and special recognition was given to selected athletes in each sport. All-conference, all-district and conference all-stars were also presented certificates during the evening’s activities.

 Coaches Cheryl Carter, Steve Spangler, Tony Tomberlin, Stan Mueggenborg, Austin Masoner and Tony Roberts presented the awards during the evening.

Special recognition was also given to grade school coach Shelly Cain. Tomberlin presented her with five tickets to the Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City for her contribution to the grade school, junior high and high school athletes.

Shelly Cain is presented with five tickets to the Women’s College World Series for her contribution to Ryan Athletics. Photo by Sheree Hanson

 Here’s a list of the student-athletes honored during the evening:

Cross Country

Co-Most Valuable Participants: Lilybet Harmon, Juliet Spangler.

(l-r) Lilybet Harmon and Juliet Spangler
Photo by Sheree Hanson


Lineman of the Year: Sam Brown; Newcomer of the Year: Mike Regehr; Defensive Player of the Year: Travis Fristoe; Offensive Player of the Year: Skyler Parkhill; Most Valuable Player: Grayson Tomberlin.

Ryan Football Awards presented.
(l-r) front row: Andrew Villarreal, Sam Brown, Skyler Parkhill, Travis Fristoe,
and Michael Regehr.
back row: Grayson Tomberlin, Trey Bryant, Kalen Weldon,
 and Pacen Wiest. Photo by Sheree Hanson

Fast-Pitch Softball

Teammate of the Year: Lily York; Most Valuable Player: Juliet Spangler.

Offensive Player of the Year: Samantha Good; Defensive Player of the Year: Laken DeBoard; Most Valuable Player: Emilee Martin.

(l-r) Laken DeBoard, Samantha Good, Kodi Duke, Emilee Martin

Girls Basketball

Newcomer of the Year: Alicen Williams; Most Improved Player: Bailee Martin; Defensive Player of the Year: Lily York; Offensive Player of the Year: Juliet Spangler; Most Valuable Player: Samantha Good.

(l-r) Samantha Good, Juliet Spangler, Lily York, and Alicen Williams.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Boys Basketball

Sixth Man Award: Andrew Villerreal; Mr. Hustle Award: Travis Fristoe; Offensive Player of the Year: Kaine Howard; Defensive Player of the Year: Landen Alexander; Most Valuable Player: Grayson Tomberlin.

(l-r) Back Row: Andrew Villarreal, Kaine Howard.
Front Row: Grayson Tomberlin, Travis Fristoe, and Landen Alexander.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Slow-Pitch Softball

Defensive Player of the Year: Justyce Keith; Offensive Player of the Year: Samantha Good; Most Valuable Player: Emilee Martin.

(l-r) Samantha Good, Emilee Martin, and Justice Keith.
Photo by Sheree Hanson


Most Improve: Daniel Alsup; Co-Most Valuable Players: Travis Fristoe and Pacen Wiest.

(l-r) Pacen Wiest, Travis Fristoe, and Daniel Alsup.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Boys Track

Most Valuable Player: Travis Fristoe.

Girls Track

9th Grade Letters: Landen Alexander (track, boys basketball), Raesh Casebolt (boys basketball, football), Carter Combs (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball, girls basketball), Carson Cooper (football, baseball), Katelynn Dabbs (track, cross country), Danielle Garza (slow-pitch softball), Kaine Howard (boys basketball), Caleb Perrin (football, baseball, boys basketball), Lindsey Reake (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball, girls basketball), Michael Regehr (football, boys basketball), Skylar Wickware (football, boys basketball, baseball), Alicen Williams (cross country, girls basketball, track).

(l-r) Travis Fristoe, Lily York, Holland Carter, and Juliet Spangler

10th Grade Letters: Daniel Alsup (baseball, boys basketball), Trey Bryant (football, basketball, baseball), Crystal Chazaretta (cheerleading), Diamond Chazaretta (slow-pitch softball), Kyla Essary-Phillips (slow-pitch softball), Lilybet Harmon (cheerleading, track, cross country), Eimilee Lowry (cheerleading), Trista Perry (slow-pitch softball), Grayson Tomberlin (football, boys basketball, baseball), Tawny Vanover (cheerleading).

(l-r) Back Row: Grayson Tomberlin, Kodi Duke, and Trey Bryant.
Front Row: Lilybet Harmon, Kyla Essary-Phillips, and Daniel Alsup.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

11th Grade Letters: Brooklyn Charmasson (cheerleading, slow-pitch softball, fast-pitch softball), Samantha Good (fast-pitch softball, girls basketball, slow-pitch softball), Avery Howard (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Savannah Lashley (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Bailee Martin (girls basketball), Gunner Phillips (football, boys basketball, baseball), Walker Rawlings (track), Madisen Rhoades (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Walter Snider (football), Juliet Spangler (cross country, girls basketball, track), Grace Stamper (cheerleading, slow-pitch softball), Andrew Villarreal (football, boys basketball, baseball), Lily York (cross country, girls basketball, track).

(l-r) Back Row: Andrew Villarreal, Juliet Spangler, Savannah Lashley, Avery Howard, Samantha Good, and Gunner Phillips.
Front Row: Lily York, Grace Stamper, Madisen Rhoades, Brooklyn Charmasson.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

12th Grade Letters: Samuel Brown (football, baseball), Holland Carter (cheerleading, cross country, track), Laken Deboard (cheerleading, fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Travis Fristoe (football, boys basketball, track, baseball), Justyce Keith (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Emilee Martin (fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball), Skyler Parkhill (football), Kalen Weldon (football), Pacen Wiest (football, baseball), Justin Williams (football).

(l-r) Back Row: Skyler Parkhill, Kalen Weldon, Pacen Wiest, and Sam Brown.
Front Row: Travis Fristoe, Justyce Keith, Holland Carter, Laken DeBoard, and Emilee Martin.
Photo by Sheree Hanson.