The list of improvements to the Waurika Schools is lengthy and impressive. 

Visitors to the website will notice quite a change. There is a professionally produced video with drone shots and scenes of a refurbished school complete with new computers and technology.

Other improvements include: Completely renovated bathrooms at the High School and the Elementary Schools.

Renovated basketball concession stand. Power washed and repainted football stadium.

There is a new fence going in at the softball field. 

Waurika is enjoying an increase in enrollment. As of right now there are 466 students attending school this year. 

There is a STEM lag in the middle school. 

There are upgrades  in the Agriculture shop. There are new welders, welding booths, tools and a rod oven.

Fans will be glad to learn there are new cameras installed to view all football and basketball games online. medium=display&utm_campaign=uo21&utm_content=mix_3 00x250_websiteclicks_ros_standard