The Native West Trading Company, downtown Waurika, is one of the latest additions to the brick and mortar locations in the community but has had an online presence for around two years. Owners, Robert and Lauren Forst are excited about the new venture. 

Lauren, the master craftsman, has been working with leather for many years, dating back to her time in Arizona. She apprenticed with friends who had a leather business. Since then it has been a passion of hers and the results speak for themselves. 

Customers can find a variety of beautiful leather goods including purses, wallets, key chains, and more. The store also offers wild rags, crochet animals, t-shirts, blankets, handmade jewelry, baby clothes and much more. Most of the items in the store are made by herself and other local craftsmen and artist. Clay Forst even has some pictures on canvas available.

The idea of a physical store in Waurika began when Lauren was looking for a place she could use as a workshop for her online store Once she found the location downtown, it was just logical to go ahead and use it as both a workshop and a local store for her business. 

And business has really taken off. She says it’s been fun trying to keep up with the demand for both the website and the store downtown. She loves the challenge. 

Robert and Lauren invite everyone to stop by and visit The Native West Trading Company downtown Waurika. There you will find something for everyone. 


Photo by Curtis Plant