To say that the first Cleanup day in Waurika was a huge success would be an understatement.

Jane Carter cleaning at Sorosis Park

Several volunteers arrived bringing lawnmowers, farm equipment, rakes, shovels, and leaf blowers.

By the end of the day this past Saturday, downtown Waurika, Sorosis Park, and Centennial Park, along with other areas were very much improved.

Craig Williams even sent some of his employees down to help in the process.

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way.

Michael Bryant Jr trimming the walking track within Centennial Park.
Charles Wadsworth drops off some limbs.
Melicia McFadden
Michael Bryant Sr. mowed Centennial Park.
Jacob Eck is taking down the Movie Theater sign downtown.
Jerry Wallace cleaned up the excess dirt on D Street and leveled the ground adjacent to the sidewalk on the north side of Centennial Park.
Colton Bryant trimming around the swing sets at the park.
Monica Bartling sweeping the sidewalk on D Street.
Bob Aldrige getting rid of the leaves with his leaf blower.
Houston Scott removing debris from the Centennial Park
Lauren Nitschke organized the First Christian Youth for the cleanup day.
Jim Schaffner loading up one of the trucks with limbs.
Heather Bryant picking up leaves and garbage at the park.
Pat Gaines used his chainsaw to trim back the trees.
Elizabeth Scott oiling up her shears for trimming.


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