The City of Waurika recognizes the value of setting goals and developing priorities to reach our objectives. Waurika Code Enforcement plans to employ an aggressive and diversified code enforcement operation that brings clarity and unification to the community while emphasizing a consistent and systematic approach to enforcement to effectively remedy violations.

Code Enforcement Vision

A community where all residential and commercial properties are maintained in a fashion that emphasizes an aesthetically pleasing City, that encourages community pride, preserves neighborhood integrity, protects the public health and well-being, and maintains property values within the community.

Code Enforcement Mission

To conduct a comprehensive code enforcement effort that fosters voluntary compliance, effects prompt correction of noted violations, and that is consistent, fair and equitable in its application. 

Top 5 Code Enf. Issues Facing the City of Waurika

  1. Failure to maintain grass and trees
  2. Excessive trash/debris in yard
  3. Dilapidated structures 
  4. Littering/Illegal Dumping
  5. Failure to obtain building permits