ADA, Okla. – Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby has named Trevan Jimboy tribal Director of Youth Activities.

Mr. Jimboy is a nine-year employee of the Chickasaw Nation. Prior to promotion, he served as manager of Facility Services.

“Trevan Jimboy understands that engaging young people in positive activities and offering positive role models is vital to their growth and development,” Governor Anoatubby said. “His experience and commitment to Chickasaw youth make him a great fit for this position.” 

Mr. Jimboy will manage many of the youth camps sponsored by the Chickasaw Nation. Youth camps are hosted by several departments throughout the Nation, and the bulk of the specialty camps – such as “Camp Survivor” – will be under his management.

“I am looking forward to working with children,” Mr. Jimboy said. “Being able to come in and make a difference in the lives of Chickasaw children is what attracted me to the position. The Nation is in a unique setting to help youth, to build and encourage athletics and build involved citizens within our respective communities.”

During discussions with Gov. Anoatubby about the position, Mr. Jimboy said he related how coaches encouraged him and helped develop his abilities through mentoring and coaching.

“It meant a lot to me as a student when coaches would say ‘that was a great hit’ or ‘good hustle on the basketball court,’” he said. “I want to bring that same type of mentoring to my new position.”

Mr. Jimboy has been putting coaching and mentoring to work in his own family.

He and wife, Rachel, have five children, and most are involved in extracurricular activities.

Byng High School senior Mikaela is a 17-year-old speech and drama aficionado who will attend East Central University in Ada to study mass communications.

MacKenzie, a 14-year-old Byng freshman, is active on the basketball team. Titus, a 6-year-old Homer Elementary student is active in basketball and in soccer where he participates in a Norman Youth Soccer Organization. Twin daughters Parker and Abigail round out the Chickasaw family. They are 15 months old and are not active in sports … “yet,” Mr. Jimboy proclaimed with a laugh.

The family is large, and Rachel is “Wonder Woman” in the eyes of her husband. Mrs. Jimboy works full time for the Nation as manager of Sick Child Care. She is a registered nurse and has been an employee of the Nation for a decade.