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Monday, June 1, 2020

Thunder Reading Challenge


Ace Dyer, Bella Morrison, and Lundee Brackett are the 1st grade winners for the Thunder Reading challenge for the month of March! 

Waurika and Ryan FCCLA Banquets

Waurika and Ryan recently held their annual FCCLA Banquets.

Waurika FCCLA Banquet

The Annual FCCLA Awards Banquet was held on April 17.  This year’s banquet theme was “It’s a Shore Thing” and followed a nautical theme.  Tables were decorated with a variety of nautical items, a lighthouse mural and nautical flags were hung, and a “Seas the Day” bulletin board completed the scene. Following a meal with fish donated by Bill’s Catfish, members and their guests enjoyed a slide show which highlighted activities carried out by FCCLA this year.  Adviser Suzy Bruner presented awards to members and Senior Brooklyn Sampley presented the FCCLA “Salutes” Award to Principal Nat Lunn as a show of thanks for the support he has shown the group.

 Awards were given to:

2017-18 Officers  

Pres. – Nicole Burton

VP of Service-Hope Cummings

VP of Fundraising-Brooklyn Sampley

Treasurer- Brooklyn Barnes

Sec. – Braden Woods

Reporter – Hannah Owens

Historian – Gabi Torrez


FCCLA Competitive Events 

Mallory Adkins – Creed Speaking, 2nd place district

Kaytlyn Williams – New member Facts Test, 2nd place district

Hope Cummings and Brooklyn Barnes – Illustrated Talk over “Mean Girls”, 2nd place district

Brooklyn Sampley – Focus on Children over nutrition, 3rd place regionals


Top Salesman, Tom Watt

1st year member Trinity Barnes sold $306.50. 


Top Salesman, Cookie Dough

Jr. Hayden Brown sold $208.  


Top Five Members

The Top Five Member award is decided by the participation points that are kept throughout the year.  

Mallory Adkins – 1st yr member

Trinity Barnes-1st yr member

Landry Forsyth – 1st year member

Grace Hill -1st yr member

Kaytlyn Williams – 1st year member


 Service Award

The FCCLA Service Award is presented to a member who has earned more points by participating in service projects than any other member.  

8th grader Kaytlyn Williams

Senior Recognition  

Kamie Gilmore (1st yr member)

Reagan McKelroy (1st yr member)

Brooklyn Sampley (3rd yr member)

Braden Woods (5 yr member)

Ryan FCCLA Banquet

Ryan elected their new officers for 2018-2019: Laken DeBoard, Holland Carter, Haley Poage, Keylee Switzer, Juliett Spangler, Tawny Vanover, Lilly York, and Emilee Martin

They also recognized fundraisers top sellers: Haley Poage, Emilee Lowry, & Liberti Sewell

2018-2019 officers: Laken DeBoard, Holland Carter, Haley Poage, Keylee Switzer, Juliett Spangler, Tawny Vanover, Lilly York, and Emilee Martin
Photo by Sheree Hanson
top sellers: Haley Poage, Emilee Lowry, & Liberti Sewell
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Senior Morgan McGhgy
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Cole Statement on the Passage of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04) released the following statement after the passage of H.R. 4, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. The bill was passed in the House by a vote of 393-13 with Cole’s support.

The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 reauthorizes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through 2023.

“The Federal Aviation Administration plays a critical role in the safety and transparency of our air travel, and I am pleased that it was passed today with broad support,” said Cole. “The FAA also has a significant impact on Oklahoma’s economy and workforce as one of the largest employers in the state.”

“Furthermore, I am pleased that the proposal to privatize Air Traffic Control (ATC) was not included in the final bill. A privatized ATC would be unfair and would endanger the transparency and standards of the aviation industry. Privatization would also pose harm to the federal workforce, especially to facilities like the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma, which employs 6,200 federal workers.”

“Congress has always provided key oversight of the FAA and ATC to keep our skies safe and efficient. Because of its balanced approach to regulation and operational standards, the FAA has made our skies the safest and most reliable airspace in the world.”

Postmaster, Shirley Gaines Honored for 40 Years of Service


 In her private office at the Waurika Post Office the walls are covered with framed recognitions for her commitment to the U.S. Post Office. 

The latest one contains a framed recognition pin with a ruby setting congratulating her for 40 years of service. 

 Her first job with the postal service began years ago in Shelbyville, Missouri where she lived with her husband Kenneth. It was he who talked her into being a clerk in the post office there. That job only lasted for a short while. 

However, when she moved back to Oklahoma she went to work for the Comanche post office and stayed 8 years. 

After Comanche she applied for the Postmaster job in Mannsville and got it. Next, she went to Wilson as Postmaster. 

She says it has been a great 40 years. Shirley has had a great life.

Shirley was born and raised in this part of the country. She grew up near where the Grandview school is now. 

She met her late husband Kenneth on Valentines Day. He was serving at Ft. Sill at the time. They married six months later. One of their children was born on February 12th and the other born on the 14th. 

Kenneth was from Missouri, thus the reason for them being there when Shirley found her first job for the post office. 

She acknowledges that her faith in God has been important to her and has seen her through the years. She is also grateful for the people she works with, she has a good staff. 

Forty years has gone by fast but they have been good years. 

Waurika FCCLA Attends State Convention


Sixteen members of Waurika FCCLA have recently returned from the 72nd annual Oklahoma State FCCLA Convention.  The meeting was held on April 12, 2018, in the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. This year’s theme was “Leadership Land” and followed a “breaking news” newscast format.  Students received a great motivational message from well-known keynote speaker, Hoan Do. “He equipped the students with skills for keeping a positive attitude, defeating negative self-talk and flexing their courage muscle with his fun, uplifting ‘That was Whack’ talk”, according to Suzy Bruner, Waurika FCCLA Adviser.  Waurika students also attended a break-out session with Do where they mixed with other members and got practice refining goals.  FCCLA is a vocational student organization that is open to students who are taking, or have taken, a Family and Consumer Science class.  It focuses on personal and career development skills, such as leadership, decision making and character development. 

Annual Rattlesnake Hunt Photos and Competition Results


Here are the results from this year’s rattlesnake hunt competitions:

Waurika Rattle Snake Hunt King and Queen Candidates. (l-r) Baikley Taylor (Miss Hatching Queen), Aspen Fox, (not pictured – Lillian White), Landon Perry (Hatchling King), Sage Mayfield (Rattlesnake King), Anna Lewis, and Roxy Cathey (Ragglesnake Queen). Photo by Curtis Plant
The winner of the $500 cash was Otto Brink.
(Submitted Photo)
Sunday’s Team Rattlesnake Sacking Contest:
3rd place- Robert Lemus and Roger Wilkerson (Submitted photo)
Saturday’s Team Rattlesnake Sacking Contest:
1st Place
Sunday’s Team Rattlesnake Sacking Contest:
2nd place- Dave Thomas from Irwin, PA Landon Schulze from Early, TX (Submitted photo)


Saturday’s Team Rattlesnake Contest:
2nd Place
Sunday’s Team Rattlesnake Sacking Contest:
1st Place
Randy Wilson and his daughter Brandi Meek from Bridgeport, TX
(Submitted Photo)
Saturday’s Team Rattlesnake Sacking Contest
3rd Place
Tanner Gardner from Viola, KS
Shayer Johnson from Clearwater, KS
(Submitted photo)

Terral News and Happenings


Quote Of The Day- “Those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others.” -Booker T. Washington

   CITY WIDE CLEAN UP- The Town of Terral will have a City Wide Clean Up on April 20-21st., Friday and Saturday. Roll offs will be placed on the corner of E. Apache & N. Fourth on Friday Morning April 20th. Anyone who pays a trash bill monthly is welcome to use the roll offs. Let’s take pride in our town and use this time to clean up. 

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU- Clifford Duke partied on April 9th. “81” years. Rick Gambill will celebrate on the 11th.

 TERRAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Attention to all students: It is time to apply for Terral Alumni Scholarships. The following are eligible to apply: 1) Have graduated or will be graduating from Ryan High School. 2) Are attending or will be attending an accredited institution of higher learning full time, 12 hours per semester. 3) Reside in the Terral, Oklahoma district. Terral Alumni Association does not discriminate in its scholarship program on the basis of race. The committee will be making the final decision for the scholarships in April. The applicant receiving this scholarship must be enrolled and confirmed by the institution’s registrar before the check is mailed directly to the institution in the fall and in the spring. If you have not received a scholarship application in the mail and are interested in applying, please contact Karen Gunter, 580-437-2347.

   COMMUNITY PRAYER LIST- Tony Rodriguez, Brenda Bryant, Archie Fulton, Scotty Day, Tom Baysinger, Sue Linton, Martin Villarreal, Sr., Joe Martin, Adam White, Mary Loo Duke, Flor

ita Villarreal, Glen Martin, Robert Harnois, Esther Grimes, Marie Pollan, Virginia Taner, Darlene Hall, T.K. Delaney, Manuel Villarreal, Shana Reed and our military stationed around the world. May God keep you in his loving care.

Round Ryan April 19 2018

Ryan Main Street

Well, we have had a blessed week, weather wise this past week.  We have again seen extreme temperatures from the 90s one day to the 50s the next.  Winds that would nearly blow you away. We nearly had some rain Friday morning.  I woke up and it was lightning, but, when I turned the light on outside, the concrete was dry.  Maybe this week we will have better chances of precipitation coming possibly Friday and Saturday.  I am hoping that we won’t see anymore freezing temperatures until next fall.  I got out yesterday and mowed my weeds.  I didn’t see any grass among what I was mowing.  The plant with the little purple flowers was abundant, but, it looked like it was turning brown.  

I went to Amarillo Saturday morning and the winds were blowing at more than 30 mph.  I made it over to see Randy and made it back home again safely Saturday evening.  

There are 2 wedding showers scheduled this month.  Morgan Good’s shower is Sunday, April 29, from 2-4 pm at the Ryan Church of Christ.  They are registered at Dillard’s, Target, and Walmart.  Also, on April 22, at 2:00 pm at the Ryan First Baptist Church, Larimey Curtis and his fiancee. There is a hostess box for each of the 2 couples at the Ryan Drug Store if folks would like to just put in some money for either of the couples.

The Ryan food bank will be distributing food on April 28th.  

We received news from our Methodist District Superintendent last week, that our pastor, Sandy Shepherd is going to be assigned  up around the Tulsa area to two new churches for her.  She expressed a need to be relocated if possible, to be closer to her mother, that has had some concerning health issues.  We are sad to lose her, but we are certainly glad that she will be in a location that will get her closer to her mom.  Mark, her husband, has been quite an asset in our church, too.  He has sung some solos on several occasions, and is certainly blessed with a beautiful voice.  Our church doesn’t know at this time what pastor will be assigned to our church.  We will be in prayer for  receiving our pastor, whomever they assign us.

Kim’s news for this week:

Foxy is a cowdog chick.  Riding Ruffy Tuffy is her best trick.

Cowboys don’t cry, Ride Foxy ride.

Her favorite pastime of all is playing with her silly-ball.  She can raise her paw and praise God!

Everyone have a blessed week. Please pray for rain and for each other.

Candidates File for Local Offices

 The deadline for filing for office in this year’s elections was this past Friday afternoon at 5pm. 

Four filed for seats on the Waurika City Commission. 

Two of those candidates Jacob Eck and Henry Lara are seeking re-election. Eck and Lara both drew opponents.

Also filing for a seat on the Waurika City Commission are James Terry and Rickey Porterfield.

In the race for county commissioner Rickey Martin drew two opponents. Rickey will be running for re-election against Kenneth Blevins and Macey Lovett. 

Bryce Bohot did not draw an opponent in his bid for re-election as a commissioner in District 1. 

Nobody filed to run against Sandra Watkins for the office of County Assessor. 

Emily Follis will also run unopposed for her re-election bid for the office of County Treasurer. 

Jefferson County’s Associate District Judge, Dennis Gay, did not draw an opponent. 

District Attorney, Jason Hicks, is also unopposed. 

State Rep. Marcus McEntire will return to his seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, Dist. 50, without having to face a challenger. 

Ryan Students Celebrate Beta Club Banquet

Ryan Beta Club Members Photo by Sheree Hanson

Ryan students recently held their annual Beta Club banquet. 

During the ceremony new members were inducted, and others, including seniors were recognized. 

This year’s Oklahoma State Beta Convention Winners are as follows:

Tawny Vanover – Runner-up American History

Daneil Alsup – Winner Math

Laken DeBoard – Runner Up Agriculture. 

(l-r) Ryan Senior Beta Club members:
Cara Williams, Randi Linton, Mckenzie Lewis, Michael Gore, Dawson Tomberlin,
and Tate Kimbro
Photo by Sheree Hanson
New Beta Club members in no particular order:
Samantha Good, Ebony Marquez, Daniel Alsup, Emerald Chazaretta, Emilee Lowry, Tawny Vanover, Brooklyn Charmasson, Lily York, Madison Rhoades, Kodi Duke, Grayson Tomberlin, Juliet Spangler
Photo by Sheree Hanson
Ryan Beta Club Members
Photo by Sheree Hanson