We are expanding our Buried Fiber Internet Service to all the Communities along Highway 81 up to Chickasha. 

Buried Fiber Internet directly to the Premise is the Gold Standard for Internet Services that require maximum speeds upstream and downstream. 

Since the COVID19 pandemic there has been high demand for Distance Learning, Zoom meetings, and Telemedicine. All of these two way video services require fast speeds in both directions. All other Internet connections can’t offer these speeds. 

81 “True Fiber” Internet brings the fiber directly to your home or business. Some companies that offer “Fibet Internet” only have fiber to the town or neighborhoods, then they use old outdated lines to bring it to your premises. This limits speeds to the capacity of those old lines. 

Since you’re only as fast as your weakest connection, once we bring our True Fiber to your house or business, we provide a gigabit router that provides these great speeds directly to your devices over Super Fast WiFi. 

Our Gigabit True Fiber network will provide communities the maximum speeds and reliability the Internet has to offer. Streaming Video, Teleconferencing, Telemedicine, E-commerce, Gaming, and Security Cameras all require True Fiber to work best. 

True Fiber Internet provides the infrastructure to grow our communities, improve our healthcare, and advance our education. We are providing the tools for next generation Internet services that will give our customers the competitive advantage they deserve. 

81Broadband is a DBA of Terral Telephone Company www.81broadband.com