We hope everyone had a wonderful Happy New Year’s eve. We enjoyed a fun party with our decorated champagne glasses, drinking white grape juice and enjoying delicious snacks. We did a toast to good health. We didn’t make any New year’s Resolutions because we knew we would break them. 

We are enjoying some beautiful flower arrangements. A special thanks to Maynell Walker for sharing them with us. Our continued prayers for her and the family of Kenneth. He was a sweet, kind and caring man. 

Again, we would like to thank everyone who helped make our Christmas so wonderful from bringing cards, lotions, blankets and visits. 

We really appreciate you.

A few more names given to me were FCCLA and Mrs. Bruner, Stacy Dalton, Comanche School for the beautiful cards and Amber Samek for the Arborne lotion and candy canes in the festive socks. Thanks again. 

A special thanks to Harold Burden for the large bag of stuffed animals. 

We really appreciate Brother Mike and Peggy Bates and Ron Switzer for their faithfulness in coming every Monday for Bible Study and singing. Also to Joyce Garrett of Garrett’s Flower Shop for the beautiful flowers each month for our resident birthdays.

May everyone have a blessed, wonderful 2019.

Happy New Year from Westbrook.


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