Dist 3 Commissioner

Ricky Martin 169

Macy Lovett   103


Wilkerson        21

Waurika City Com.

Jacob Eck       271


Porterfield       82

Henry Lara    195

James Terry    149

The citizens of Jefferson County went to the polls Tuesday to cast their votes on the State Question 788 and local as well as statewide candidates.

Voters rejected SQ 788 by a narrow margin of 664 – 588.

Voters in precincts 3,4,7,8,10 and early voting favored the SQ 788.

In the 9th precinct 788 received as many no votes as it did yes votes 155.

District 3 voted to keep Ricky Martin as their commissioner. He received 169 votes while Macy Lovett received 103 and Kenneth Wilkerson 21.

The citizens of Waurika re-elected Jacob Eck and Henry Lara.

Eck received 271 votes while his opponent, Rickey Porterfield received 81.

Henry Lara was re-elected by a narrow margin.

Lara received 195 votes. His opponent James Terry received 149. 

Eck said after the election that he was grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Waurika City Commission.

In the close race between Lara and Terry, James Terry actually carried the 5th precinct by two votes 17-15.

 Jefferson county Republican voters cast the majority of their votes for Todd Lamb. He received 192 votes. 

Republican Candidate Kevin Stitt received 59 votes. 

Mick Cornett placed third in the county voting with 52 votes. 

Statewide, Cornett received the most of any Republican candidate—132,122. Kevin Stitt received 110,087 and Todd Lamb received 107,619.

For Lt. Governor, Republican voters in Jefferson county cast 195 votes for Matt Pinnell. Dana Murphy received 135 votes.

Statewide, Dana Murphy received the most votes of any Republican candidates for Lt. Governor—196,017. Matt Pinnell received 152,716.

Jefferson County Republicans cast 196 votes for Cindy Byrd for State Auditor. Byrd received the most votes statewide—203,373.

Mike Hunter did well in both the state and Jefferson County on the Republican ticket. He received 212 votes in Jefferson County and 190,710 statewide. 

Joy Hofmiester received the most Republican votes statewide (200,159) but actually came in second in Jefferson County. Will Farrell received one more vote than her in Jefferson County (159). 

Cathy Costello, candidate for Comm. of Labor,  received the most Republican Votes both in Jefferson County (149) and in the state (180,936).

For Insurance Commissioner Republican voters in Jefferson County cast the majority of their votes (205). However, statewide, Glen Mulready received the most votes (218,128). 

Republican Bob Anthony raked in the most votes at both the county and the state level. He received 189 from the county voters and 196,612.

Congressman Tom Cole picked up 293 votes in Jefferson County while his opponent, James Taylor drew 150 votes. Statewide, Cole received over 50,000 votes and Taylor brought in over 30,000.

On the Libertarian Ticket, Chris Powell received 3 votes from Jefferson county and 1,724 statewide.

On the Democratic ballot, Drew Edmondson drew the most votes in Jefferson County and statewide. In Jefferson County he received 443 votes and statewide received 242,071.

The Democratic race for Lt. Governor is tight. In Jefferson County voters favored Anna Dearmore with 384 votes. Anastasia Pittman received 250.

Statewide Pittman received 188,000 votes while Dearmore brought in 185,000. (average on both counts).

Democratic voters for Comm. of Labor at both the county and state level overwhelmingly favored Fred Dorrell. He received 537 votes in the county and around 268,000 statewide. Sam Mis-soum picked up 83 votes in Jefferson County and around 97,000 statewide. 

Ashley Nicole McCray, Democrat for Corporation Commissioner picked up 222 votes, Blake Cummings 192, Beau Williams 143 in Jefferson County. Statewide the gap was much wider. 

McCray earned over 180,000 votes and her nearest competitor Blake Cummings only garnered a little over 81,000. 

On the Democratic side, candidates for the seat currently held by Tom Cole are running neck and neck. 

Fred Gipson (See story above), picked up the most votes in Jefferson County (260) and statewide picked up a little over 22,000 votes. 

The other candidates, Mary Brannon, and Mallory Varner were close behind. Brannon received 167 and Varner received 101. 

Statewide Gipson and Brannon are the top two candidates that will possibly have a runoff in the fall before the upcoming general election. 


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