The council voted to apply for a grant that will enable the town of Ryan to purchase new electronic water meters that will be more accurate and tamper proof.

 If the REAP grant is awarded to the town of Ryan, the new meters will allow city employees to accurately read the meters with electronic equipment. The meters can also notify city employees automatically if anyone tampers with them in anyway. 

This will cut down on citizens turning the water meters on and off without notifying city hall. This has been an ongoing problem for some time. 

In other business, Dennis Underwood addressed the council about the instillation of a Christmas Tree in the intersection of 5th and Washington during the Christmas Season. 

Coach Stan Mueggenborg will be constructing the permanent tree stand that will be embedded in the center of the intersection. He assured the council members that it will be done professionally and will not detract from the aesthetics of the brick street. 

The council agreed to let the project go forward. 

Some at the meeting were wondering why city employees no longer decorated business downtown with Christmas lights. It was explained that this tradition was stopped because it is a liability to the Town of Ryan for its employees to be decorating private businesses. 

Business owners are free to decorate their businesses for the Christmas Season if they so wish. 

There was also a vote to allow other members of the city council to sign and receive REAP grant awards. 

In other business, it was decided that a calender will be utilized to schedule use of city owned property such as the city park. 

Anyone wanting to use the park in the future will need to stop by city hall and reserve the date. At this time there is no cost for using the park. 

During the meeting all the bills and claims were paid. 

The council also voted to raise the pay of Michelle Mellow $87.50 per pay period. 

It was noted during the meeting that Michelle Mellow does not sign checks. 

Dylan Sheffield addressed the council on behalf of the Regeneration and Community Beautification Group and informed them of a fundraiser scheduled for Sunday September 16th. The group is also scheduling a Fall Festival in October. 

Once all business was dispensed with, the meeting was adjourned. 


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