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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Round Ryan May 10 2018

Ryan Main Street

We’ve been blessed with another great week and we got 2.2 inches of rain on Thursday.  This was quite a downpour.  It was wonderful to have gotten any.  There is more just around the corner looks like on Sunday and Monday.  We are beginning to expect highs each day around the 90 degree area.  Get ready for Sunday, though, the high is expected to be 79.  Please be sure to keep yourselves well hydrated if you go outside on these hot days.  There have been a lot of folks that are experiencing low blood pressure, that, come to find out, their problem was associated with dehydration. 

I attended Brother Bob Waitman’s funeral, or better referred to as the celebration of his life, last week.  There were law officials out directing traffic off of Hwy 81.  Cars were being parked across from the church, and folks were being shuttled in local church buses.  There was a great attendance.  I would guess there to be close to a thousand attended his service.  What a tribute it was to him.  There were 3 folks that got up and preached–Mark Kunkel, Bubba Clark, and his son, Bobby Don Waitman.  All three of them had such fine things to say about Brother Bob.  He was loved by so very  many around this community and far beyond. You could tell what an impression he made on folks by the number of people that attended his service. 

This coming Friday, May 11th, will be our Ryan United Methodist Church UMW annual Mother’s Day Bake Sale.  The sale will start at 10:00am in front of the Ryan Drug Store.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated. 

This Saturday, the Ryan Seniors will be having their graduation ceremony.  I am going to pick up Brionna Thursday so that she can attend it with me. 

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I am going to pick Mom up Saturday morning for Sherry to fix her hair, then, on Sunday, bring her back over for church.  I haven’t brought her to church with us lately.  I think she will be glad to get to get out of the home for an outing, anyway. 

The town of Ryan will be chopping wood on Saturday, May 19th, from 8:30am to 9:30am out at the Ryan dump grounds, west of town. This is a free service offered to folks from our community.  It is also weather permitting.

The Ryan Cemetery committee will be meeting at 5:00pm on May 14th at Ryan City Hall.  This will be to finalize plans for the fund raising dinner being planned on Father’s Day.

There is a blood drive at the Ryan Senior Citizen Center on Tuesday, May 15th from 3:00pm to 6:30pm.

Kim’s news from the Cowboy College this week:

Brother Bob’s passing away was sad, But, I’ll see him in Heaven and I am glad.

Ronnye–Dustan did care that you brought your lawn chair.

Thanks for the knowledge from the Cowboy College.

Everyone have a blessed week and a Happy Mother’s Day.  Please pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan October 4 2018

Ryan Main Street

My computer is making it difficult for me to write my news for this week. It is not the operator’s fault. I can’t blame myself for this modern technology that has come to pass, it has taken 30 seconds to just get that comma into place. Maybe the computer needs to be rebooted, or, maybe the computer feels the operator needs to be rebooted. I gave up. I went to my iPad. It was dead. So, now I am on my iPhone. I could prompt it to write as I speak , but, that would be a really big mess. Enough said. I will get it done.

I have decided not to close the drug store until the end of the year. I have not found a buyer that would maintain it as an operating pharmacy. To be honest, I haven’t found a buyer period. I can still get some more ads out in other papers and see if there might be someone that might take on this business and keep it running. 

Folks here in the city limits of Ryan, if you have large items that won’t fit into your trash cans, you can have those items picked up free of charge on the 3rd Monday of every month. There is a phone number you can call on your monthly statements from the Town of Ryan. You need to call them on Thursday before the 3rd Monday of that month. There are some concerned residents around town that have been trying to tell our residents of this free service.  There are several property owners around town that have some unsightly piles of old furniture along with other large items, that need to be hauled off.  If you don’t find the number on your statement, call City Hall at 757-2277 and they will give you the number to call.

There is a wedding shower for Shaylee Kimbro on October 14th at 2:00pm at the Ryan First Baptist Church. Her fiancé, Ryan Chester are getting married on December 8th in Chickasha. We will have a hostess box in the drug store for them if folks would like to be a hostess. Congratulations Shaylee and Ryan!

There is a blood drive here in town at the Ryan School this Thursday, October the 4th from 10:00am to 3:00pm. This is short notice.

Sunday after church I went to the store to unload my cokes and when I pulled up, my back door was shattered. It was the act of the rock that was propelled from the lawn mower. I had some ply board and my mowing man helped me put the board into place until I can get a new glass installed. That wasn’t amongst my events planned for the day.  Accidents happen. 

Brionna will be coming home to go to a horse show that Kim invited her to be a part of at the Cowboy Church in Waurika this Saturday morning. Brionna will be excited when I show up to bring her home later this week. We had gone and gotten some western duds for this event when she was home last time, but, the event was cancelled because of the rain we had that weekend. 

Kim’s news for the week:

Saturday, Foxy and I shopped around in Wichita Falls, a big city town. Dog and horse t-shirts is what I found. One of them that Foxy saw said “I don’t go anywhere without my dog”.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for each other.

Round Ryan January 3 2019

Ryan Main Street

Happy New Year to everyone! 2019 started out the year on a pretty cold note with some winds to make it feel even colder. We are in the season of winter, so, this is to be expected. The forecasters are predicting we might get some form of precipitation beginning on Wednesday evening, going over into Thursday, with highs of 34 degrees. 

I have had Brionna with me for a good little while and took her back to the Ranch on Sunday after we got out of church. I had a lot of things to tend to at the store and I spent hours there after I got back from taking her. I went back early Monday and picked her up to come back to the store for our last day of business as a drug store. We gave and received a lot of hugs and shed a few tears in the process as we finalized our last day. We have to look forward in our lives when we make decisions that affect our own lives and, also, the lives of so many others, too.  I have noticed as time travels along, our bodies and minds can’t take as much as we have grown to be accustomed to. Having an aging parent, a daughter, and a mother-in-law that has just lost her husband of 62 years, and a business that demanded a great deal of my time and efforts, this was what I felt I had to do. I have been blessed with nearly 30 years of business in this town, and Brionna has been a part of it her whole life. She has been part of this business and she has enjoyed being part of it. She hasn’t known any other way of life outside of this drug store. Time will go on and tomorrow’s will come and go, but, we need to be thankful for each day that we’ve been given and look forward to whatever is in store for the future. God has control of the fate of each and every one of us, and, that is comforting to keep in mind. 

Kim’s news for this week:

What a wonderful Christmas me, Ruffy Tuffy, and Foxy had. On Christmas Day, Foxy and I went to my Dad’s, and on Christmas Eve I had lunch with Gail and Steve.

A Note from Mollye

For several years, I have made a commitment to Curtis to write an article for ‘Round Ryan News column. I took over writing when my mom’s mind began to fail her. Joyce would call me that she hadn’t gotten Mom’s article, so, there were several occasions that I would write her news for her and nobody ever knew the difference (I don’t think). Mom was at a point that she felt they needed to find another writer for the column, and then, they asked me to write the column. Now, I would like to pass on the invitation to see if there might be another individual from around town that might be willing to take on this task.  I have thought of several folks that are connected to the community, but, I will see if maybe someone will come forward to volunteer to keep this column going. If someone out there is interested, please let me or Curtis know. I still plan to be an active part of Ryan, but, I just want to see if someone else might be interested.

Everyone have a Blessed 2019 and ask God to guide us throughout each day of all of our lives. I love you all!

Round Ryan April 26 2018

Ryan Main Street

 We have gotten some much needed rain this past weekend. Our rain started out as a fine mist at about 5:00am Saturday morning.  It went into thundering and heavier rain that morning.  The sun stayed behind the clouds most of the day and we wound up with nearly 2 inches of rain by the end of the day.  Sunday was a beautiful day. We will be looking forward to receiving more rain this week, it looks like starting Wednesday. 

   I drove to Waurika today, and glory be, we no longer have to go across the by-passes that we have been going across for several months now on Hwy 81 between Ryan and Sugden.  We still have a 35mph speed limit at the first section of road construction. 

   This Sunday, there will be the wedding shower for Morgan Good and her fiancé, at the Ryan Church of Christ.  The couple is registered at Dillards, Target, and Walmart.  There is also a hostess box at Ryan Drug Store.

   Dana Major has the solution to stepping on the scales and being greatly disappointed–she told us to just roll the dial back on the scales before you step on them.  We got a good laugh out of her suggestion.  I asked what you do if you have digital scales, but I don›t think she heard me. 

   I attended a meeting concerning the Ryan Cemetery this evening. Plans are underway for the yearly Ryan Cemetery Dinner, scheduled again this coming Father›s Day.  More news later on this event as it gets closer to the date. 

   This Saturday is the day for the Ryan Food Bank food distribution, beginning at 10:00am. This next Tuesday will be the Ryan City Council Meeting at 6:00. It›s hard to believe that it will be May 1st already, this coming Tuesday.

   Brionna will be coming home for a few days this week.  She looks forward to coming home so she can attend some of our local events and she can visit with folks around town.  I am looking forward to her coming, too.

  Kim’s news for this week:

Do you know what›s weird?–Dustan tagging his beard.

Foxy loves going to the store, because my co-workers spoil her more and more.

I visited Joe Turner, it was nice, he gave me good horse-training advice.

  We have quite a few folks from Ryan that are in need of prayer.  Without mentioning names, please lift up folks from our community and ask God to watch over them.

  Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and each other.

Round Ryan June 21 2018

Ryan Main Street

Summer is officially here by the time this paper gets circulated on Thursday morning.  I thought it arrived about a month or more ago, based on our temperatures we’ve seen.  Electric bills are getting higher and we are still in great need of rain.  The weather forecasters are predicting that this week we might have a pretty good chance to get some of that moisture.  Outdoor plants are beginning to shrivel up unless they get a regular watering.  Crops are suffering in the fields and ponds can sure use a replenishing, too.

The group of folks that worked so hard on helping to make our town look better, was treated to a lunch by Laura Jackson at The Parlor on Saturday a week ago.  There was even one individual that was not a member of the group, that drove down from Oklahoma City, just to help with the clean up around Ryan.  He got up early Saturday morning to arrive in Ryan by 7:15am to get with the group.  He worked all morning and into the afternoon in the scorching heat.  This individual is Rick Blanchard, son of Theresa Blanchard.  Rick grew up in Ryan and graduated from high school here, too. If this doesn’t make us feel guilty, that there are folks that live in this town, that wouldn’t bother to begin to help make this town look like a town with a lot of pride and people that care about how their town looks. Thanks to Rick, and again to all the rest of the folks that worked so hard together.

Next thing on my list is the Ryan cemetery dinner that took place on Father’s Day.  There was about $12,000 taken in from the meals, auction, and the raffle tickets that were sold. There was a good crowd that came in for the dinner.  Macy Lovett won the rifle and Norman West won the Yeti cooler.  Congratulations to those two.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this event as successful as what it was.  There were a lot of hard workers before, during, and after this event.  Dustan Bryant put out some really good tasting smoked meats for the dinner.  There were a great number of desserts for the meal and for the auction.  The auction brought in $1150.00 and the raffle tickets brought in $2000.00.  The rest was generated from donations and money from the dinners that were served.  There are a lot of people that deserve a pat on the back for making this happen, and thanks to all of them.  It was a great meal and our cemetery can be taken care of a little while longer without having to dip into our city’s moneys. 

There is a shower box for Macie Jo Wright’s wedding at the Ryan Drug Store.  Macie is marrying Austin Masoner from Waurika.  Their shower is July 29th from 2-4pm at the Ryan Church of Christ Fellowship Hall. 

Kim’s news for this week:

I’m so glad for all our Dad’s. By the way, Happy Father’s Day!

This week, I can’t complain, but, we could sure use a rain.  For that, the Lord we should seek. Everyone have a blessed week.

Please remember to continue to ask for blessings of rain, and as Kim said, everyone have a blessed week.  Please pray for each other, too.

Round Ryan May 17 2018

Ryan Main Street

It’s been a great week, but, this is the first week that we’ve not been blessed with a bit of rain.  Maybe this week, we will have a better opportunity for some, if the Lord is willing.  The days are now nearly constant for highs in the 90s.  I try to get any outdoor work that needs to be taken care of done early in the mornings.  It doesn’t take long for our seasons to pass, anymore.

This past week has been a busy week for most folks around Ryan.  Brionna and I went up to Waurika to Doc’s Place to eat dinner Thursday evening.  Brionna had fried shrimp and I had a grilled pork chop with peach chutney.  It was a very good meal. 

Saturday evening, we attended the Ryan graduation ceremony/  I was surprised that they didn’t have a guest speaker, but, they don’t always have 2 Valedictorians and 2 Salutatorians either.  Take Kimbro and McKenzie Lewis shared the spots for the Valedictorian of the class, and Dawson Tomberlin and Cara Williams, shared the spots for the Salutatorian. Each one of them gave a speech.  Cara Williams, along with her speech, played her guitar and sang a song.  She is very talented young lady.  Congratulations to all of the Ryan graduates.  Good luck to all of you and God be with you all.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and Brionna and I made it to church.  Edna had commented in Sunday School, that she hoped someone from her family would be there at church with her.  She did indeed have both Natalie and Leslie with her husband, David. After church, I decided not to go home to cook for use, but, instead, headed to eat out at Bill’s.  It seemed like we had to park about a half mile away from the restaurant, but, they were packed.  We stood outside for a while, then went inside the entryway and stood for another while.  I saw Ramona Bryant and got to talk to her for a little while.  She is living in Duncan at an independent living facility that is only about a year old.  She really does like it where she is.   We also ran into Joyce and Lynn Plant while we were standing outside.  They had their kids and some of their families there, too.  We finally got to sit on the benches and visit for a little bit.  I told Joyce that you have to be really hungry for Bill’s fish to have to wait for as long as we did.  Our final wait was about an hour and a half.  It was all worth it, though.  The fish and hush puppies and the cole slaw, were all delicious.  Then, to top off our meal, they brought all the mothers out a chocolate covered strawberry for dessert. I imagine most restaurants were pretty crowded with families, trying to get Moms out of the kitchens.

We didn’t get over to see Mom as I had originally planned.  I had a cold and didn’t want to get around Mom or the other residents in the home.  I called her and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day, though.  My brother, Mel, took her out to eat there in Nocona at Del Rios.  He said she really enjoyed her outing.

Our kids will be having their last day of school this Friday.  Ya’ll have a great summer!

Kim’s news for this week:

This week I was not alone, my friend, Brionna, was home.  She went with Foxy and me to see Ruffy Tuffy. That wasn’t all–me, Foxy, and her played ball.

Ruffy Tuffy got hurt in his stall, but, he’ll be okay after all.

Everyone have a blessed week.  Pray for rain and for each other.


Waurika and Ryan Students Enjoy the Prom

This past weekend Waurika and Ryan enjoyed their annual proms. Below are the pictures.

Waurika Senior Class.
Photo by Curtis Plant

Ryan Senior Class.
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Waurika Junior Class
Photo by Curtis Plant

Ryan Junior Class
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Ryan’s King and Queen
Joseph Martin & Abbie Bolin
Photo by Sheree Hanson

Round Ryan May 3 2018

Ryan Main Street

 It’s been another awesome week and we did receive a bit of rain on Wednesday and nearly again on Thursday. Our temperatures are nearly where they should be at this time of year, but, as we Okies know, that can change at any minute. We have still seen some lows nearing the very low 40s, but, those might be behind us now. We have some pretty good chances for rain this week before the paper goes to print.  

I was sorry to hear about the passings  of Billie Johnson and her brother, Weldon Fuller. Prayers to their families during this time of loss.  

I picked up Brionna Thursday and she got to spend some time Friday morning with her friends Kim, Foxy, and Ruffy Tuffy. Brionna got to spend a few minutes in the store Friday, but, the rest of the day she spent it visiting at the bank, or with Crystal and Tammy, or with Morgan. She got her hair cut Friday morning by Morgan. She did a good job. Saturday we went to Wichita Falls and ate out, did some shopping, went to see the movie A Wrinkle in Time, then headed to Nocona to spend some time with Mom. Sunday morning we got ready for church and stopped and picked up Ben Arneson so he could go to Sunday school and church with us. I made a loaf of bread for Communion, and the remainder of the dough, I made cinnamon rolls. It was Ben, Brionna, and myself attending class. Edna called that she wasn’t going to make it because she had to go help Natalie and Ken with some cattle. Butch had told me earlier in the week that he wasn’t going to be in town for the weekend. He and Lily went to Oklahoma City to see family members up around the City. Dana wasn’t at church or Sunday school because she had made a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Lolly came in around 10:30 and told me that she had gotten a phone call that Brother Bob Waitman had passed away that morning.  I was so sorry to hear that news, but, it sounded like he passed peacefully from this life.  He has been a very well respected and loved man in and around and beyond our community.  Prayers to all of the Waitman family during this difficult time. The Crossbrand Cowboy Church had their church service as planned, but, they had a pastor that filled in for Brother Bob on this particular Sunday. 

Brionna and I attended the wedding shower for Morgan Good and her fiancé, Jim Roberts. They received a lot of nice gifts and there was a good crowd there that attended their celebration. 

Sunday evening, Brionna and I attended church in Terral at the Assembly of God Church.  The First Baptist Church of Terral and Terral Assembly of God Church met together for food and fellowship. They meet together when there is a 5th Sunday.  I had been asked to attend this service, first by Cecilia Harnois, and next by Keith, the Terral Assembly of God Pastor. There was a lot of good food, then we met in the sanctuary for fellowship. There was a lot of really good music. Terral has a lot of really talented folks that are willing to get up there and share their talents with a pretty large group of folks. Geneva played the piano for the congregational singing. It was very enjoyable and we can look forward to the next 5th Sunday get-together in August, where the meeting place will be at the Terrap First Baptist Church.  I took Brionna back to Bowie after the service. 

Kim’s news for this week:

When I rode Sunday, it was time for fly spray. Ruffy Tuffy wouldn’t mind, he was shaking his head all the time. So, today, I did spray. It was beautiful weather, Ruffy Tuffy did better. 

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan May 24 2018

Ryan Main Street

We are so blessed around here.  We’ve had several pretty good rains this past week.  We’ve been so fortunate not to have any really bad weather around here.  You drive north on Hwy 81 up to Duncan, and look at the trees and branches that have been either uprooted or broken off of trees.  I don’t know when they had winds that did all of that damage in the park across the street from Homeland Grocery store.  There was a big tree laying across a creek there in that park.  If we had winds here in Ryan, I must have slept through them. 

I missed the hamburger/hot dog feed they had at our county barn this past Saturday afternoon.  Ricky Martin was hosting this event to display the barn that they built.  They worked hard on it to get it done, but they did a good job. I’m sure Ricky had his hands in on it, too.  Ricky, along with his county employees, are all very hard workers. 

Kim invited me to attend a church service with her Sunday over at Corum Assembly of God Church.  She and I joined Lynn and Joyce Plant, Calvin Hampton, and Stacy Dalton, in Waurika to ride the rest of the way to Corum in their van.  When we got to the church, Kay and Jim Shults were there.  They have been members of this church since October.  Jim played his electric guitar, and later in the service, they sang a song together.  It was a blessing to get to listen to their talent, as well as some young girls that sang. Calvin played the piano for the service and he is blessed with a terrific musical talent, too.  The main reason I wanted to go though, was that Kim told me that she was going to give her testimony during this service.  She got up and did such a great job.  Her dad, Rash, was there to witness her during this special occasion.  Kim has given her life to Christ, and what an inspiration she is.  I wish there had been more young people present for this service to hear her talk about the life she left behind, to find a new life that has been filled with the Holy Spirit. Kay told me that she has retired from teaching now, and looks forward to getting to spend more time with Jim.  Kay has been a special education teacher for the Ryan Public School for many years. I hope that they find someone that is as dedicated to their profession and most importantly, that loves and cares about the students as much as what Kay has.  It certainly takes a special person to teach students that have special needs. Prayers to Kay as she begins her retirement.

This past week, Ryan teachers had a retirement get-together to honor Frank Holland.  He has been a janitor for Ryan Public School for many years.  Prayers for Frank as he begins his life of retirement.

This next Monday is Memorial Day and our banks, post office, Ryan Drug Store, Ryan Medical Clinic, Ryan Family Care clinics, and Ryan City Hall will all be closed that day.

On Friday, June 1, our local merchants will be having a sidewalk sale.  How long has it been since Ryan had a sidewalk sale?  A long time. 

This Saturday afternoon, Brionna and I will be going to attend the wedding of Morgan Good and Jim Roberts in Henrietta, TX.  Congratulations and God’s blessings on their marriage.

If you missed the Royal wedding this past Saturday morning, it was fantastic.  What a wedding!  They said that there were more people watching this wedding than did Prince William and Princess Kate’s, or Princess Dianna and Prince Charles’s weddings.  Megan was a beautiful bride.  It’ll be interesting watching their lives together unfolding over time.  She is 36 and Prince Harry is 33.  They are very excited about starting a family together. 

Kim’s news for this week:

I am blessed to be able to have coffee at the Cowboy College Table.

Taking care of a horse or a cow, sitting there, one can learn how.

Thanks Mollye for riding with me Sunday to Corum to give my testimony. I was also glad to see my dad.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.

Round Ryan May 31 2018

Ryan Main Street

It’s been a very hot and dry week around our little town. We are getting ready to have our temperatures climb up above 100 this week.  We are in great need of rain. Maryland is flooding and Florida is about to have a visit from Hurricane Albert.  We have a lot to be thankful for even in the midst of the hot and dry weather. 

I’ve had Brionna home with me since Thursday evening.  We went to Henrietta Saturday afternoon to see the wedding of Morgan and Jim Roberts. It was a very nice wedding. Brionna caught the bridal bouquet. Nolan Brown caught the groom’s garter. After all that excitement, we went to Nocona to see Mom for a little while. 

Sunday afternoon, my in-laws came over from Denison. We went out to the cemetery and buried Reid’s urn from his cremation. There were a few folks out at the cemetery that were taking care of their loved ones grave sites. I took some flowers out to our grave site on Memorial Day. The cemetery really looks good. It is freshly mowed. 

This Friday, we will be having our sidewalk sales, starting at 8:30. I am not sure what time Tina or Dennis will be starting their sales. 

This next Tuesday our city council will meet at 6:00pm. 

This past week, several folks from our local communities have passed away. Sandy Farris from Ryan, passed away this past week. Prayers to her family and friends during their loss. Cecilia Harnois’ husband, Robert, passed away the same day. Prayers to Cecilia and her family and friends during their loss, also. 

Ryan is losing one of our families that has been part of our community for over 30 years. Larry Ninman and his family are in the process of selling their home and moving closer to Larry’s mom.  They still plan on making trips back to Ryan on occasions. Good luck to them during this transition. 

Kim’s news for this week:

Thanks for all the knowledge from the Cowboy College. Lots of education like Dustan’s Indian fire starter demonstration. 

Brionna was back in town, we love having her around.

Everyone have a blessed week. Pray for rain and for each other.


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