Arrested 10/22/19

COE, MICHAEL LEON of OK; DOB:11/26/76; Failure to Appear, Failure to Pay- Domestic Abuse & Battery.

Arrested 10/24/19

PATTERSON, KOBY BLAKE of Ardmore, OK; DOB: 5/11/83; FTA/FTP Bench Warrant.

Arrested 10/20/19

PICKENS, CHRISTA LANAE ANANECIA of Ardmore, OK; DOB: 7/10/98; Possession of Controlled Substance.

Arrested 10/23/19

RODRIGUEZ, JOHNNY of Ryan, OK; DOB: 9/2/86; Punishment for First Degree Rape, Punishment for First Degree Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault and Battery when Great Bodily Injury is Inflicted, Assault, or Assault and Battery with any Sharp or Dangerous Weapon with Intent to Injure, Possession Schedule 1 or 2 (Except Marijuana and Subsection D) First offense.

Arrested 10/21/19

SCRUGGS, REBECCA ANN of Enid, OK; DOB: 12/16/78; Failure to Appear Warrant. Case # CF-2004-24, CF-2014-16, CF-2016-35, CM-2010-120, CM-2018-148(Disturbing the Peace)

Arrested 10/23/19

TEDFORD, ERIC DEWAYNE of Comanche, OK; DOB: 1/3/75; FTA/FTP:Possession of Controlled Substance, Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Public Intoxication.

Arrested 10/24/19

WAITMAN, BAILEY NICOLE of Paducah, TX; DOB: 12/18/98; DUI.